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If I'm playing with his balls with my hands and getting him hard, I'm probably also using that as an opportunity to check for any sores, bumps, scabs, etc. Because I don't have one, I just want to look at my partners' - regardless of size, shape or color!

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Then again, I'm not super picky. I mean, I'm willing to work with you here. Just a casual comparison to past partners. As long as it's proportionate to his body, it doesn't matter.

However, they rated overall genital appearance and manicured pubic hair as the most important factors.

Men - your penis only looks like it does because of women you're welcome

Broadly speaking, this seems to indicate that women are interested in proportionality and upkeep. This is encouraging for men, who can do some trimming and try not to worry so much about length, which research shows is a concern — exacerbated by internet pornography — for many men.

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A ruler measurement is simply not enough to determine whether a penis is exceptional. In fact, a girth measurement might be a better bet. Overall, women opted for greatest length and circumference when it came to one-time partners, but only desired slightly above-average length and girth for long-term partners — about 6.

Interestingly, women generally remembered penises being smaller than they actually were when asked about them later.

10 Things She's Secretly Thinking About Your Penis

Because you do. I might not be able to admire it in my vagina yet, but it would take a lot for that affection to fall to the wayside. This article was originally published at The Gloss. Reprinted with permission from the author. Follow Us. These spines make the penis extremely sensitive.

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Mating typically takes only a matter of seconds. Without spines, it takes the human male much more time and effort to climax.

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All other male primates have a baculum, or penis bone, which keeps it stiff for penetration. The human penis can only become erect by thickening with engorgement of blood.

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Male blue-footed boobies have evolved an elaborate courtship dance, while male peacocks display an impressive array of feathers to encourage females to mate.

In primates, male orangutans have large fatty cheek pouches and male proboscis monkeys aptly named have large, drooping noses.

Darwin had it right when he described two types of selection for male features: the law of charms and the law of battle. Distinctive male traits are either to attract females charmor to fight off other males battle. T he long canines of male baboons or the large antlers of male deer may be used to fight or intimidate others — however the penis is hardly equipped to serve as a weapon.

Do you get turned on just by looking at a penis?

But what better way to attract females than a physical attribute that makes mating itself more pleasurable? We should be careful not mistake this for the relatively minor differences in penis size among individual men — it is not a simple formula of the bigger the better. Ancient Greek sculptures depict men with small and delicate penises — only barbarians had large ones.