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MY BODY TRANSFORMATION - From Skinny Kid to Male Model!

Perfect face, perfect strong jaw line, angelic eyes, cute nose, plump pink lips. Imagine his side profile. Wierd——seems there are no biz savvies in these comments.

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Weber shoots the models, he can be as fat as he wants. You either do what the boss says or male a hike. The end. Please publish a pic of Bruce Weber.

Umm, I believe it was the Abercrombie Advertising people who threw the model out not the photographer, Weber. It is possible male a photographer could ask for teen model to be dismissed from a shoot but it would typically be for models inability to perform in front of the camera, not something that was going on behind the camera.

BadlyDrawnBear: I beg to differ. The agencies defer because in the long run it teen benefit them economically and professionally. Ask anyone in the Industry who is willing to discuss it with you off the record. Ironic since a modeling agency ostensibly represents the model, not the client or the photographer. Yet both the model and the client pay the agency a commission! Often for altruistic motives.

Some models love him, others not so much. Best, Jeff R. In either case, the rules have force because the masses submit themselves to them, giving up their moral autonomy. Can we hold florian referendum on this rulebook, maybe tear out a few unnecessary pages? Rules are good dick and pusy in sex they serve a rational interest.

Thank you to that modling shoot for now proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that their fostering of annorexia is not passive, it is actually incredibly active. On a 13 hour shoot florian are setting out food and denying the models any of it for the entire time. Fitz : So we allow the modeling industry to foster anorexia and other body image issues because a male model needed some energy to get through a shoot?

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How can you justify that eith such a flippant comment? Not like this kid will gain ten pounds from taking a bite out of a croissant. There are consequences to your actions, no matter how important you may be. Controversy arising from treating people like shit, allegedly exploiting young girls, etc. Young men and women are manipulated, encouraged to develop eating disorders, to do anything to make their dream a reality and the agencies, et al. Odd that they became recognizable brands, no? They are recognizable names unlike their twiglet peers.

Then you have the fact that people of color — Hispanics, Blacks, Exotics, Asians, et al.


The last time I checked we were a multi-cultural society. I teen to mention the most ironic fact surrounding this incident. They wanted a bunch of interchangeable bodies.

It backfired somewhat because Kate Moss came out of that group and became very expensive. But that is a huge issue. If they keep the models skinny and not over sexual looking redtube abella waxing them all down. My life. The "gimme back my money" pose. Whoever shares my instagram. I try to follow back. Watching my Instagram odometer roll to "1M" and appearing on Ellen. Having the previous years suspension lifted male your local water park for "excessive horseplay.

Riding motorcycles with my friends in the jungles of the Dominican Republic. No names for poses per se, but occasionally models accidentally cross paths at the end of the catwalk. I call that one "your move, chief".

Talkative, outgoing and sweet. I don't have a specific favorite, but I do love seeing what my friends are up to when traveling. Opening the Paul Smith show in Paris. They're the nicest team of people you could hope to work with florian the whole vibe of the day was so laid-back and friendly.

The clothes were models, too! I was a big, big history nerd. The daylight, sitting in parks with your friends 'til and watching the sunset. House party on Saturn's rings. God, no!

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My favorite class was history. The best part about the summer is the relaxing time I have in the beach after working hard during fashion week. Any small paradise island in Asia. I have my "bad boy" face, LOL. Always works!

She has to be sincere, with a down-to-earth mentality and a quiet personality. Working with and for people I've looked up to, like Kanye West.

Drama class. Traveling, meeting new people, knowing I don't have to wake up at any specific time. Japan with my best friends. The "Gianni Stance" or the "Luca Lean.


Good vibes, good style, good taste in music, knowing how to dance. Shooting with Karl Templer for Interview magazine as my first editorial shoot ever. Taking the boat out and wakeboarding.

Tahiti with a beautiful girl by my side. Personally no, but photographers I've worked with multiple times will say things like, "Give us the Jacob! A smart girl with a great personality and a beautiful smile.

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I've gotten to do some pretty cool editorials like shoot in an arcade with Lachlan Bailey for i-D. I had also good time at the Public School and Kanye shows. School sucked, but my art teacher would let me stay in her room and skip class and that was pretty cool.

I still always draw when I have free time. It's not miserably cold, and the days are long, so I have more time to skate. New York still kinda feels like a vacation for me. No way, never. None, really.