Grannies in panties

Soon, you'll be giving up your itty bitty thongs for good.

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Ahead, shop 15 pairs of high-waisted knickers for you to post allover Instagram this season. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team.

I'm holding up the hem to show them.

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I never wore this outside the house. You just didn't do that then. But now, It's tame. I had become a married mistress. The shoes are red leather mules. I have nude gams, no pantyhose.

Proof That "Granny Panties" Can Actually Be Cool | Who What Wear

If you are on the clothesline, look at two discussion threads from 5yrs ago. I bumped em up for you to see. When I stopped to photograph the "trash elephant" today, I discovered there is a small menagerie of these beasts along the side of the store. What fun! The sculptures are outside the Everything But Grannies Panties thrift store.

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Check out more Panties at www. Panty Nation is the number one site on the web for Panties. Check out pictures, videos, stories, games and more at www. He must be wearing the men's equivalent of ol' grannie panties. Odds are, you already grannies an image in your head about the silhouette we're talking about: Granny panties refer to big, high-waisted, thoroughly butt-covering, depressingly practical cotton knickers. The antiaphrodisiac, if you will. Though, I will admit, at the height of their hype, I did break down and buy a G-string.

More important, it felt so thoroughly un- me; the world told me this was the sexiest thing you could wear, but when I put it on, I just felt so… obvious. I felt much cuter in bikinis, boy shorts, supergirl porn comic yes, even the most maligned, misunderstood style of them all: the full-coverage, grannies brief—the dreaded granny panty. My love panties granny panties remained my closely guarded secret until a few years ago, when I discovered other women in my social circle—cool, fashionable ladies in their twenties and panties into them too.

And not just sheepishly, on laundry day.

Granny panties are the latest sexy underwear trend

One by one, my friends confessed their secret love for granny panties. Grannies Courtesy of Gap. One fashion-editor friend exclusively wore thongs panties a yeast infection inspired her to buy a pack of plain cotton undies; they were so comfortable and flattering under high-waisted pantsshe never looked back. Another is a vintage freak, but couldn't bring herself to buy used underthings—granny panties gave her the pinup vibes she liked without the heebie-jeebies of secondhand lingerie. That unpretentious, chill-girl vibe may be one reason why lots of women have been reconsidering the humble, secretly beloved granny panty lately.

So if you're looking for comfort that happens to be entirely fashion-forward and French girl—approved, it's time to consider integrating granny panties back into your top drawer. On board with granny panties? Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorites with a bit of visual inspiration as well.