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Inthe company's position on images of breast feeding changed after years of controversy on the topic, and waves of users posting breast feeding images as an act of protest.

These shifts in policy suggest that Facebook can bring greater sensitivity to such issues. While it appears not to have pushed Facebook to update their policies on nude images, online conversations about the issue prove that Liddle's experience has brought greater public attention to the ways that Facebook treats nudity on its platform. This story was cross-posted from our partners at Global Voicesa grouping of hundreds of bloggers worldwide.

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‘Nude’ Photos of Australian Aboriginal Women Trigger Facebook Account Suspensions

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In the petition, she writes: "The only reason I can see Facebook is doing this is because the header image on my transcript, which was added by the editor of the news site and not myself, contains Aboriginal women painted up for traditional ceremonial dancing. Facebook posts by New Esquire and New Matilda. Related Content.

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