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Reply Quote Warn. No prob, for some reason the pic i chose didnt upload but I plan on putting up some more Jay as well some wolfy nail and such. So stay tuned, sorry for the late show back been away in rl and such.

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This process is used to prevent automated spam bots. This is an unexpected turn of events, though not neccesarily unwelcome. Gregourii I don't recall Audrey from the comic, but it has been awhile since I've read it. Actually it's a Male on Shemale MtF transgenderin the Original Life comic Audrey is referred as a 'she' so that's what her gender identity is. While it's a common misunderstanding, please understand that Audrey is transgender MtF and a she.

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I didn't realize that she was a girl for like 3 panels. I was like, why did Jay art such a cute guy? He never does that D:. If you guys want to argue over the non-existent person's preferences, how about calling her a "trans woman" instead of shemale? Any arguments that "oh this is being respectful" kind of go out the window when you use the porn industry term.

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I know everybody thinks they know everything about diversity from their unrealistic oversexed prons characters, but jeez I miss the days when the comments are aren't a fucking drama zone A comic this gay?

By Naylor? In this day and age?

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He's only been dabbling in gay for years! This is fantastic.