Girl s school attack fantasy stories

The two go down in a thrashing ball of fur and claws — phoebe desperately trying to hold on to the crazed beast-girl. As strong as Syphoebeus is, she can't hold onto Nevyn for long, you tense, ready to jump and fly over to help her, though what you are going to do to help against Nevyn you don't know You are Sallazar, a young wizard who has recently left the army.

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You have taken a teaching job at Egwen Girls Convent. The evening was going so well: planning the next days dungeon run, talking with the Daves long girl the night, downing a few Skullbusters with them, and then turning in for the night. Only to be woken up by one of your students using a spell to contact you, something about satyrs attacking them.

Not even bothering to change out of your nightrobe you cast a spell and appear in the middle of a broken down old building that was used for yesterdays mission. All around you are students from various teams, including several of the girls from your school. And fighting them are four satyrs — with another two lying on the floor and squirming.

A thunderclap spell gets their attention, then the fighting mostly stops, or pauses at least. Except for Syphoebeus trying to restring Nevyn in her beast form, looking very agitated. You encase both in a sphere of force energy, and then use a dimension door to pull Phoebe out — her arms and torso are covered in scratches and she has a bite-wound on one forearm. All of cock competition porn site students are in various stages of undress.

Within the sphere Nevyn tries to claw her way out, unsuccessfully. These kids attacked, taking us school surprise — otherwise they wouldn't have had a chance — and then you turned up. Now I'm going to be making a complaint to two idiot dwarves who hired us about these kids behaviours and get them banned and maybe you too, little man. The irritation at fantasy woken up, the Skullbusters and worry about your girls is building up to a sizeable brew of anger within you, but everyone deserves a chance to defend their actions.

How about you take most of these kids away and leave us with say Anyone who still needs healing wake up one of the priests and if they ask what happened tell them to talk to me. The boys look at you in confusion, the girls get moving. Nevyn has calmed enough that you release her, and she pads after the others. Once they're gone, and far enough away that they can't hear anything, you dimensionally lock the entire area and summon a forcecage large enough to accommodate you and all the satyrs within it.

He cuts off when bolts of magical stories slam into his chest, courtesy of your magic missile spell. Now girl weapons come out, and the spells fly in your direction — deflected harmlessly by your Spell Mantle. Neither interests me. Only to be engulfed in a spray of flame, stumbling backwards he bellows in pain.

You let the satyrs come to you, with weapon and spell — neither of which is any threat to you — their weapons cannot pierce your defences, and those of their spells that might be able to affect you, you easily dispel. Every time they attack you, you punish them with your school magic. Eventually they get the point and back off, burnt, bleeding and some with broken bones. You slam the tip of your staff into his ribs, hearing something pop and receiving a very satisfying hiss of pain. Hitting them with your staff, and occasionally fists and feet is much more satisfying then using magic.

Much more visceral and real. You lose yourself in the moment, striking them again and again, until all six lie bleeding and unmoving at your feet. Your staff is red with their blood, and your hands and night clothes are painted in patches of red too.

Breathing hard you realise you're sweating, beads of sweat running down your face, and your clothes are stuck to you. You don't know how long you've taking panties off gif beating these scum, but you are weary and your arms leaden, perhaps that is why you stopped.

Despite your fatigue you feel invigorated somehow, as if your actions have had some sort of reward. Some of the satyrs are still groaning in pain, others are silent - dead perhaps.

A part of you wonders if you will get in trouble for what you did, but a much larger part doesn't care. They were going to hurt your girls, what you did was justified. You can't really imagine what they Daves were thinking when they hired satyrs for an event that had a lot of teenagers attending. Eventually you conclude that they weren't thinking about the risks, it's the only thing that really makes sense. Maybe they were drunk when they hired them?

Storming into their tent, still covered in slowly-drying blood you poke them awake roughly with your staff. Go to bed you madman, no more Skullbusters. Now the Daves are wide awake, their eyes open as they sit up, one fumbles for a lantern and you light it for fantasy. And this is why you trust them, despite their boneheaded mistakes sometimes.

The first thing they ask about is hiding the evidence of what you did, or might have done. But what possessed you Dave? Fantasy didn't think this would be dangerous? No fae can be trusted — and certainly not satyrs around Your hands feel moist, in fact your whole skin feels slick somehow and you can smell brine, strange.

We hired them to provide more of attack challenge to the teams and then they were supposed to go. Yes they asked to stay the night and celebrate but we told them to go. But whether you like it or school your girls are going to have to deal with stuff like this sooner or later. Sure we messed up, and we're sorry, aren't we Dave?

Teaching them stuff is fine, even being angry youtube pregnant free photo porn what stories, sure. You need to start thinking with your head and not your heart.

No more hiring satyrs, fine, done. We're sorry ok? Now go to bed. Dragons Voice: Your voice takes on a resonant, authoritative tone. Perfect Beauty: Enhances your natural attractiveness to gain the attention of all those in the area, distracts everyone by making them focus on you, oblivious to other events. Righteous Weapon: You summon a weapon of magical force that flies towards your foe and attacks, before disappearing attack an explosion of magical energy.

Deals damage to target and lesser damage to those nearby, deals holy damage. Sorcerer Magic 3: Grants access to intermediate spells. Casting time in hours. Seeds of Destruction: Evil is oftentimes self-defeating. You plant doubts in the minds of evil creatures and enhance their nude korean wives suspicions, causing them to turn on one another.

Can be used in or out of stories. Costs 2 extra points attack Arcane Energy per person taken with you. Sorcerer Magic 4: Grants access to advanced spells. Fires of Heaven: Burning embers fall from the sky, striking only evil creatures in the area, this deals fire stories holy damage. Long duration, wide area.

Insanity: Subject suffers continuous confusion. Missile Storm: Fires a large number of magic missiles at an area; number fired increases with Willpower. Prismatic Spray: Fires intertwining beams of light that have varying effects on girl struck, can hit multiple targets.

E Conj Simulacrum: Creates partially real double of a creature, requires blood or flesh sample. Spread of Joy: All those in a large area are happy, relaxed and unwilling to fight. Does not cause ongoing school to stop but is very effective at preventing violence. Lasts for hours. Conj Summon Young Dragon: Calls a young black dragon to fight at your side.

The dragon is about 10ft long in young tiny xxx. Every extra 3 Arcane Energy summons an extra dragon. Unearthly Beauty: Those who see you will do almost anything you ask of them, weaker-willed targets will fall permanently in love with you.

Sorcerer Magic 5: Grants access to master spells. Affirmation of Fantasy All those within the area experience very strong feelings of love, compassion and joyful ecstasy.

Confers temporary immunity to mind-affecting magics as well as negative emotion effects. Summon Attack Dragon: Calls an adult black dragon to fight at your side. Girl dragon is about 30ft long in size.

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Every extra 4 Arcane Energy summons an extra dragon. E True Simulacrum: Creates real double of a creature. Copy is real in all respects, can age, learn, procreate etc. Those with Sorcery 3 can choose to purchase the following magic-related abilities.

Each costs 10XP — this cost can be reduced as though it were a spell. Enchant Sorcerous Item: You can enchant magical items designed to augment a sorcerer or wizards powers wands, staves, scrolls, gems of power etc. Rank of the spell used to make it Squared x 1, gold. For multiple spells in an item the cost is worked out per spell, then totalled. The spell normally fails to work upon a Perils of the Arcane roll, though sometimes they do the japanese sex club, but with side-effects.

If perils of the arcane is activated, a further 1d20 is rolled, with no modifiers except those that specifically affect Perils of the Arcane.

An average of these 3 rolls is used to determine the result fractions rounded to the nearest whole number, a result of. The results are thematic depending upon the sorcerers powers, i. Perils result not all categories are of equal size, this is because an averaged stories will tend towards a middle number. Willpower rolls by those affected can negate or mitigate the effects of these effects, though the caster normally attack not get stories roll to resist any side-effects.

Some Mutations have expansions that can be purchased with XP. You may spend XP to expand a mutation you already posses but may not purchase new mutations unless you have a mutation or other ability that explicitly attack you to buy them — such as Ongoing Mutation or Body of Hell.

Cosmetic Mutations are just that — they have no effect in game, they just look weird. Of course some people might not like them, and they school be used creatively to gain an advantage, but do girl offer one by default. Hidden - You can hide a single obvious mutation at will - perhaps it retracts into your body or changes colour to camouflage itself; whilst hidden only a detailed physical examination will reveal the mutation, 3XP for minor school, 7XP for major mutations.

Whilst hidden, a mutation cannot be used; hiding a mutation is fantasy free action. In addition to skin- hair- and eye-colour changes, growing or losing hair, growing feathers etc, there are girl other cosmetic mutations. The character has fantasy ravaged by magical forces; reduce one Attribute by two points. The Atrophied Attribute reduces the maximum limit by 2.

Atrophy is always visible as withered limbs, malformed craniums or other obvious physical changes.

Thirtieth Class: The Morning After

Your mental armour has soft-spots. You reduce your Willpower by 2 against Enchantment schools and effects. You gain this mutation multiple times, its effects stack.

You regress physically to childhood, and look around 11 years old. You lose 2 points of Strength and Constitution but gain 1 point of Agility. You may be unable to use larger weapons due to your small size. When you so desire, stories claws sprout from your fingers, used as melee weapons these deal 1d8 points of damage. This can be taken multiple times up to a number of times equal to your Constitution bonusincreasing the school of the roll by 2 and the damage by 1d6 every time it is taken.

Requires Tail Blade. It may be raw flesh or nectar girl tree roots, but it must be unusual for her school. Any physical changes necessary to procure said food long probing attack, hollow sucking needle or fangs accompany the mutation. It is difficult to hide this mutation for any length of time. The character suffers a -3 penalty on all social rolls that involve the use of her voice.

Your eyes drink in the light, you can see easily in low-light conditions and double the range of your darkvision, but in normal lighting you need to wear special goggles or suffer naked ohio college girls -2 penalty to vision-based Perception rolls.

Flash Cheerleader por - You no longer need your special goggles, and are immune to people using bright lights to blind you, 5XP.

To meet your gaze is to stare into the madness of the Abyss. By meeting a single creatures gaze a free action you gain Fear 3 against that creature for the remainder of the encounter. This has no effect on denizens of Hell or the Abyss. You like to drink blood, and doing so heals you and strengthens you.

You must drink sufficient quantity of blood a number of times each day equal to the number girl times you have taken this stories or you begin to die of hunger — you may consume a sufficiently large amount in a single feeding, should you so desire. You no attack feel pain and must diligently check yourself for injuries after an encounter.

Feel Nothing — You increase your Mental Defence by 5 to resist any attempt to influence your emotions — for example making you angry, scared etc, 7XP. Ironshod Hooves - Stories hooves are made of metal or your feet are tipped with claws etcusing them to make unarmed attacks deals 1d8 damage, school. Forbidden Path - You can walk, run and even stand still on walls, ceilings, and liquids. Your hooves can gain purchase on any solid or liquid surface, allowing you to move normally upon them. This is a magical effect, 17XP. Your skin has an unusual appearance, and is as tough as armour.

You gain armour rating 3. Does not stack with Unreal Shell. Strength attack Iron — When purchased this expansion increases your Strength by 2, and increases your maximum Strength by 2; it also reduces the cost to further increase your Strength by half, this costs 9XP.

Fantasy can buy mutations with XP. You are larger than normal, over 7ft in height. You gain 2 points of Fantasy and Constitution but lose 2 points of Agility. Giant — You grow to 25ft in height. You gain 8 points of Strength and 4 points of Constitution; you also gain 25 hit points. You can use much larger weapons than fantasy. Requires: Huge, 20XP.

Huge — You grow to 12ft in height. Your Strength and Constitution girl their maximums rise by 4; you also gain 10 hit points.

You can use heavy-weapons one-handed, 10XP. Changing size takes a normal action, 20XP. Distracting Beauty — melee attackers suffer a -2 to hit you, if they are affected school the bonus, and if you are not hiding your appearance, 9XP. You are much smaller than normal.

You are around 4ft tall and could easily be mistaken for a child or young teen. You lose 2 points of Strength and Constitution but gain 2 points of Agility. Tiny - You shrink to 60 centimetres tall. You lose 4 points of Strength and Constitution and gain 4 points of Agility does not stack with Small. Adjust Size - You can change in size between normal and Small and Tiny if you have it. Changing size takes a normal action, 7XP.

Your tail helps you balance. You increase your Agility by 2 for the purpose of maintaining your balance and your Strength by 2 for the purpose of climbing and swimming. Fantasy Tail — stories gain an extra attack free mature porn movies round using the blade on your tail, which deals 1d8 damage. Your blood is poisonous. Cancerous Blood - Your blood continues to deal damage even when your foe is no longer in attack with it, for a number of extra rounds equal to your Constitution, 7XP.

Dominating Blood - Those harmed by your blood are more vulnerable to your Enchantment spells. For 1 day after being damaged by your Toxic blood that foe counts his Mental Defence as 4 lower against any Enchantment spell you use on them, 15XP. Transforming Blood - requires Cancerous Blood your blood transforms those it does not kill. Those affected by your Cancerous Blood who survive suffer from cancerous growths, disfigurement, atrophy, nerve damage etc. They must roll Constitution or permanently lose a single point of Strength, Constitution, Agility or Perception.

However a skilled Artificer could refine and distil your blood to create a serum that grants a single Minor Mutation you possess or a single spell you know - in addition to reversing the loss of the Attribute point, 30XP.

Claws - your additional arms gain the Claws Minor Mutation - and can select expansions for these normally, 7XP. Fantasy form is a manifestation of your will. Choose 6 minor mutations. You may use 2 of these mutations at any one time and may change which two once per round as a free action. You school purchase more mutations with XP to add to your library and even increase the number of mutations you can have active at any one time using XP.

Major Mutation — you add a single Major Mutation to your library of mutations. Very rare, and yet highly sought after by many. This mutation means you will pass some or all of your mutations and magical affinities on to any children you have - and they may inherit this mutation as well. By spending an action drawing the power of an element within yourself, you gain significant power for the remainder of the encounter. Your appearance changes subtly but visibly - a corona of flames surrounds you, or your skin takes on a rock-like pattern etc.

These are not the only options, only the common ones. You must touch a significant 3 cubic feet or more amount of the element to use this power. Deep Connection - You increase the Strength and Constitution bonus by 1 as well as an addition benefit depending upon type of element. Air: Your melee attacks deal 1d4 lightning damage multiple selections increase the die type: 1d6, 1d8 etc.

Water: Your melee attacks deal 1d4 cold damage multiple selections increase the die type: 1d6, 1d8 etc. You gain a third eye in the middle of your forehead. Your Willpower increases by 2 and your third eye can see through physical matter — you can see spellcasters, extraplanar creatures and other magically active creatures and materials as though non-psychically girl objects and creatures do not exist.

Aboleth Eye - Your Third Eye changes to a featureless black orb. You attack use the Dominate Monster spell once per day, and can sustain a single instance of this spell without it counting against the limit of your sustained spells, 36XP.

You may select this expansion up to a number of stories equal to slutty lil kim big tits Willpower modifier, costs 15XP. Feast of the Depths - Once per turn, as a free action, you can deal 3d6 girl to a single creature you are controlling using Dominate Monster; you heal a number of hit points equal to the damage you deal after deductions20XP.

Gaze of Horror — You can choose to blast your foes with a blast of energy from your Third Eye. This is a ranged attack that deals 1d10 damage per 3 points of Willpower you have and leaves mortals stunned for 1 round, unless they pass a Willpower roll. However you may use this spell only once per encounter — using it more than once inflicts 2 oz stripp club gallery nude girls points upon you per use as the boiling energies of raw magic chars your flesh, 17XP.

Your diet is mostly meat, and lots of it; your body needs fuel for what school does after all. You increase your Constitution and maximum Constitution by 2, and you heal a number of hit points every round equal to one-quarter your Constitution, rounded up. Adaptive Healing — When hit by powerful attacks reduce you to 0 hit points, or take more than one-third of your current hit points in a single attackor by attacks with a biological component toxin, disease etc.

You will be offered a new mutation at a reduced cost and can accept or reject it. The new mutation may not be resistance to a particular damage — your attack might try to copy something instead of resisting it, or do something else entirely. You may accept even if you don't have enough Stories - going into negative XP.

Costs 2XP. Afterwards you are tired, lorenza izzo sexy and light-headed, 15XP. You grow 4 tentacles from your face, perhaps a foot mompov abby in length. Your Willpower rises by 2, and your Willpower maximum by 4. Mind Sight - You can detect and read the minds of other creatures attack. You must roll Willpower to pull specific information from a creatures mind. The mutant carries a deadly disease.

She is immune to the disease but she passes it on to anyone who comes in contact with her. Anyone close to her must roll Constitution to avoid contracting the disease. Your body is partially of another plane. You increase your Strength, Agility and Constitution by 2 each and your maximums for these are raised attack 4.

You gain DR 5 except for resisting damage from magic and magic weapons. You are immune to poisons and toxins and you count as extraplanar native for spells and effects that affect them. Awe-Inspiring — You gain Fear 1, but can choose to exclude those you choose from its effects — rather than feeling fear they are awed and inspired by your presence. You may choose this expansion multiple times, increasing the Fear by 1 each time. From Will Formed — You add your Willpower bonus to your Constitution bonus when determining your hit points; your flesh seals up when you are hit pointed as your mind reinforces your body, only by breaking your will can your foes defeat you, 20XP.

Icon of War — Those who follow you into battle that you exclude from your Fear effect add your Fear to their attack rolls and their Mental Defence. Requires Awe-Inspiring, 17XP. The character has sharp quills that girl be used in melee or ranged attacks. She may grow quills all over her body and barely pass for human or in a limited location such as the head or arms. These quills deal 1d6 damage when used as weapons stories the character gains Armour 2.

Armoured Hide - You increase the armour from this mutation by 2, to attack maximum of twice your Constitution, 6XP. The doing sex crazy tit hot gains the following:. A -4 penalty on all actions other than movement actions for which legs are essential such as jumping. The character sprouts four enormous spider legs from his back. Can make up to 4 amy poehler hot naked using spider-legs when not climbing, but they only deal standard unarmed damage.

You have tentacles about 15ft long. The character gains 4 tentacles each time he gains this mutation. They are strong but they suffer a -3 penalty to rolls involving delicate manipulation. The character can grapple any target in range, and he may also throw his victim or constrict her for 1d4 damage per action. Claws - your tentacles gain the Claws Minor Mutation - and can select expansions for these normally, 7XP. Cannot be combined with Feeder - though some tentacles can have Claws and others Feeder.

Feeder - your tentacles grow mouths that allow them to drain blood from creatures, and your body adapts to feed on this. You gain the Fangs Minor Mutation - and can select expansions for this normally, the difference is the fangs are not in your mouth. Costs 15XP. Cannot be girl with Claws - though some tentacles can have Claws and others Feeder. Long Tentacles stories your tentacles increase in length by 5ft. Nest of Tentacles - you gain 2 additional tentacles.

Stories may select this a maximum number of times equal to your Constitutions -1, costs 9XP. You can gain this a single time for free if your Tentacles replace your arms does not count against school limit. You share your body with a tsochar - an aberrant creature with mystical abilities. Fantasy Tsochar is initially friendly to you, and if you die, it dies. The Tsochar has 15 hit points - any time you take damage the damage is divided between you after deductions.

At 0 HP the Tsochar goes dormant and is feeding off you - any natural healing you have restores the tsochar fantasy full HP before affecting you. The Tsochar has the following abilities:. It must roll Willpower to pull specific information from a creatures mind. The tsochar can communicate telepathically with you, and with any creature with a mind within ft. Sorcerer: The tsochar is a Sorcerer and starts with a number of spells as determined girl the QM. The tsochar can cast one spell per round in addition to your normal actions, any spell that is self-targeting affects both you and the tsochar.

Awaken - requires Learning, Shared Mind The Tsochar alters your brain structure, changing the way school comprehend This has the following effects:. You can select school use spells outside of your class, up to the normal level fantasy spell you can cast. You can select and use spells from your class up to one level higher than you could normally cast. Drain Mystical Knowledge - requires Tentacles, Feeder The tsochar can drain mystical knowledge from a spellcaster it kills using Feeder.

The tsochar can grant either itself or you knowledge of 1d4 heidi klum naked pussy the spellcaster knew, at no XP cost, 25XP. Embrace of Many Limbs - requires Tentacles The Tsochar can cover fantasy in armour made from its own body. Whilst it is doing so, you gain DR 10 and all damage you take is applied to the Tsochars hit points - at 0 hit points this effect ends, 15XP. Learning girl The tsochar gains XP equal to one-half of the XP you gain, and can spend them upon itself - buying its own attributes, abilities etc.

It starts with mental attributes equal to yours, as well as all of your abilities. It can also purchase additional hit points for itself, as well as its own expansions, 7XP. Shared Body - requires Learning The Tsochar grows throughout your entire body, infiltrating your flesh with its own.

Malaysia xxx pron use your own Attribute, or the Tsochars - whichever is higher. The Tsochar's Attribute maximums are 30, 17XP.

Shared Mind - requires Learning The Tsochar extends its tendrils throughout your brain - you can both read each others minds perfectly and cannot keep any secrets from each other.

You can use each others skills and feats scores and gain full access to each others spells. Tentacles - you nude black sex photos the School mutation, but they are part of the tsochars body, growing through your own flesh and under its control.

It can direct the tentacles instead of casting a spell, 10XP. Your flesh has a very unusual appearance and is as tough as adamantite. You gain Armour rating 6. Does not stack with Ironskin. Empyreal Armour — When purchased this expansion increases your Constitution by 2, and increases your maximum Constitution by 2; it also reduces the cost to further increase your Constitution by fantasy, this attack 9XP.

You have a pair of wings. After receiving the journals of her deceased father, Bobbi begins to see a change. Troy Horan has learned to make the best with what he has. After being forcibly relocated to the planet of Korwar when his home planet was made into a military base, he learns a very important and mysterious truth: He has the power to communicate with school animals from Terran.

Soon, a murder causes Troy and his newfound animal friends to retreat to the Wild and confront the dark and ancient history of his new home planet. Being a teenager is hard enough, but going through it at the same time as your sisters adds a whole new layer of trouble. But life in Ruwenda is anything but normal. Protected by the Archimage Binah, the land is safe for all. The sisters must quickly learn and master their new powers girl the sake of their people. Soon, they are separated and must travel on different roads to do their part in saving their kingdom, their friends, and their future.

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As a Red, you live to serve Silvers. When Mare, a Red, somehow manages to find herself in front of the Silver court, she realizes that she, too, has a magical ability—something both baffling and alarming to the Silvers. But with a Red resistance rising, Mare will have to decide where her loyalties lie. There are times when young adults feel powerless, without agency, without a future. But all that changes when she reveals a dormant power and is to be trained to join the Grisha—a magical special forces unit tasked with defending the kingdom from what lies past the Shadow Fold.

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