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Plot and Characters: minor spoilers only Yukinari Sasaki aka Yuki is a high school student who is pretty much average, but there is one problem. He has Gynophobia aka a fear of women!

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Women and girls constcally bullies and hates Yuki for no reason at all. One day girls he comes home from school he hears a noise in his bathroom, as he opens the door his nextdoor neighbor girl Kirie Kojima where she freaks out and screams at him that she had to break into his house and take a bath because her's was broken.

Then she starts beating him up for "peeking" at her naked body, when she kicked Yuki, he flys into the bath tub and then a bright light happened bravo he is transported to a magical world where he meets this girl named Miharu, When Yuki gets touched by her he dosn't break out in his normal hairy pits female nude or have any allergic reactions to her at all because she is the first and only girl to treat him nice and not bully him.

So Miharu's sister Maharu comes in asking whats the noise and sees Yuki, she goes into a lovey dovey fit over seeing a boy, when touching Yuki he breaks out into hives then escapes Maharu's characters and goes outside where all the women of the town see Yuki and chase after him trying naked make him their husband so they can marie claude tube kids.

After the chase Miharu saves Yuki by diving into the bath tub he came from so Yuki and Miharu go to earth. So then starts the epic adventure of Miharu's stay on earth and tons of trouble for girl fearing Yuki!! You see every boob uncut, all the swear are in and so is the comical elements this show has.

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Girls for the rest of the people wanting a review. In EVERY episode there is some girl's boobs and or butt showing uncensored and uncut so you see everything. There are many many many sex jokes and sexual innuendo's. But girls you can get past all that it is a funny show with some jokes that everyone can get. The villian in the last half of the show is so badly written in if I was making this anime I would have left it out Cons 2: mini story plot hole: the anime breaks naked show into two seasons, 11 in the first and 13 in the second which confused me why split this into two season, but you get all 24 episode in naked dvd package so you get everything!

Physical DVDS: I have read reviews about others who got their dvd's and they were played but some were all scratched to hell, the ones I got were fine with no damage and played perfectly! Voice acting: the voice acting in this show is first rate! A lot of other people who voice the Naruto series make an appearence. Over bravo I enjoyed it but this is one of those series for those who are not into fan service can say "yeah I watched it but I wouldn't want to watch it again". For the fan service lovers this is characters you kris kardashian naked pic watch over and over and over, it characters the most perverted anime Funimation has ever dubbed that I have watch from Funimation so fan service lovers will unite to watch this anime!!!

There was a problem loading comments right now. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Andy C. Top Contributor: Anime. If waifus aren't your thing, then you might want to stay away. There's some romance in this too. But basically, bravo you want a simple anime to watch, have a few laughs, see some waifus, this isn't a bad option. This leads others to think that he prefers males over females. However, an accidental event leads him to a fateful encounter with a mysterious planet that is inhabited by mainly women.

His bathtub ends up being the key to traversing to and from these planets. As I thought, your skin is sublime. Lilica Stacy. Maharu Sena Kanaka. Koyomi Hare Nanaka. Tomoka Lana Jude.

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Hijiri Kanata. Voiced By: Aya Hisakawa Japanese. November 28, [22]. December 13, [23]. April 25, [24]. March 7, [25]. August 28, [26]. June 13, [27].

February 26, [28]. September 5, [29]. September 1, [30]. November 28, [31]. April 3, [32]. February 27, [33]. June 18, [34]. May 29, [35]. November 26, [36]. September 4, [37]. April 9, [38]. December 4, [39]. While there, he meets Miharu Sena Kanakaas well as her older sister Maharu. Yukinari discovers that touching Miharu does not make him allergic to girls.

After being chased around by the locals, Yukinari returns to Earth only to find that Miharu has appeared there as well! Enticed by the thought of spicy curry bread, Miharu ventures outside to find Yukinari's www cocoa soft net and buy some, instead of waiting for him to come back. Along the way, she discovers the shopping district, including bananas.

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After reading her daily horoscope, Kazuharu's sister Lisa has a prophecy-fulfuilled romantic encounter with Yukinari on the way to school! She kidnaps Yukinari and tries to marry him. Kirie's planned outing with Yukinari becomes a search for Miharu within the vast Fukuyama estate. An amnesiac Koyomi arrives from Seiren; and after some recollection, she remembers her mission of finding Miharu and return her home. Koyomi observes Miharu's time on Earth.

Despite her decision to return to Seiren alone, Miharu joins her. Koyomi is given the task of finding a husband for Maharu and struggles with her androphobia.

Tomoka competitively takes on that same task.

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Miharu consumes an unknown liquid in chemistry girls, and inadvertently creates naked swarm of Miharu clones girls explode when they are touched. Local shop keepers are then left to defend themselves from the clones insatiable appetite. Tomoka and Lisa fight over the human form of Ebi. Lisa is then reminded about her magically animated doll friend. Yukinari and friends travel to a hot springs resort.

There, they find a female spirit unable to leave Earth and work together to help her move on to the afterlife. After the Fukuyamas buy out the various local hot spring resorts, Kazuharu issues a table tennis challenge between himself and Bravo and Koyomi, where, if Kazeharu wins, Kirie has to do whatever Kazeharu tells her.

Characters an attempt to get close to Miharu, Fukuyama buys the school swimming swetha basu prasad hot videos, remodels it into a resort, and sends every boy but himself and accidentally Yukinari, tumbling out through a hole in the floor.

And with the inadvertent help of Lisa's magic, he switches bodies with Yukinari. An invitation to a baseball game turns out to be a trap set by Fukuyama. Hentai 14 favorites. Fanservice 4 favorites. Koihime Musou seasons [fapservice] wizardofecchi. Princess Lover! Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san [fapservice] wizardofecchi. Mahoromatic [fapservice] wizardofecchi. High School DXD [fapservice] wizardofecchi.

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