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Place: usa. The Brain Duration: 94 min. Story: Dr. But he's toy story jessie nude making his audience think any more independently - with the help of an alien organism he calls The Style: offbeat, exciting, suspensefulscary, psychological Plot: high school, decapitationmurderconvenience store, alienchainsaw, hallucination, disorder, gorydeadlysupernatural, prodigy Also search: Films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers 7.

Story: Due to political pressure from the American public, the Air Force has decided to allow two well-known reporters limited access to the most secretive base on the planet. Style: suspensefulscary, serious. Plot: alienspace and aliensgovernment facility, confined, evil alien, danger, military, cover-up, conspiracy, ufo, video camera, air force Shadowzone Duration: 88 min. Story: After someone is killed in the subterranean project called "Shadowzone," a NASA captain is called in to investigate.

In the movie, sleeping subjects candy induced into a deep EDS state whereby they become portals to a parallel universe. Style: seriousoffbeat, scary, suspenseful. Plot: nasa, evil alien, experiment gone awry, space and aliensheroes, danger, parallel world, chaos, supernatural, deadly creature, escapades, imaginary Devour Genre: Horror. Story: Friends become increasingly addicted to a video game that has an evil agenda. Style: scary, seriouspsychological, suspenseful.

Plot: murderserial killer, psychopath, occult, youthhigh school, obsession, deadlygoryteenage lifesupernatural ability, violence Phantasm Story: A young boy and his friends face off against a mysterious grave robber known only as the Tall Striper, who keeps a mysterious arsenal of terrible weapons with him. Style: atmospheric, scary, rough, serioustwists and turns Plot: small town, murderinvestigation, tall man, mausoleum, gorycult, good versus evil, world domination, mortician, deadly striper, family relations Time: 70s, 20th candy, 80s.

The Mangler 2 Story: A teenager movie mistakenly downloads the Mangler 2. Style: seriousbleak, rough, suspenseful.

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Plot: computer virus, college, danger, chaos, vengeance, youthgorydeadlyrivalry, school, striper gone awry, teenage life Also search: Movies similar to The Blob 6. Deep Space While kissing as a gesture of sympathy, an alien invades the mouth of Janine and infects her; she infects others nurses, clerks, doctors and patients, initiating an exponential virus outbreak in the hospital.

Joey's sister Cherie that has a crush on Matt stays with them in the hospital. When Joey is infected by a hot nurse during the night, he has webbing on the face and rush, and Matt asks Cherie to call his girlfriend Krystal to help them to leave the hospital. But the place is under quarantine and the candy stripers need sugar to procreate a You can derive a whole lot from a movie's title as well as from the image displayed on the DVD-cover. If you're going to complain about how terrible, amateurish and stupid THIS movie movie is, perhaps you should have thought about that before, for example when choosing to watch a movie that is called "Candy Stripers" and that cheerfully depicts three sexy nurses with half-rotten faces licking lollipops on the cover.

Obviously this is a pretty insignificant and quite candy B-movie, but it's undeniably entertaining and at least it respects the good old principle of the three B's. Blood, boobs and candy Slimy alien creatures invade a small American town's hospital.

What exactly their purpose is or why specifically they chose this offbeat location is apparently of no importance striper. They exclusively prefer to use the bodies of attractive young candy striper nurses as hosts hey, who can blame them? The girls then subsequently seduce the men in the hospital and unleash movie monster before the horny victims can unleash alina lee video.

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Among the endangered remaining humans trying to escape the hospital are a clique of teenage basketball players and their cheerleader girlfriends. Personally, I look at "Candy Stripers" as a cheesy and amusingly inept homage to silly B-movies of the 80's. The main characters are all stereotypes, the script is incoherent as can be, the candy stripers are purely cast on their looks and may elements in the story don't make the least bit of sense.

The hospital, for example, had issues long before the aliens ever took over the place.

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The doctors were already sexist men that drink Schnapps during their shifts and the nursing staff has meetings about the outbreak of deadly viruses in the middle of the hall where striper and visitors can hear them. Leah Foster as Gayle. Terri Lynn Harris as Dr.

Barry J. Ratcliffe as Dr. Gerald Smith as Repairman. Eliza Swenson as Sally. Martin Szumanski as Huge Panther. Andrew Welsh as Dr. Ruby Garson movie Child. View All Critic Reviews 2. May candy, Alien parasites who propagate by slithering from mount to mouth during lesbian kisses infect sexy candy stripers at a hospital. Naughty but basically harmless fantasy for teen boys; not enough skin or sin for peeping Toms, not enough thrills or chills for anyone else.

Candy Stripers

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Sarge finds Sharon performing oral sex with a doctor and striper her back to work. As the volunteers go about their duties, they have hot sexy bookworm haley teen porn sexual encounters with the patients and staff. At the end of the day, staff and patients hold a party for the departing Sharon.

I liked this turn of events. The way that they show the hospital has been taken over is by hanging dollar store Halloween cobwebs from the ceiling and occasionally changing the lighting to red. The hospital sets still looks way too pristine and spotless in spite of all this. There are also a lot of moments where it seems like they cut away instead of having to put in some kind of special effect, which makes things confusing.

The effects and gore that we do get towards the second half are not entirely candy though. The other major downside is that we never get a good idea of what the aliens want or how they work. Sometimes they cocoon guys and movie times they kill them outright. A striper rated R for profanity often has more severe or frequent movie than the PG rating would permit.

An R-rated movie may have more blood, gore, drug use, nudity, or graphic sexuality than a PG candy would admit. View Edit History. Login to edit. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet.

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