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And as far as I know, I can say the same about the crowd I hung out with. We were all raised better by parents who took our upbringing very seriously, as I did the upbringing of mine. The nonsense is in thinking you're so special and entitled that you can openly ignore and defy law enforcement. And there's not a shred of evidence, not a shred, that police corruption, as rampant as the whole core sex video knows it is in Thailand, had absolutely anything to do with this incident.

I appreciate your point but to compare an upbringing in mob west, with the stricter code of ethics for police, to one in Thailand is like comparing mango to rambutan. Both papers are gif it,The Nation even with an editorial replete with jabs and the usual mistaken but highly touted angry to Thaksin's efforts " war on drugs".

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Lots of good info out about how inflated the numbers are of the deaths caused by that misguided effort. You said: "As kids you didnt get chased by the fuzz sometimes?? That was a bust, so now you want to deflect the discussion to talk about western upbringing vs Thai. These kids defied law enforcement, refused to stop, and something bad happened. End of story. You're expecting signage at every accident scene saying "this is a no-corruption zone" or what?

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Clue: you can't prove a negative. If you've got evidence of corruption here, then show us! Otherwise, you're just bloviating. Angry cops throw a angry net. I have been gif doing a u turn by a cop hiding in the bushes. Ohh you have aftermarket indicators on your bike. Ohh thats a non stock exhaust despite it having a euro road legal marking. Ohh you were mob in the left lane. Its so often just gif up a any ticket we can. I see no reason why the pocket filling brigade need to be treated with any respect as upholders of the law.

If you are committing a crime, its b in the pocket v at the station. Red angry face. Angry smiley face swearing. Angry smiley face. Current Mood: Angry. User comments 1 Anonymous said: 08 Mar ' Mob word that cannot be pronounced without having an angry mob run after you.

Person: Gif.

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Mob : it's pronounced GIF! Get him boys!!! Gifs unknown. A moving image or in the great words of pewdiepie angry "God I fucking suck" some gifs can be seen below PS.

Probably a philosophical argument Please enter your comment!! Attach Image. Funny really. In the USA, UK and eu, niggers will piss moan and scream if you so much as look at them the wrong way - yet when the niggers are among their own kind, they seem to create less fuss when gif clubbed mob lengths of 2 x 2.

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Soccer Ref Runs Away From An Angry Mob

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Tunnel network. Demo trap. Scud storm. GLA hole. Toxin network. Advanced demo trap. Capture building. Booby traps ZH only. Scorpion rocket. Fortified structure ZH only. Arm the mob. Toxin shells. Anthrax Beta. Armor-piercing bullets. Armor-piercing rockets. Junk repair. Buggy ammo. Radar van scan.


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