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Wooldoor wears a white, wool, sleeveless undershirt and round, blue pants. He has big, white socks stick out off of his feet some. He also has a golden door knob sticking out of his butt diana dagota video, revealed in the episode Gay Bashopens a door in his fanny where he stores things that he pulls out of there for comic effect. Wooldoor's head has some spots on it that are a slightly darker shade of yellow and he also has a few, short, black hairs on his head that are visible sometimes, but overall, Wooldoor is bald.

Assuming by his form as Walter Saget in Drawn Together Babiesit can be implied that his hair is blonde.

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Wooldoor is the most innocent of the characters aside from Xandir, remaining somewhat oblivious to the idiocy and chaos around him. Because of this, he is perhaps the most kind-hearted of the housemates along with Xandir though Wooldoor is capable of insulting the other housemates- particularly Toot- without realizing it. On the downside, he is rather gullible and prone to being pushed around by the other characters Spanky Ham in particular bullies him relentlessly and is often attacked by Toot.

Sponge idolizes Captain Hero, and in " Captain Girl ", he has a dream come true when he is given the job of Hero's sidekick. Wooldoor behaves very much like a hyperactive child. This sex in fact be the case; he is shown reaching puberty drawn " Clum Babies ", indicating that he is not yet an adult. His catchphrase is simply, naked sexy persian teens The non-canon episode " Drawn Together Babies " provides the humorous explanation that Wooldoor got the "whee!

When he masturbateshis semen comes out of his mouth in the form of clum babiesadorable giant sentient sperm that cure the diseases of anything they touch. When Clara had the consumptionalthough she had bob the entire episode condemning masturbation and the use of potential life to cure diseasesone of Wooldoor's clum babies saved her life.

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Wooldoor's clum babies would prove to be the saving grace of all the housemates; when sponge except Wooldoor is wiped out in a shooting spree perpetrated by guest character Bob the Cucumber who snapped when Foxxy Love suggested that the " Bible " was open to interpretationit is suggested at the "end" of the episode that Wooldoor will use his clum babies to resurrect everyone. It is revealed in " Captain Girl " that Wooldoor drawn fake breastswhich helped him win the Miss Universe Pageant in Wooldoor is close friends with Clara, who often plays a big sister role to him; this relationship was strained in " Requiem for a Reality Show ", when Spanky forced Wooldoor to get Clara to sing so that Spanky could catch and eat the woodland alia bhat hot pictures that would show up whenever she did so.

This episode also seems to indicate that Wooldoor is or at least was attracted to Clara: while tearfully begging for a grief-stricken Clara's forgiveness, Wooldoor hugs her around the waist and cries into her lap; out of the blue, Wooldoor asks "Are you as turned on as I am? All is forgiven, however, when Wooldoor discovers that sex chipmunk survived and takes it back to her. However, in the aforementioned "Unrestrainable Trainable", Clara, while caring for a hypothermic Wooldoor, develops Munchausen syndrome by proxy and begins to poison bob physically harm him, though she ultimately comes to her senses and apologizes.

Though it is never emphasized to any great extent, Wooldoor does have a sinister side that is shown every so often.

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In " Dirty Pranking No. In "Captain Girl", he hijacks an old man's car, threatening him with a gun and telling bob to get out of the car and into the trunk; he then shoots at the man when he tries to flee. When Wooldoor gets inside the car, he discovers the man's three grandchildren inside, who are presumably killed moments later when Wooldoor jumps out of the speeding vehicle with them still inside.

In " A Tale of Two Cows ", when Wooldoor accidentally kills a trucker, the man's last words are, "Tell my family I love them"; Wooldoor then guts him and wears his carcass as clothing in order to deliver the message to the man's family. Also sex " A Tale of Two Cows ", when Wooldoor is shown with the fire fairy who says 'But what about all those sponge fires we started together Wooldoor?

Wooldoor is depicted to be shocked by this indicating he may have once suffered from pyromania. When in danger, Wooldoor will sometimes speak in a mock-Italian accent. The first example of this is when he is swallowed by Clara's vagina.

Despite surpassing his housemates in hyperactivity and general zaniness, Wooldoor has a deep capacity for serious, sexy wet t shirt slut reflection on events, drawn he uses this ability very sparingly.

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Examples include the speeches he makes while the plane is going down in " The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist " and following the massacre of his housemates in " Clum Babies ". Porn Videos.

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