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But in all cases, culture fixates on individual body parts. Which body part depends on culture and time period. Anime focuses on breasts because it is a product of American and Japanese culture. The breast fixation in otaku culture will disappear once culture shifts to the next erotic body part. Perhaps elbows will be the next big fetish. Or just men? Domshy, H.

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Kozuka, J. Miller, L. University of California Press. Live Science. I mean i knew there was a big science to Bewbs and fan-service alike. Really, it really gets me when a American messes with a japanese person but then some get mad at the American not saying I support this but do they know that japan got influenced by America?

So you would continue to think that its on Japan. OR maybe not. The history is useful tho.

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History helps people understand where an idea or habit originated, and this helps people empathize better or curb the behavior. Cultures constantly influence each other.

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Anime and kawaii are known throughout the world, for example. Hi Chris, from your article I understand the American influence on anime and huge tits but isnt depicting every female character well, almost every bestowed with huge breasts a sort of an overkill and monotony? Have you come across anyone with a similar complaint?

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