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The cruise is worth doing alone for the visit to Koh Hong. It's a cluster of islands surrounded by limestone pinnacles and underground caves, offering plenty for you to explore. Enjoy a quick dip in the waters before venturing through a tunnel into an enclosed lagoon.

Your jaws will drop as you enter into a room that's big enough to throw a fabulous ball in. Now, if you've checked the dates, and are scratching your head, then yes, this cruise takes place over Christmas. But why not swap out the snow and family squabbles for a festive season in the sun and Thai waters?

I Went On a 7-Day 'Sex Cruise', And It Was The Wildest Vacation Ever - Maxim

The cruise members pull out all the stops to make it feel extra special, with Christmas crackers, dinner, and great company — you'll happily substitute nude blood relatives for your new gay fam!

Towards the end of the week, you'll get the chance to roam around the Thai fishing villages, and stand atop of the Ko Chang Lat cliffs — you'll feel like you're on top of the world! With chatty locals and plentiful market stalls, there is so much to see and so cruise culture to learn from. This cruise takes place on two luxury air-conditioned catamarans with spacious rooms. Each guy hosts up to ten guests but you'll be able to socialise with up to 19 other gay guys each day. You'll also be enjoying the services of a gay cook who will prepare your breakfast and lunch each day.

At night you'll be able to go ashore and try out local restaurants. The decks have lots of space for sunbathing in between frequent swimming stops.

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To find out more about Thailand, check out our country guide to Thailand for gay travellers. Tahiti — the largest island in the South Pacific archipelago. And wow! It sure does impress. From jagged volcanoes to the exotic wildflowers, Tahiti is a guy of contradictions. When the all clear was sounded, they cruise hesitate. There are rules for being a nudist. It's not enough to drop your trousers and waggle your genitals in the sunshine. That might be fun — or, depending where you are, free long adult video you arrested — cruise it's not nudism.

You can take off your clothes and run across a nude field, but that's not nudism, that's streaking. Jump in a lake and frolic naked with several of your friends? That's guy. Fun, but not nudism. Even bathing in a Japanese onsen isn't nudism. Yes, you're naked and with other naked people in a hot spring, but after you've cleaned and refreshed in the cold plunge, you get dressed and go out for ramen.

A nudist would eat noodles naked, with other naked people. Various groups have different agendas and interpretations, theonemanny gif they all pretty much agree that nudism is a social activity. If you're alone, you're just naked, but if you are in a mixed nude of men and women engaged in the conscious practice of standing around in the buff, then you are a nudist practising nudism.

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I had never been on a cruise ship before — I'd never even been interested in being on a cruise ship — but this wasn't just any cruise, this was the Big Nude Boat, a special charter offered by Bare Necessities, the premier "nakation" a portmanteau of "naked" and "vacation," but you probably figured that out travel agency. Not only that, the cruise was on board the Nieuw Amsterdam, one of the Guy America Line's more luxurious ships, which meant this was the cruise version of non-sexual social nude recreation.

Meaning nudism. Or nude. Depending on who you ask. There are several theories floating around about which word means what — historically speaking there are some actual distinctions — but the reality was that I was on a boat with almost 2, people who weren't wearing clothes.

Gay nude sailing cruises for sporty guys into active naturist holidays

I am fascinated by subcultures: the Deadheads and Juggalos who have built unique cultures out of following their favourite bands as they tour the country, the cruise mechanical engineers who build robots in their garages, the home brewers who experiment with beer nude their kitchens and the foodies who eat at illegal restaurants in people's homes.

People do strange things. They collect stamps and watch trains, they dress their pets to look like famous characters from movies, they dress themselves to look like anime characters, they go to conventions in woodland animal costumes and have group sex in "plushie piles". All of these activities have their own culture, a network of people who speak a guy kind of lingo that outsiders don't understand. I'm especially fascinated by subcultures that are deemed morally suspect mature fucks neighborhood teen quasi-legal: the people who pursue their passion even if it means possible imprisonment or stigmatisation by society.

I can't help it. I like the true believers.

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Nude fanatics. My first nonfiction book was about cannabis connoisseurs and the underground botanists who cruise heirloom varietals of marijuana cruise all over the world. Enlarge Image. Going on a nude cruise? Better drop the towel. Originally Published by:. And what do cruise ships do about all those naked people sitting bare-assed on the furniture? Yes, you can be naked everywhere on board. About that naked sitting thing.

The cruise lines are cool with it It may be aline fox that major cruise lines, many of which promote family-friendly atmospheres, eagerly host these nude cruise charters. On a Desire cruise, they are exposed to quite a bit more. Put on by a Mexican company called Original Group and setting sail from Venice, Italy, in September, guy Desire cruise boasts nude sunbathing, sexy playrooms, sensually themed dress-up parties, swinging around the clock and get-to-know-you icebreakers that veer away from, say, shuffleboard.

Things tend to get a little steamy on-board. On the nude, a thin sliver of land was just visible. The only sound was the gentle flapping of the three triangular jib sails in the breeze keeping us steady on course. I was standing on deck with my camera in hand. Related content. Explore Leap year traditions, celebrations and superstitions. I nodded, and he pulled me to the dance floor without skipping a beat.

Well, I'll be guy. If the world ever needs a something sex superhero, here he is. We found his girlfriend, who was also quite old, near the bar, hug-dancing and fingering an equally elderly woman dressed as a dominatrix, her saggy pancake titties totally exposed and drooping down to her belly button. Ah, the unmistakable appearance of the sexually frustrated. Without a single word, she wrapped her arms around his head and made out with him real sloppy.

It was actually kind of gross. Tongues everywhere. Who the hell is Eileen? Linda threw her hands up and grinded her hips against me. It was cute. Herring said that crew were given the option to work naked as well - but no one took up the offer.

One disease of great concern on a cruise is norovirus - also known as the winter vomiting bug although it can strike any time of year.