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The former housewife started gaining recognition when she lost 49 pounds through her self-choreographed aerobics workout.

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Believing that working out should be accessible anywhere and anytime, Zhang Tingxuan's idea resonated with a lot of women and she is now a familiar face on Chinese and Taiwanese TV. Asian, the fit mum is using her fame as a platform to inspire women to lose weight the healthy way - besides working out, she stresses the importance of eating right as well.

Age certainly has a hard time catching up to the legendary Masako Mizutani, popularly referred to as "the lady of eternal youth" in Japan.

Despite turning 49 this year, she does not look that much older than her daughter. The radiant mum shares that she couples her workout routines with an extensive skincare routine to get that healthy glow. Masako is also a firm believer of taking fitness meals to aid the body with proper women, and her wholesome way of life is now an inspiring story that has been shared the world over! Keep up with Masako on Facebook here.

How These Asian-American Female Weightlifters Are Making #Fitstagram More Inclusive

The honest truth is that when you're a mum, 24 hours in a day just never seems to be enough. Because every power mama deserves a wholesome, well-balanced life after all.

To kick off your fitness plans, start by giving your body all the essential nutrients it needs. Other stock images with these models.

Beautiful Asian Women in Leggings and Gym Pants

Young asian woman weight lifter doing leg presses in gym. Young asian athletic woman doing push-up muscular exercising in fitness gym Asian women exercise runner at gym fitness. More stock photos from Baramee Thaweesombat 's portfolio.

Trainer with asian senior woman lifting barbell in gym. I felt fit, powerful, and confident. Fit is really coming from within. Since then, working out has become a part of my life.

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I want to be stronger physically and mentally every day. I was damn right.

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The connections I made with Beverley and everyone on the trip was unique. We cheered for each other, so I was able to finish every single workout with a broken wrist on this trip. I cannot wait to participate in another Ultimate Sweataway, and also organize one for my clients.

Want to be a Sweaty Babe of the Month?! All you have to do is join the Born to Sweat community. When I did go to the gym, it was for one singular purpose: to somehow will myself a butt like J.

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I always hoped that any fat I gained would go straight to my bum, but my body just isn't built that way. The only criticism I ever got was from my aunts and uncles, who seemed to have a keen eye for whether or not I was eating enough or too much.

Barring that, I have never felt much pressure or urgency to prioritize actual fitness or catie minx feet eating.

My concerns with my body were not in the name of health, but for looks. But with all the other responsibilities I have now, looks aren't enough motivation to start cutting back on the rice and pasta.

Where Do Asian Americans Fit in Fitness? | Hyphen Magazine

I know I could lose a few pounds, but I'm a girl who grew up in the United States, and I'm used to being forever dissatisfied with my looks. But now I have these three sponges in my life, two kids and a husband who seem to absorb my eating and fitness habits more than I ever thought they could. Nowhere is this more apparent than on Instagram, where women like Cynthia Leufollowers and Tiffany Nguyen 68, followers have built a following by sharing videos of themselves powerlifting.

Powerlifting is a sport where an athlete tries to lift as much weight as they can in bench press, back squats, and deadlift. Fitness coaches that focus on weightlifting, like Sohee Leefollowers and YouTuber Stephanie Buttermoresubscribershave also gained popularity. While social media can be a breeding ground for unrealistic body expectations, the increasing presence of Asian-American women showing their strength has proven to be empowering for a growing audience.