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In a way, these are probably more interesting than the final sets but I still want to see those though, especially of Cherie Noel!

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Latest Posts. The locals in Hawaii take us to some really awesome places just to swim with them naturally. What are your biggest career goals?

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You know, I love Kate Moss. I want to do things not every normal model can do. I would love to do runway. I like to think sexually, I guess. What kind of guy are you attracted to?

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I need to feel that passion, that energy. There has to be a physical attraction. I have to feel that energy. I hate a guy with too much ego. I like a guy who can take control, but I want him to be respectful. I mean, a bad kisser would be horrible. What makes you feel the sexiest? It sounds like you have a ton of confidence in your own skin.

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Yeah, for sure. I feel like every woman should. You have to love yourself, and you should love yourself. I want something different. Do something different, you know? Do you have an example of a time that a guy has surprised you like that? It was really cool.

He knew Exposed nudes was from New York and had heard me play his music.