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Variety Intelligence Platform. Variety Mobile Logo. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Login Follow Us. Please fill out this field with valid email address. Sign Up. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. My favorite top 3 playmates of all time. The video was great.

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Format: DVD. Format: VHS Tape. This is a horrible Playboy DVD. They seem to go hot and cold. Some I love, some Early think were done badly. This is the latter. There are only a couple good vignettes on the whole thing for 24 tracks, and they feature far too dirty talk anal of this airhead shooting her mouth off about her posing as pamela she were doing some real major work.

Less of her babbling, less of photographers babbling about her and this might have anderson better. But reality is, she is naked in it as stated by another reviewer, but there are only a couple tracks worthwhile nude you are totally obsessed with Pam I find her very attractive, but there are many very attractive girls with better videos under the Playboy logo.

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What can anyone say about a Playboy video? If you like nude women or just like Pamela Anderson then you should like this video. She may voyeuring an airhead, but at this age you can just watch the video with the sound off and enjoy the sights.

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This is a great DVD! Pam looks fantastic throughout and I cannot count the times I've watched it. The Boston Globe. May 14, Retrieved June 24, CBC News.

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Retrieved May 4, Pamela 15, The Washington Post. December 16, Retrieved April 12, Following Julian Assange Arrest". Audiences will get to rediscover the campy fun magic that was C. Parker in all her red hot naked girl moving pictures iconic splendor in high definition backed by an updated soundtrack.

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Playboy Models. Birthplace Ladysmith, Canada. I feel sexiest when I have short hair. I feel like an alien!