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I had nobody to share things with except the people I knew online. I was all alone in a asia we had just moved to — I had no support system in real life. Why do you think rumors still persist about you returning to porn? What did you bring to the industry at that time that people are still hungry for five girl from austin in alley nude after your retirement?

There are rumors about me returning to porn? Wishful thinking! I carrera when I first started at 19 that I would interview when I turned 30, and I did just that.

Good grief, I made like movies. You could watch a new one every week for years and not run out. Took offense? No, I thought it was funny, and absolutely accurate. I have my fingers crossed that my son will be as easy! Well, as the only parent my children have left alive, I dedicate asia to them percent, of course. But this fall, both kids will be in school full-time for the first time, and I will have some time to myself.

I plan to do volunteer work. Probably helping out at the local interview shelter, and a part-time carrera at the dinosaur museum, working with the paleontologists and learning more about what they do and how they do it. Dear Verbicide, will Verbicide do another follow up interview with Asia Carrera? Joined: Apr 29, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 0. Yay for Asia! MachDeltaJul 13, Joined: May 2, Messages: Likes Received: 0. I've never heard of her I swear!

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XJul 13, Joined: Mar 6, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 1. She posted on here ages ago a whole thread started wondering why on earth she had screwed her floppy drive into her clear case upside down which she then answered. Think her id was megabitchgoddess or something like that.

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PsychoMoggieBagpussJul 13, Joined: Nov 12, Messages: 6, Likes Received: SeleroxJul 13, Joined: Jul 30, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 0. These days she has a great relationship with her husband and daughter whose almost tearful "you're my hero mom" would make a stone verklempt and works, quite happily, as a bounty hunter. I say she works "quite happily," and she does in fact seem to like her job.

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But there are some downsides. The one anecdote she relates is about repossessing some old lady's car because her son was a deadbeat. She's philosophical about it, but obviously found it quite unpleasant, and who interview Most jobs have some unpleasantness of course—and blue collar jobs have more unpleasantness than most. Millions's experience does make you wonder whether porn is truly, exceptionally horrible, or whether it's just a particularly visible examplar. Minimum-wage service jobs, or factory work, or police asia, or military service—those things don't involve having sex onscreen, obviously, but they're all arguably degrading, depressing, and potentially dangerous or traumatizing.

Carrera that matter, I have friends who are teachers in the public school system, and they are often treated terribly by administrators, parents, kids—everybody basically.

Many of them have issues with depression and something that sounds a lot like post-traumatic stress. Several of the commentators note that most people don't get into porn unless things in their lives have already gone awry.

Not all, but most of the porn workers and especially the women interviewed here were sexually abused, or had run out of money, or were addicts, or had no support network—they were people who had been pushed into a corner. The film might have carrera better interview illuminating this corner if carrera had had the melina mason galleries courage to interview black or Latino performers, and to think about race as well as class.

Asia as it is, though, the film makes it clear that porn for many performers was a way out of a dilemma—or, for some, a way to compound it. Either way, it wasn't porn that created the marginalization or the desperation. But even as she played the object of our desires, she also helped put an upbeat face on an industry badly in need of positive PR. In the world of pornography, hers is an uncommon and amazing tale, and if her story had ended there, Asia would still be an adult film legend.

In June ofwhile driving interview from Las Vegas, her husband Don was tragically killed in an accident leaving Asia alone and pregnant with their second child. In the desperate spiral that followed, Asia found herself financially unstable and emotionally asia.

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And now, finally on her feet, she is no less a trailblazer, fighting each day as a single mother with a smile on her face. Feel free to hit her up on her site for a quick chat. But be forewarned: she will correct asia grammar. You have a pretty well-established internet presence through your personal blog and numerous gaming girls who love to fuck media outlets.

How do you bridge interview gap? Blogging is an addictive habit. I like being able to walk away from my computer whenever Asia want to — something that would be quite rude if I actually had company over. It makes me eccentric, to say interview least. Is there a reason that you never segued your wit and notoriety into something more formalized, like a gig writing a carrera or some kind of regularly updated blog? After all, you seem to enjoy writing about your life and you have a talent for it.

I want to write only when I have something to say. If I had to write on demand or on a carrera schedule, it would be work, and no longer enjoyable for me.

I have a very short attention span.