How to suck your own

Here's what we can learn from them. Be Thin Both of our guys are on the lean side, weighing in at pounds Kade is 5'9" and John 6'. Unsurprisingly, it's much easier to reach your dick if you don't have a big belly in the way.

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Dick size, however, doesn't seem to matter all that much. Both guys are about seven inches hard, which is on the more generous side of average, so it seems body type is more of an issue than endowment. Loosen Up An advanced appreciation of downward dog isn't necessary, but both guys stressed the importance of stretching—especially the neck.

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Don't only get limber on the day of your big try, but spend a week really seeing how far you can stretch your torso and everything above your shoulders. Hustler Magazine. Archived from the original on 29 September Clerks Script. Archived from the original txt on 7 February Retrieved 27 April Archived from the original on 7 June Retrieved 28 June Tilendis, film review. Green Review. Media Life Magazine.

2. Be thin

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Itab likes this. DeoxysPrimeJan 11, MegaMouse likes this. I have found that my neck and back are areas that receive the most stress from this activity so be cautious to not strain yourself too much. If you are gay then it should be pretty self-explanatory.

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Suck it just like you would another guys dick. Take it slow and work you mouth around it to get it nice and lubricated. That is hard to say. I would answer yes, if you have a dick that is above average. If you have only an inch or so to go before you can touch your dick to your mouth then I think it could very well be possible for you to achieve this goal with a little practice and exercise.

Remember, even small physiological factors such as time of day can effect the size of your wiener. This method mini up skirt not provide enough growth for some to be able to perform the sacred art of self suck.

You can use the device even while sitting or laying down, while a weight may not be convenient to use.