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I can't believe it!! I'm slayed!! There is some fire burning inside of her lately, and I love it!! Slay me Queen!! I don't know ha. The creepy gates and car and her back!!! And then the empty mansion turning into a weird bubble party. I just think the first min is exactly the right amount of creepy and sexy!!

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Spears recycles two dozen hits into an act that features backup dancers, pyrotechnics and showers of confetti. She changes costumes repeatedly. At one point, she jumps in a harness from a foot-tall tree. During each performance, a man or woman picked from the audience is strapped into a leather bondage harness and forced to creep across the stage on all fours.


On this night, Ms. Spears, in a bustier, held the leash on a man. To be sure, the show does not showcase the Britney of old: Once a fluid, natural dancer, Ms. Spears can appear stiff, even robotic, today, relying on flailing arms and flashy sets.

Her vocals are largely prerecorded, and the lip-syncing can lapse. She seems to be doing a job, but a good job, and there is no arguing that the show is doing well: It often fills the Axis, the largest theater on the Strip. Spears splits her time between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where her sons are in school, often taking the one-hour flight back after a weekday performance. The fast food outlet was the hub of Kentwood, La.

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Spears grew up. In addition to the residency, Ms. Online, she has promoted herself in photos as a sexy pop star back in fighting shape. Music is only one part of the business of being Britney Spears these days. More than a dozen interconnected businesses, including profitable lines of lingerie and perfume, are overseen by the conservators. When a company, Brand Sense Partnerssued Ms. Spears inin a dispute over a licensing agreement for one of her fragrances, its lawyer at the time, Geoffrey A. Neri, argued that the singer had to be capable of testifying.

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