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She happens to be a corpse, which he stole from a casket. In order to get the job done, the latina force fucked guy brings in the Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady— a really clumsy way of gaining the acronym I.

The movie then becomes one long chase escapade, with I. She handles this news as well as anyone else— which is to say, that they all have crisis of faith when they realize that none of them are authentic copyrighted icons.

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This leads to deep introspection… scene, well, not really. While Clara and some of the others get thrown into jail in that magical kingdom, Foxxy leads a group to the set of the show that replaced theirs.

Movie cut-out-like main character from the show counsels Foxxy that if they want to get their show renewed, then they have to mix vulgarity with a message. As such, they are directed to Make-A-Point Land to find a point, in order to survive. They even take a poke at lame DVD audio commentaries. Yes, the creators could have made a really good movie using those themes, but instead they just keep the grossness coming. Throughout the movie, the creators show only contempt for their audience, pushing waaaaay past the scene of decency in order to shock.

With more depravity than emma watson fakes have ever been shown on TV, this is the definitive "Drawn Together" experience.

Also available for the drawn time is the soundtrack to the hit series "Drawn Together. The album contains songs from all of the seasons including the new movie in their raw, uncensored glory. Log onto www. Sure, dialogue is clear, and not once did I have to backtrack to understand a line. Yeah, there's the occasional bit of localized audio in the side front channelsand yeah, there's no real horribly distracting flaw that ruins the experience. But there is also little movie no surround presence drawn the incredibly soft weeping of the also soft soundtrack, with nearly no bass to speak of.

The entire experience feels incredibly wimpy, muted, and tame. Perhaps this is the way this direct-to-video cartoon is supposed together sound, but reveling in one's mediocrity won't earn one stars in my book. This menu is so freaking awesome, it's sex. You don't have to press on a sex tab to together it expand, it does it all on its own, when you navigate side to side.

It's a thing of beauty, it really is.

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All of the extra content on this release is also found on the DVD. No exclusives, folks. No exclusives. If for some reason you skipped the video review of this release, there is a seamless branching alternate version of the film, with two scenes in 3D, but even that is found on the DVD. The future of the show may very well depend on the sales of this release. This intentionally offensive excuse for a film. Fans of the show may find big tits in tight bikini to enjoy, but even they may find the excesses go too far.

With average video hampered by possibly the worst 3D ever, and average audio, this would be an easy pass, but with a nice pile of supplements and a really cool menu'The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! Founded in AprilHigh-Def Digest is the ultimate guide for High-Def enthusiasts who demand only the best that money can buy.

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Blu-ray: For Fans Only. Release Date: April 20th, Review Date April 28th, by Nate Boss. Overview - Eight housemates on a fake animated reality TV show realize they've been canceled and set off on a journey to get back on the air. Leave A Comment. Xandir stops to tell Clara they are escaping and asks her to come along with them. Clara says that she has no desire to escape; since she is not a real princess, she has nothing left to live for.

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However, she decides to make one final heroic stand to help the others. While the others are running out of the cell, Clara stays behind and jams torches into her arm stumps, then makes a kamikaze dash into the pursuing line of guards.

The guards end up killing Clara, but the other three manage to escape. She tells the group that they were cancelled because vulgar and offensive content is only acceptable when your show "makes a point" and that if they want to get Drawn Together back on the air, they will need to get a point, which they can do by making a visit to a place called Make-A-Point Land.

After escaping nri cleavage a sinking carriage, they set out to find Toot. Foxxy discovers Toot in Bedrock, bringing the story back to the present day.


The two women manage to get away from the armed shooter from the beginning of the movie, who is revealed to be Scene Rubble together, trying to kill Toot for having an affair with her husband Barney. The Suck My Taint Girl is heartbroken to learn of Clara's death, but agrees to take the rest of the group to Make-A-Point Land to get a point and get their show back on the air. He picks the housemates up, intent on killing them.

The housemates fix this problem by rigging Clara's severed arms to redirect the flow of feces so that they no longer go into his mouth. The giant is so thankful that he puts the group down and allows them access to the wizard. The wizard agrees movie give the lessons from the neighbor comic a point and presents them with a box containing their point. Just as they are about to open the box, however, Spanky stops them.

He declares that maybe they shouldn't open the box and says sex he is happier being disgusting for no reason. The others, with one drawn, decide they agree with Spanky, and decide that maybe it's okay to just be who you are without feeling like you have to make a point to justify it.

Wooldoor disagrees, however. He says that he can't go on without Drawn Together and is determined to get back on the air by any means necessary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

DVD cover.

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Brendan Burch Richard Quan. Dave Jeser Matt Silverstein. See also: List of Drawn Together characters.

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