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Two-Face Jaehthebird. The Scarecrow Jaehthebird. Krystal the Tennis fox Player Jaehthebird. Reptilish Reptilian Reptile Jaehthebird. Gazelle Dancer Jaehthebird. Lammy Lamb Jaehthebird. The Bad guys are back Candy Jaeh Tennis Jaehthebird. Support the Burd! COM Tisinrei Jaehthebird. Even though i do commission work mostly the one xnnc porn i love is creating comics of my own, sadly ihave been so slow on my projects i barely managed to finish a few issues of my characters, but i do want tocreat comics and that is why i need your help!

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If you would like to support my work i guarantee to reward my patreons as many gifts i can get their paws on! You can also view my work on: Deviantart! This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More. Register Log in. Any questions????

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Latest Submissions. Borb the snow Borb uploaded: 4 days ago. Comments 8. SkaylaGun Posted a day ago. Elizuke Posted 4 days ago. I love your artwork. BigTallDragon Posted 4 days ago.

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The goal simpy is to post a full FREE comic of BustyBird's origin, would 20 pages or even bit more,once it's done i will post a free pdf file for everyone to enjoy OR post it on a web page jaeh furaffinity or DeviantARt or even Tumblr and to do so is to simply reach my goal and get it! I hope you like the idea and remember, those who pledged their names will be in the comic and if u pledge higher you can get your character in the comic and not as a background character but someone who comics interact with the chesty superhero!

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