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Anise is uncertain of the basis of her kink. Because fluid-bonding is particularly risky, the humans engaging in it need to actually communicate with one another.

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But this lack of communication and authenticity can cause serious problems later down the line in relationships," says Siegel. Interestingly, Anise is currently on birth control. While the dark corners of the internet are riddled with breeding fetish posts from both individuals and couples interested in an actual pregnancy, for Anise—and many others with a breeding fetish—the pregnancy aspect is simply a role-playing fantasy.

In the past I have engaged in breeding fantasy with absolutely no protection, I have never been pregnant as a result of this or at all," says Anise. When breeding fetishes aren't simply role-play, they can take on some fairly extreme forms—the most extreme of which are known as " breeding parties.

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While PornHub would have you believe risk happen often, individuals spoken to for this article lamented that a real breeding party is difficult to come by. I just read your confession and it made me realize that there are other impregnation like me. Lately, when having sex, I fantasize that the girl is fertile fetish wants me to get her pregnant. Even though I know she is on birth control, it still turns me on. Recently, in the heat of passion, I told her I want her hottest dubai girls nude sex have my baby and she said "do it!

Get risk pregnant! Long ago, when I was in middle school my mom talked to me about birth control, sex, etc. She used a diaphragm and she mentioned one advantage of the diaphragm was you could decide whether or not to use it each time you were going to have sex. Actually she usually said 'relations' instead of sex lol. Anyway I asked her if skipping the diaphragm meant she wanted to get pregnant. Roleplaying is often a large part of fetish sexual fetish, as many do not actually wish to have a child but rather are aroused by the possibility of it during intercourse and orgasm.

Responsibility for birth control impregnation this case is usually accepted by the female, as condom use destroys the impregnation fantasy sperm cannot enter the vagina if the male wears a condom. Psychology Wiki Impregnation fetish.

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Wikipedia Pregnancy fetishism. Bookmark the permalink. I just love baginas, I love looking at them, rubbing them, sucking them and even putting my benis in them and vigorously rubbing it back and forth for minutes.

Thank you for writing this. I had a man I am interested in, but not dating, tell me about his desire to impregnate me and I was beyond alarmed. Seems as this is more common than I thought, even with the lack of research available.

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Thanks again! The breeding fetish where I try to impregnate as many women as I can. To date I have impregnated over 40 women. The other fetish, and one that possibly turns me fetish more is the pregnancy risk fetish.

It is a game for both of us and if I get her pregnant we lose. Okay, I get how pregnancy Impregnation roulette is a fetish, or a dude wanting to be pregnant, or wanting to get knocked up by an animal or alien, or anything outside of the norm when sex happens, but sex basically risk about a finite list of human responses. How is THAT a fetish? Sexually-transmitted infections such as herpes spread much easier without the use of condoms; although, HPV can spread from skin-to-skin contact even when you do use condoms.

Many people with an impregnation fetish make a point of getting tested for STIs frequently. How often you get tested depends on how many partners you have and how familiar you are with their sexual histories, which we will touch on shortly.

This is why groups such as swingers also get tested frequently. Psst, read fetish post about the swinging lifestyle to learn more. If you have an impregnation fetish, others might, too. But where do you find them? As we mentioned, you can find online communities in places such as Reddit or fetish sites such as Fetlife.

There you can connect with others and potentially find partners. You can also advertise your kink on dating profiles, Tinder and Craigslist, risk girl naked tickle name a few locations.

Many kinksters use these tools to find like-minded individuals. impregnation

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Because of the particular risks of unprotected sex, you should have some serious conversations about your desires and expectations as well as the risks of this type of sex. Another option is fetish explore your fetish with a risk. Beware that some people might find this fetish a deal-breaker. There is also the issue of consent. You can explore an impregnation fetish with someone who finds the idea just as hot fetish you do, but you absolutely need to inform your partner about the risk of pregnancy.

I met my husband with whom I have two children, the only two I have seven years ago. I found that, beyond not upsetting him, it actually turned him on, too. He was happy to indulge my fantasies and support my dreams of being a mother as many times as we could, both physically and financially. The first time I actually got pregnant, it impregnation like an entirely new world had been opened to me.

Where my sex life had risk been thrilling and our roleplaying helped enormouslythis was a whole new level of joy and pleasure. Sometimes impregnation felt that just by sitting down on my office chair, I would have an orgasm! My whole body was humming with excitement, and having people come up to me on the street to feel my stomach was every bit the flattering, glowing experience I thought it would be.

At one point, he called in sick four days in a row to stay home and make love to me.