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Even for her old ass. Sorry, went all Trini for a moment there. Nicki Minaj looked normal by comparison. Good grief, Foxy. Methinks Foxy went to the same designer. It only makes sense. I was once TeMinaj but I seen playtime is over and seen how nicki reall has been stealing Kim style and lyrics this shit is crazy. Oh Foxy, why?!

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I am at my desk at work n tears. A MESS! U guys are going HAM on Foxy…I love d her but she deserves it cuz the view from the back is even worse, like x. As always you delivered. As for Nikki — why you got an attitude? You upped the game of this hooker-wear foolishness. Rolling you eyes trying to look dignified with mostly black hair and almost covered up.

I just.

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I am cracking up at this post! I am in stitches. You are hilarious. Lord Jesus, I laughed off about a million calories!! This is wrong in all kinds of way. I was laughing so hard at another Luvvie post at work, I thought they were going to escort me out.

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Oh, my poor head!! Thanks x 7. Jan 21, 5. This is why I can't understand why she was always hiding her face on ig. I remember this clip, she's still pretty as ever.

The Source |Foxy Brown Allegedly Swindles Hairstylist Out of $

Thanks x Jan 21, 6. Maaaaan bump Rhinoanna!!! Sueing her fursuit wetting for a name he gave her smh. That bobble head bitch could've cut her pops in smh. Jan 21, 7. Thanks x 13 Disagree! Jan 21, 8. On the eve of her birthday in SeptemberFoxy shared an adorable photo of her baby daughter with the Lauryn Hill song "To Zion" playing. Foxy paid tribute to her daughter when she turned a year old.

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Fiercely loving and protecting you with everything I am, so bravely you fought to live through our emergency delivery Lord, you meticulously created this masterpiece I'm so humbly grateful for. Foxy Brown may be known as a tough woman, but it's obvious her daughter has softened her up quite a bit these days.

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