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10 Famous Actors Who Took It ALL Off On Set Of Their Movies

They cleared the set and had just a skeleton crew.

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Well, the movie warranted my nudity. The character did have to be sculpted, that was part of it. It was a shot that no one could object to.

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There I am, front and back! But they wanted it to appear nude, so we came to a compromise. And then I donned a pair of flesh-color knickers and I was all right, it was like being on the beach, really. These days, you can see everything-sadly, nothing is left to the imagination.

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Sign up now. Shop Fleshbak About Our Shop. Phyllis in Sweet Sugar In 's BoratSacha memorably engages in a nude fight sequence with a costar. Sharon Stone has bared it all on-screen several times during her career, but perhaps the most memorable is her iconic turn as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct. The film shocked audiences as Sharon went toe-to-toe with costar Michael Douglas in the psychological thriller.

In Helen Mirren declared she was retiring from on-screen nudityafter baring her bod in a number of films. Now my pleasure pillows are purely for my husband. American Gigolo put Richard Gere on the Hollywood map, starring as a male escort who caters to an older female clientele.

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Audiences received more than just a glimpse of his range as an actor. Kim Kardashian climbing a tree. View this post on Instagram. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Celebrity. Miley Cyrus posted a minute tribute video of the last decade, while Selena Gomez did a. Miley Cyrus paid tribute to the past decade of her life with a minute long video — and it features quite a lot of her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

How was your ? Or when Naked Bieber posted a photo of his bare booty while on vacation? Check out 26 celebrities who've bared it all on Instagram by scrolling down and just a fair warning: NSFW The photo promotes his new line of Prevail Activewear, which launches on Tuesday, Aug.

No fear. Miami nights. This is my pre DWTS body 2. I am not currently in Miami but am in NYC. I posted this knowing most of you would be judgmental and couldn't resist a chance to tear me down and I was right. Several famous actors have done full frontal in movies and TV shows throughout their careers. Oscar winners, comedians, and Hollywood stars have all participated in male nudity in movie films.

Amber Rose wowed her followers with a dazzling swimsuit-selfie. Kylie Jenner gave Kim a run for her money. Queen of the selfie brought hollywood with baby perfect pussy riding cock board.

Go Kim! Chelsea Handler claims "locker room talk" for herself. Ariel may play a nerd on TV but she is most definitely not a nerd. Just when you thought your internet was star, Kim brought along Emily Ratajkowski in support of her response to criticism of her nude selfies from other celebs.

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Miley Cyrus said no to shirts and pants—yes to face masks and bruised thighs. Kim gave her followers a look into what Kanye sees before bed. Josh Brolin and wife Kathryn Boyd were the "best dynamic duo sexy selfie" in this shot. JLo feeling very empowered. With a booty like that, who can blame her? The queen of rap graced Instagram with yet another selfie.

Queen B radiated with some good hair of her own. Chyna Blac started off her morning with a steamy bathroom selfie. Cardi B looked stunning in her fur and revealing body suit. Kendall Jenner showed her fans some love and curves atop a yacht.

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