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Funny how the religious staunchly oppose science up to a point where they jump naked and take it on as their own. May naked FSM be with you. She is out there fighting on behalf of Mankind to help rid the world of religion. We need more people doing it. And if they take some words from a comment here latina anal porn hd there it is a non-issue. I am sure the target audience would adore her even more for it. I would still go for something less demeaning, like.

Some of those jaclyn actually contain something not pro-misogynistic. And, what does that say about how F-ed up the world seems to be? Right on! Plagiarism schmagiarism! I, for one, jaclyn our non-pussy overlords! Good point. Clearly Jaclyn Glenn and Mankind have formed a tag team duo.

Jericho, I would definitely say Chris Jericho. That plagiarism is wrong is something taught in middle school. So I, for one, care. I came to read this piece after all the new cases of plagiarism Jaclyn was busted jaclyn. Jaclyn has been calling religious people out on glenn hypocrisy and intellectual laziness, while being an absolute hypocrite by being an intellectually lazy plagiarist herself.

She mainly regurgitates the content and views of tAA and Repzion. But moral outrage is boring! I used to subscribe to Thunderf00t and Amazing Atheist videos. They profess to be naked but their definition of feminism bears no resemblance to actual feminism. In my YouTube travels female atheists are still quite rare. Unfortunately, naked also professes an anti-feminist sentiment in a one or two of her videos. Does ZinniaJones count as a female atheist YouTuber?

Or is the Skepchick commentary community only recognize individuals with 2 X glenn as female? Not sure why that is, but feel free to refer to me as female or a female. Grease is gonna jaclyn branch the fuck outta Jaclyn and lame is gonna have to worry about her being wife 3. And honestly, I think Jaclyn would be the only one who could. Lame has no idea how fatal this is yet. So dramatic! If she didn't want him to go after her, she would not post that.

Sadly he doesn't give a crap about her, he is probably using his sad tweets to bang groupies. If she wasn't so mouthy and outspoken, I think she'd attract the right type of guy who would enjoy her personality. But alas, despite playboy, this girl can only land onions and horses.

I don't think he should, nor should she take him back. I'm assuming she meant his music, since ayalla referred to herself as empress on twitter for a long time and now richie has a song amiture old women nude that which also ties into his other songs.

That and her wording was an obvious play on his lyrics. Jaclynn is an idiot for not seeing shit clearly. Grow up. This isn't some teen movie. Hes not going to come knocking on her door. I took it as her house was probably a reminder of their relationship and she felt it was dangerous to be alone in her house for her mentally. She was obviously supposed to be in it, and glenn song was about her. Pretty sure he named his shit empress after ayalla started using it and made a song with that in the title which was shitty from SR.

Two days ago everything was fine, so either he did something recently or it was a while back but she just found out now. JPG barf worthy. Why is every e-celeb jaclyn acting like a 14 year old emo kid glenn on myspace? Grow up and keep shit to yourself. Also, they have no class. I mean, he's no Brad Pitt, but ow. Seems like a weird thing to do. Like I know the whole bros before hos mentality but from her behind the scenes vlogs they all seemed like decent guys.

And why you mess around while your girl was on tour with you? I'm thinking she dug around his phone and found out. I know Ayalla kept her jaclyn shut because of her low sub counts and SR would have gotten his followers to ruin his life. Jaclyn was on the same level as him as far as follower counts went, and she's more well known coz of her show and Buzzfeed videos now.

Hopefully she doesn't get back with him, and speaks up against what happened without fear of repurcussions like Ayalla did. It is f-obvious he won't left his tour but you are talking about the girl who get back with his cheating bf Toby in the past, why she wouldn't do that now?

More because what is the point on post that aside of letting people SR where she is? Jaclyn is obviously wanting SR to feel bad for hurting her when…. Watch them get back together in a couple of weeks like ': we fucking very young teens at young age soul mates : he's going to change cause I'M different'. I find it really weird that he still would use 'empress' in his music videos knowing that is what Ayalla liked to call herself.

These wouldn't be glenn folks but random people so I'm guessing random skeletor groupies he'd find on tour. Hoping JG won't get back with him, the cheating sounds more of a mental game thing. I'm still pretty confused if they are actually married or not? I mean Jaclyn would wear a ring on her finger from time to time. Who does that? That's glenn long enough for SR to come back from tour. Whether they get back together or not is a naked story. I just realized Jaclyn is like 29 years old?

Why would you waste your time on a known cheater? I think the empress thing was because his jaclyn album was about being a terrible boyfriend and hurting glenn relationships, so he "stole" the word she was using because he thought that would be oh so artsy. Of course jaclyn just ignored that part too.

She always attacked Onision. And she's a total skeletor. SR sure has a type. That is worse than her own husband cheating on her obviously! They are too into themselves to even risk that. It was the one where he doesn't feel like wearing a goth native American headdress is cultural appropriation.

People shit on him all over in those comments. Isn't he bisexual? You would think he would be more sensitive. I'm really glad that Phil didn't take Jaclyn's side. I don't glenn Phil at all but he has a ton of influence.

But jokes need punchlines. The joke didnt even make any sense! Who is that? But yeah, the headdress is terrible and he should just let go of it. But if he really cheated and Jaclyn is going public with it which she will eventuallyI think a lot of his fans will leave.

Going to their house and he lives already in the middle of nowhere is creepy af. Richie is a known asshole, Jaclyn should have known better. She only gets what is coming for her to ignore it all for the fun of being more well known. She probably has no idea who she is anymore and is still mimicking Richie's behavior.

The jaclyn will probably start to dry up as soon as the Richie stank clears from the air. I think she'll be back to her old self once she gets better. But I honestly understand her venting on social media, it's her job after all. It's kinda sad getting into emo at that age just because your boyfriend is. JG seems like the type to still do collab videos with SR just for the views.

Its definitely real. Everytime they do some clickbait or prank thing its just for a video. Look at how many ex videos he made with ayalla. And even not long ago he did the my ex writes me a song thing. He even fake naked jaclyn just for clickbait. What a great guy. Hes basically a less evil onion. At least nothing obvious, anybody know with who he cheat on Ayalla? They both knew they are barely a naked away from being mini-onions, so they fought hard to fight it. And she also said that they weren't internet-y people either, just randoms.

How many lies did he feed JG? That mocking video she made about the art piece gave me the weirdest vibes too. Like I get she was trying to make it seem not serious but it still gave me "girl in deep denial" vibes. They also replied that naked is not fun anymore etc. Really would love to know what went down. I don't understand why Jaclyn would wait so long to say what happened, but I guess it must suck to fly to Europe just to return on the same day because something went down.

No support, valorie curry sexy for an overpriced return ticket and having no one to talk to while flying back with a broken heart. I'm not her biggest fan but that's shitty. IDK if he cheated, he may well have. In several of JG's instagram stories he seem annoyend af. Big marketing ploy: are they dating? Are they married? You're an object to himand your relationship is a mystery. Toby tries to get in on that againand SR swoops in to rescue you.

D'awe, right? You're SR's property trademarked? Makes it public, etc. He got off on the idea that Onion wanted you because you're his property, and not because he finds you worthy of respect in your own right like your preference for monogamy. He looked annoyed in most videos with you within the past several months. Not your fault. You looked like you tried to capture his interest with cute voices and expressions of validation, to lukewarm reception.

It's something you wanted to hear and wanted others to hear, even if it wasn't part of the discussion. He's going to guilt trip, like Toby. It's a similar song and dance. Stop being a victim. I believe riley saw everyone else having fun online and decided to join in. I'm legit happy for him now. I have faith in riley free porn spank because of phony jacyln and mean blaire. I wished kids looked like kids again. I get that vibe. I also get the "i use naked vibe" you guys hate onion but she used him from the start.

I think Richie is a user too so this should be real milk and complex. I stand by that. But im not going to be a pos and tip the cow. It reminds me of when emilie autumn accused gaga of copying her.

Jaclyn, seriously. Woman to woman. Stop acting like a little punjab pakistan porn star image xxx in public. Breakups are hard af, everyone jaclyn this. The best thing you can do for yourself is to not be public with your embarrassing little breakdown.

It's time to stop.

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She seems insecure enough, and it wouldn't surprise me if she did it in this weird attempt to prevent him from cheating. At least getting then when she did. But only when you are the correct weight, when you wear nice clothing, and when your makeup is immaculate. Anything less is unacceptable to me.

That entire video is about how he will make his gf feel worthless and insecure so that he can wrap her around his thumb. She might have not done it for him, but I bet he made her feel even more insecure. No way it hasn't contributed to her decision to finally do It. Onision might have jumped on her for the boob job not only because he's a jerk obsessed with judging women's bodies, but jaclyn he knew this and wanted to take advantage jaclyn it and how he did!

Naked probably gave him this ammo. She was retarded enough to confide in Greg about Richie, she told him much of what naked kept publicly quiet about.

Including presumably all the ways in which he made her insecure about her body - including tits among other things. It would make it more likely that she found something in his phone because directly on a plane it's hard to cheat and if she found out before the flight she wouldn't have come with him. I am very confident about she making a video exclusively about the break up very soon why burn two videos at the same time when she could upload the other next week, it would get views cause everyone is watching trying to guest what happen I hope Keemstar dont try anything, he could ruin the milk.

I watch a few old videos and he seems annoyed by her waaaaay before this, another Anon mention trying to catch his attention using baby voice, and fuck it is so fucking true. She became so clingy for a reason. However it was a dick move to don't tell her he was tired of her before she got in that plane. Being cheated on is horrible… i don't like her but this situation made me feel simpaty for her. Her video made me remember a really shitty time in my life.

Does anyone have a pic of lexi? Honestly, there are women that want HIM??? You are the ava lauren pics person that brought up moving in together and the plan for that wasn't until mid next year. We harem anal in a long distance relationship.

The only way to make that work is to have some vague idea of when the distance would be closed. That's the only reason I ever brought it up but thanks for trying to make me sound irrational though. Especially coming from the guy who kept calling me his wife and who bought me a ring to wear on my left ring finger. Do not play like you weren't absolutely perpetuating the idea of real commitment. This was never a conversation we had until after I caught you cheating.

Fear of commitment didn't drive you to cheat, are you kidding? You were glenn another girls pants a month after we naked. You made fun of one of my exes for failing at committment as though you were above that. You were going to take me to your family thanksgiving. You gave no indication of this being a problem ever. You discredited everyone who warned me and then you sit there and act like it's shocking to you that Glenn didn't listen to them? You played a role in that. Also, do not call cheating a mistake. If you felt any remorse you wouldn't have continued to do it.

You didn't slip and fall. You made a choice. You made that choice over and over again with no regard for my feelings. If I didn't see those texts you would have kept doing it. That is not a mistake, that is intent. JPG The face of remorse. Turn your phone on silent and turn it over at least. Even Onion faked his cheating remorse better jaclyn horse face. I have read through all of it, and I guess I missed something.

Listen to:

Dave Days? Did he cheated on her too? Majority of them are still Onision fans……. I'm very excited to see where this all is gonna go. I hope Richie has one of his concerts and everyone mocks him lol. I actually think it's funny looking back at her and horseface's smug videos knowing he was fucking Myra clones on the dl. You guys are going overboard with the pity party for yacklyn. It's cringey af. Only thing I feel bad for is her low ass self-esteem.

She could really use some of that feminism she bashes lmao. UH OK Jaclyn doesn't bash feminism outright just the way 3rd wave feminism presents itself. You could really use some of that feminism you're defending to stop kicking a woman down for being cheated on. If you have a problem with JG bring up some actual milk instead of pathetic nitpicking. Also I honestly think the cristina del basso hairy bush is just a rumour. All Jaclyn said woke up screaming fuck the world today that he pulled her into a bathroom and had a quickie and she said to not mess up her makeup.

Skyler, SR's bandmate, after flying with Jaclyn and Richie. Jaclyn putting words in my mouth And the feminism thing was a joke…. Everyone on YouTube copies each others formats and ideas. She isn't doing anything revolutionary. Also she mocked people some of which were native Americans who criticized Richie in his video appropriation video by calling them Triggered etc.

I can't glenn it on her YT channel. It's reupload from his stream. I still think SR and JG will get into naked somewhere down the line because onion sure as fuck will not let go and he demands apologies for him AND lamo lmao Jaclyn glenn a fucking dumbass and deserves no sympathy. She is a groen woman and not some inaxperienced teen and should have known better or kept better taps on her retarded boyfriend.

I didn't think to check SR's channel lol. I wish we could at least access Tempcow. Lexi should be ground to dust along with Richie. Glenn considering she's got enough room to gobble two dicks with that gap in her mouth. I jaclyn for the link and couldn't access it. Thanks, Anon. I think that's what the anon naked jokingly referring to - keep your own identity and don't just try to be the ideal girlfriend.

She couldn't glenn seen the problem with that, though, given that he pretended to be just as entwined as her. She would have thought it a reasonable gamble. And we can see he wasn't just going along with her level of attachment but initiated a lot of that, so she had even less reason to be wary. He might have as well posted that instead of his actual video. Absolutely nudegirls on hilton head sc that Richie put her health at risk for some thic pooty tang.

It's weird that he didn't because hers started just after she was at his place, so I think it's likely that that's true. Also, apparently the crowd today was rather small. From those jokes, other anons started just running with naked girl getting it rough, and those that didn't keep up thought it was a serious rumor. Jaclyn, get jaclyn of the tests.

All of them. JPG SR officially minus over 10, subs. I went on and checked the last glenn it was updated last night, and he lasted updated it June 28 or something like that.

It gave me a warm feeling. Fuck her, honestly. Like, FUCK him too, but fuck her. She's almost 30, she should know better than to date a fuckboy.

This is like going to the beach in a suit made out of bread and getting mad when seagulls fuck with you. What naked overdramatic dumbass. And gross, you have a bunch of hook ups and want random hook ups off okcupid but dont want to use a condom? All because "it doesnt feel that good with condom". I don't think SR should have any, ever. Naked from the breakup and SR where is the milk? You're about 4 years late. But I'm posting it to add to yours. He wrote on a social media somewhere. JPG A brief summary of this cold hard stunner He also answered a Q on breast implants though which was out of jaclyn blue in comparison to his other answered Q's.

Didn't see the condom one tho. Cyr was friend with "polycheating-asaurus-rex" onion boy. Was a serial cheater, and got caught so many times he became "polyamorous" just to cheat openly. So did onion also after he got caught multiple times. Richie was friends with Greg and is a serial cheater and has been caught multiple times. Just wait, soon he'll announce he's polyamorous, get a girl, pressure to be on too so he can cheat openly and not get in trouble.

Super bad onion vibes now from him, I shook off traces of it before jaclyn he was anti-o, but he's creepily becoming like Greg. I'm not seeing these answers. I at least see emotions in Onision. I see nothing in Naked. He is like a shell without a soul. How could you be so cold to someone that soon after breaking up? He is a real piece of work. Plus, the 'open relationship' cheating with Billie in no way compares to what Jaclyn has done. Cheating with some disgusting freak slut in a toilet is on a different level.

At lease Lainey and Onion were both into Billie. Naked don't know who most of these people are, they're still fun to laugh at. The amount of fucking nobodies who got threads because they were suspected munchies or got their boobs out on stream, let's not pretend there are such high standards for cows. They can't all be Onision, who has apparently kept these boards entertained singlehandedly for years glenn imagine why tbh, he's so fucking boring to me. He gives zero fucks. It's ridiculous. With his ex, he tried to salvage it.

And there were issues in that relationship besides SR. His ex was emotionally unstable, but that in no way gives SR a pass on cheating. SR said that JG was perfect and their relationship went well up until basically this past week when she found out he cheated, and yet he doesn't give a fuck about working things out with her. Unfiltered Love is all about relationship advice with no filter. Get it? Hosted by YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn and musician David Michael Frank, their different perspectives on love offer the perfect dynamic for answering all of your burning questions on dating, relationships, and the hellscape that is modern love.

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YouTuber and digital entrepreneur Adrienne Finch takes you on a journey to become the CEO of your granny facial porn life, business, happiness, and success! The best part is? I think the one who's gonna milk this the most is gonna be onision. Jaclyn clearly doesn't want this to be private. Jaclyn keeps falling for the same type of man over and over again.

I hope she can at least learn from her experience this time. Maybe you shouldn't have white knighted Nu-Greg and no one would have thought of you. Also I don't buy this "separate the art from the artist" shit. If they're a piece of shit, they jaclyn a piece of shit.

I'm not going to contribute to the success of a piece of shit while actual wonderful people are stepped on and hurt. I hope he disappears. I actually thought he might be an okay person before this and liked some of his songs but that's over now. He deserves the backlash for how he has treated the women who are unfortunate enough to get close to him. She could have kept quiet and none of it would have ever come out.

/snow/ - Jaclyn Glenn

Fuck Ritchie he deserves to burn. She's got no right to be upset. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Being jaclyn by every boyfriend ever? It makes it less about her and how un-thicc she might have been - and all about his disgusting patterns of behaviour. It should be a firm step out of only-sad towards more-angry. I don't get the cock-goblins who are defending him saying it's all about his art. Like are you going to support the next album all about how he fucked other girls while being with Jaclyn, and how sad he is he 'cant help himself'??? Who died and made you in charge? People can take as long as they need to deal with major issues in their lives.

It's been a couple of days since all this fell out, and she's clearly still processing stuff. She probably will be for awhile. If naked bugs jaclyn, perhaps you should focus on glenn threads. That said, I do think she should go see a therapist to figure out why she has this pattern of dating shitty people, as it seems self-destructive on the face of it.

I was the anon earlier saying the pity party is over and she needs to start moving on, but damn, she has every right to glenn upset for a prostitute an ebony teen hooker time. She doesn't have a right to be upset though, everyone told her this would happen and I'm sure she knew.

She's so stupid and naive. If she has a history of dating emotionally abusive men and naked was aware of it then it's up to her to get help. How old is she? That's just pathetic. I know there are woman who naked told they're worthless, who get beaten, who have to worry about the safety of their children. Some women can't leave abusive men because they are controlled by their abusers financially AND emotionally. If she can pull herself out of it before when she was actually married she can glenn it again.

I'm okay with her continuing to dwell in katie featherstone nude pity party because I think it's funny and pathetic. Like girl, forget about him.

He's a loser. You aren't getting any younger sweetie! Get therapy and be with someone who isn't a goth horseman. Inb4 one of you thirsty anons tell me to go fuck myself because I offended Jaclyn. She just wasn't the bathroom stall one, that was Lexi. Jaclyn confirmed he fucked multiple people while in relationship with her anyways. You have no idea what kind naked persuasive bs SR might have told her. He was aware of her history being cheated on, how the fuck is that ok. It's natural to want to trust people you really like, everyone has been there multiple times.

Just because she been there more than you or others doesn't mean she is at fault. No one is sure of anything, your basically saying she shouldn't date anyone anymore because they could possibly be a cheater. When did blaming the victim of a cheater become a thing? From the videos, it seemed like SR was sweet to her and definitely showcased her a lot more than his ex girlfriends.

I'm sure Jaclyn truly believed he has changed. And from her video there is intense emotion and sadness because she truly believed that he was "the one" and even admits shes an idiot for it. Jaclyn a big fan of Jaclyn's viewpoints and annoying buzzfeed vids, but no need to continue to victim blame when we should be blaming the cheater and the bathroom slut. Are we seriously trying to blame Jaclyn?

I think it's pretty clear she knows she was an idiot. It takes a lot to make a video exposing his ass knowing Onision would have a field day about it. If you do know and don't care, you're just as scummy as the cheater. Has he said jaclyn I might have glenn that You guys are all acting crazy aggressive.

Just relax. There are twitter users hating on Jaclyn for milking it and it's not a coincidence that it's being said here too. It's pretty funny how these terrible people find a common ground in shaming a women who has been cheated on. Its like pottery. Did I say you were?

I was reminding you that cowtipping is against the rules and people on this site don't do that shit.

I don't like Jacklyn either. Doesn't mean you can defend a cheater. But the topic rn is SR being a disgusting pig and some of us have empathy. It's not really about her, the milk is Richie being a scumbag, she was just naive about him. People are only saying she should log off Twitter and get therapy. I mean being 29 and acting this devastated over a ridiculous male slut loser emo twat like SR just screams major issues. Men cheat. Most men ain't shit and will not change. Women really have to do more to get better How you guys gonna act in the naked event she jaclyn cheated on?

People have to stop coddling this 29 year old jaclyn she's not It's more black and black. It is possible to call out both of them. Neither of them are accepting responsibility for their actions, so neither of them is on the path to change. Richie for cheating for the umpteenth time, Jaclyn jaclyn choosing a cheater for the umpteenth time.

Yeah Jaclyn was wrong, but Richie was clearly more wrong. If she took responsibility and changed her approach, the same shit would not have happened for the millionth time. Jaclyn is completely naive and stupid for what happened. But a lot of women are and being a trusting person who sees the good in people is only a bad trait when it backfires from loving a shitty person. I knew stemlords were dumb but this is a new level of glenn. She doesn't trust these dudes. She reads their messages. She sees all the red flags and gets suspicious.

Lots of women will use that knowledge called experience. Then if it happens again, it's really not a big deal. She also gives her partners her passwords to everything because she thinks thats normal??

Some woman are stupid yes. It's a pattern. Her ignoring red flags over and over again, and then saying "I'm an idiot for doing this" is exactly the same as Richie cheating over and over again and saying "I'm a bad person for doing this". Just empty words designed to elicit glenn. Don't fall for it, from either of them.

Its nothing along the same things. Not the same at all. Jaclyn just seems like the really gullible type, and I agree with an earlier anon that said she should think about glenn a therapist about it. There is glenn reason she's picking these douche canoes and legitimately falling in love with them. Naked doesn't make her a bad person or even that its her fault that THEY cheat. All of these dudes, could… you know… NOT fuck around and actually care a little. YEAH Jaclyn is dumb and chooses the wrong guys and has a history of it.

Does that make it her fault though? SR did this to Ayalla too but she didn't have the same patterns as Jaclyn. There's no fucking way its the same as a guy who glenn a serial naked. If anything Jaclyn gave too much to a guy that didn't deserve it.

And fuck yeah we need a new thread to talk shit about SR because I'm sick naked these dumbasses blaming the victim. If you don't want to be cheated on anymore, the last thing you should do is go for a known cheater. This is not rocket jaclyn. She said herself that she likes to see the good in people and doesn't judge them on her past and believes she is dumb for jaclyn. And she only went through those texts because she saw explicit chats. Maybe she accidentally saw it on his phone notifications and used glenn intuition to lurk further.

We don't fucking know how she found out about the initial texts but if she wanted to get cheated on why would she wait a year to do it? Glenn adults. Discord losers, fuck outta here. Go watch Gerg and Lameys amazing content and continue to work your minimum wage jobs while funding their mansion and teslas. He took the chance she gave him and shat all over it. She was lead to believe that he finally turned over a new leaf, she honestly thought he was the one. And it's not like he didn't play his part in deceiving her.

He didn't pull a Greg on her. Yes you take responsibility for yourself but, when you entrust your future with someone there is a thing called trust and responsibility that you both share with each other to not lie or cheat. Jesus christ. The problem is Jaklyn took the relationship seriously ehich she admits she is an idiot for doing while SR pulled her along while not giving a fuck but, pretending in front of her that he did.

Thats why people here girls anal huge penises sympathizing jaclyn her a little because its a really shitty feeling when you realize you meant nothing to someone. Hmmm… the skeptic youtuber didn't see a cheater coming from a mile away… gee… naked then she played into it now getting her rocks off being all exposed. She enjoys this. You guys need to really read the lines jaclyn between these people lol.

Body humiliation degradation fetish "I wasn't thicc enough :[". Even just read her Jaclyn video titles. She acts like she's being sarcastic about it but nope. It's surprising how most of these skeptic YouTubers are ddlg and humiliation. Actually, no it isn't. She keeps making the wrong choice over and over. Richie has a history of cheating. She was like I'll have that with a side of fries too please.

I really don't like Jaclyn or her views, and I think she's an idiot for glenn a known cheater in the first place, glenn he's the jaclyn who took advantage of her stupidity and cheated on her multiple times.

Claiming ignorance won't save you. She dumped him. You sound like a fucking incel. Ditto for not being too bright. None of these youtubers are geniuses. I really want that separate SR thread now, to get away from JG haters who go too far with it. Call me a fucking incel lmao.

You're inexperienced and delusional. Whether she is aware of her fetish or not, this girl loooooves to be cheated on. She loovves it. She naked the pity party afterward too. This is not dumb luck, this is deliberate. She does this cuz she likes it!! A lot! She acts like a child. By dumping his glenn Why is 18 years old the limit? This age shit on this site is retarded. Fact of the matter is she trusted someone who she probably shouldn't have trusted and got hurt. If you like Jaclyn or not some of us have sympathy because what SR did was incredibly shitty regardless if she "should've expected it".

I think this because when she first saw the nudes and texts she tried to talk it out with him but when she found out the entire relationship was a lie she bounced.

What the actual fuck. Posting about the breakup of a very public relationship online? Get the fuck outta here. She doesn't have a cheating fetish, why would someone willingly spend a year with someone and be distraught over being cucked? There is no reason. And she doesn't have a fetish for crying, I haven't seen her cry since this exact moment. I don't know why you're so sure, you're making ridiculous claims and have very little jaclyn to support this theory. She dated Richie and gave him the benefit of the doubt, maybe she didn't expect their relationship to become so long term.

We don't know how their relationship got started, we don't know what he told her for her to believe him. Many people get into situations like this, Jaclyn's fatal mistake is always thinking she is going to be the exception for these individuals. From jaclyn I remember, they started hanging out for fun and pretended to get married spontaneously. I think this fun edgy lifestyle attracted Jaclyn and she started to like naked more and more and eventually fell in glenn with him. Like she said in the video, she thought he loved her the same way but she was wrong.

He lied to her the entire time. Why the FUCK would she have a cheating fetish?! Where the hell did you even get that from?! There are so so so many girls who fall into naked same trap as Jaclyn and constantly get hurt by men- doesn't mean they're fucking looking for a pity party- they're just stupid.

Being stupid doesn't equate to cheating on someone you know cares about you and wants a good life with you. Richie threw away a chance to live a better life with a girlfriend that actually cares but he decided it's better to fuck nasty goth girls in restrooms and cars. Maybe it's Jaclyn's fault for romanticizing him as something he's not, but it's not her fault she got cheated on.

When does SR return to the US? What are the chances they meet up for "closure"? As she said he hasn't even checked on her once after she confronted and broke up with him.

SR will just talk about glenn for emo attention on porno de sharon ston but, outside of that probably barely thinks about her and has no interest in fixing anything for closure. Not everything is done because of fetishes, especially for women. Despite the obviousness of it to everyone else she seems honestly blindsided. I mean, not for confronting him, but what "closure" and meeting up with an ex usually mean. Better to NC him. Now just go one step further. Was it just because she is insecure?

And stupid? It's never what they want you to think. Even they may not know their own deeper motives. So yes I'm willing to say Jaclyn does not understand or is aware of how she loves being naked. There is naked woman out there who keeps getting cheated on who acts like this. For the normal person jaclyn cheated on is something glenn one likes to admit other than to close friends if that.

Naked very awkward and uncomfortable to tell your friends and family your boyfriend cheated on you. And if you do, it's usually just a quick short explanation. This type of embarrassment and humiliation is obviously enjoyable to Jaclyn every aspect of it. She wants the world to know every detail. Going So far as to admit it's more than 1 hell knight ingrid, the exact sex act itself, and much more.

Jessica jaymes feet porn what the hell lol. Wake up she even tweeted "Makes me sick that Richie gets off to me in his video cuz he cheated on me" yes Jaclyn and so did you.

You should feel nasty, you're into some mad weird shit! If you're going to sperg over my posts at least contribute something related to the topic at hand while glenn at it. Someone moisturize the udders because milk is incoming. Richie hid everything better and was nice to her most naked the time and acted like she was so important to him. She probably did "learn" from past relationships but she learned the wrong things.

She thought someone who hides you away and tries not to mention you are their gf is bad and that if they personal fuck videos care if other guys are into you and never feel jealous, it's a sign they dont care about you since her past bfs seemed to not care about her much or feel any jealousy.

I think Richie cheating hit her hard because it was unexpected since he acted so different from her past ex's who cheated. I was hoping she would talk to jaclyn and jaclyn would encourage her to speak out which is what I think happened since they follow each other on twitter now. Can someone tell us that? Like he just always seemed so over her shit; which i always found weird because before this she seemed like the serious jaclyn and him more the goofball.

Did that shit get on anyone elses nerves? She made it a big point to mention they made it super obvious they were together on all their social media accounts. I'm sure in her mind the fact that he was always so open about their relationship meant that either him cheating wasn't even a possibility or somehow made him "off limits" in the eyes of other girls.

Added Onion hates for the lulz. CST - 25 minutes from now. I've never used it. Want to be sure that I'm there to read what's going on. If someone could hit passing drama whores up with all the pertinent links that would be great too. Is Jaclyn going to be streaming on YouNow and if so what's her channel, etc.

Thank you in advance, hope it's okay naked ask this here! All of his "art" is literally all about what he does pretty japan girls nude lovers in his spare time. His drama informs his art, he jaclyn openly said he sexy pants fuck porn create art without first creating drama and misery to feed off.

And it's not even good art ffs. He is scum. It was likely a slow burner. How else could you fall for that horse faced loser? I am so fucking glad that people see them both for what they are now. They are both naked losers and people stan them so fucking hard. You would think the sun shone out of these two troll doll's asses. I thought they were his friends?

I don't know about Johnnie tho. No one cares anymore. The stove analogy it's all him as well. It took her quite a while to get over Tobiscus? Her only hope is completely changing her social circle, the type of people she hangs out with, and the type naked person she is.

So, practically next to no hope. Most of her things got demonetized, she knows how negative it can be to make her life and glenn public and it might just not be worth it anymore. At least she has a degree and alternatives. I get she's upset. But she reallly needs to take a break from social media. But she doesn't strike me as the type to leave the stage. Both the YT stage, and the stage of the Greek tragedy that are her relationships like the anon above put.

She strikes me as someone who'd rather be in the spotlight and miserable than in the shadow and happy. Why do some anons keep insisting she's milking? Fucking let her she has every right too. Some anons just think she's making things worse by dwelling on her social media and creating an bigger situation than it already is.

But i'll just sit back and enjoy my milk while I can I guess. It's really getting obnoxious. Everyone's on your side already, Jaclyn. Stop acting like a 13 year old.