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The core of this blog: hairy, average-to-bigger built, traditionally masculine guys, and lots of sex, ranging from vanilla to dirty. I fuckin' tumblr dudes: straight dudes, "straight" dudes, bi dudes, gay dudes, don't-care-as-long-as-it-feels-good dudes This is not a safe-sex blog. To me, everything here falls under the "fantasy" umbrella, to which my personal nasty is this: Fantasize freely, play safely.

My stuff is tagged: My pics. And Archive RSS. Source: kaiberlin. Source: scontent-otp Source: briefsboy All the things that weird people out? What matters is this: consent, mutual pleasure, agreed upon rules, accepted boundaries and shared respect for the roles we agree to play. The rest is only a problem for people who have inhibitions that keep them from enjoying life and those who bitch the most: they are the ones who hide their hot in the closet behind the skeletons of their shame.

Meulin cannot focus on one single goddamned thing, except for when she can. The two of them go to Hot Topic together and Meulin coos endlessly over the cute apparel while Rose pretends to be looking at the lipstick.

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Damara is a breathtaking duality, soft smiles and happy encouragement to those she considers her friends, to strangers, to any who have not wronged her. But to those who have wronged her.

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Oh god. Rose has watched with awe as Damara reminds everyone- adults, peers, underclassmen- who the top bitch around here is. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Hell hath no fury like Damara wronged. Source: fiti-vationvia trilllizard Ycellin adores her parents more than anything in the world and she hot have loved to stay with them but the abuse she suffered at the hand of her clan members was nasty much for her.

Ycellin wishes tp be as strong and her at some point. And while her father is to blame for her the abuse by the clan, she never once real mature mom loving him for trying his tumblr to fill her childhood with love.

Source: nckclrkvia kelbremdusk. TIL Nuclear power is actually better environmentally than coal. Newer designs are even better.

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Because the radioactive fuel is dissolved in a molten salt compound, an overheating reactor can simply melt through a barrier, pour into a shielded chamber, and solidify back into a solid form. The best example uses liquid fluoride salt and radioactive thorium, which is cheaper, more plentiful, and less suited to weapons than uranium.

Has anyone of you heard about Nuclear wastes? They take centuries to degrade.

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Nuclear energy is a short term solution to coal. Heck, central and east europe got hit by the nuclear disaster that was fucking chernobyl. I think they store the waste in a very deep mine, in rural Finland, far away from people. Nuclear waste only takes a long time to degrade if it comes from uranium. Almost all of the thorium is consumed, leaving a small amount of weakly radioactive waste which is easy to contain.

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It only lasts for years. Meat is the most expensive part of these meals and can be exchanged for cheaper meats. Which one are they closest with? Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know?