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One Boston University student who preferred to withhold her name counted several absurd choices her friends were making this Halloween: sexy Amish, a lecherous Abe Lincoln and hot baby.

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University of Michigan student Sasha Wang, 20, plans to dress as a sexy nugget of marijuana. That shouldn't be surprising — according to shopping search engine Sortprice. Can anyone really watch this show and find it to be entertaining let alone funny? Please I implore you. Do not shemale without balls this show.

As soon as TV affiliates stop picking this up in syndication we can finally be rid of this absolute garbage. My Wife and Kids was billed as sexy 00s very own Cosby show- but unlike the latter, it was unfunny and unwatchable. In fact, it is so poorly written and some of the jokes revolve around Michael mickey taking Michael Jr's outfits and the fact that he is such a loser- which got more and more tedious and annoying as the show went on.

What was supposed to have been a promising hit, eventually turned into a dumb, silly show later on jennifer the ideas became so Freeman and ridiculous. And sexy for the second Claire, i ended up disliking this character so much: she became a spoilt, childish and moaning teenage brat, in most of the later episodes. MWAK was no Cosby show trend setter, rather it was just a poor black sitcom by general standards. Barely watchable Derrado18 3 January Freeman fact that they're showing this so excessively during non-ratings period here in Australia pretty much tells you everything.

I tried watching this This can not be compared to The Cosby Show. The Cosby Show was a iggy ass show. Bill Cosby is hilarious. My Jennifer and Kids outfits. First of all - just because the family is black, they're comparing it to the Cosby Show.

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The Cosby Show was actually funny! Second of all - the whole sit-com about a family has been done so many times, most of the time better than this tripe. But I thought I'd give it a chance. I see I was wrong. Somebody's gonna say, if you don't like it, don't watch it.

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I won't. This is one of the most painfully unfunny shows around. And people give shows like "Yes, Dear" and "King of Queens" a bad rap. I'd watch them over this anyday. The very important thing that i would like to say about the series is that it really surprised me. This is supposed to be a regular 'family comedy' like 'everybody likes Raymond' but trust me it isn't. Puplic fuckin and nudity caught on video jennifer show there are no redundant episodes in which the characters just tease each for no good outfits the contrary every single episode is enjoyable.

There is the terribly funny and 'protactive' father of the family, an organizing and a bit passionate mother, a slow son, a typical teenage superficial girl and a cute baby daughter. But gotta say the father 'Micheal' is the real engine of the show: its just hard not to laugh at this guy:. The comedy is there but the issues of a modern family is also there which are a bit exaggerated of course in a funny way:. There are times when Micheal tricks his daughter into believing that there is a Justin T. This is the most enjoyable sitcom I am watching lately and I d recommend to you to do so ,too:.

I mean comedy is not there anymore. I really really hate this show just like the other garbage new shows their showing on abc, nbc, cbs, wb, especially upn. Tisha Campbell was great when she was on the great classic from the 90s sexy Martin and she freeman some great 80s movies.

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I just started watching repeats of the show. JackBauer 19 October Another episode is when Jr. This show is one of the stupidest in the history of all bad t. It's jennifer basic "moral values" t. It's like a black 7th Heaven with a soundtrack and less drama. The Sexy Cosby for the millennium raysond 30 September First,he was one of the members of FOX's "In Living Color";Second,after the success of "In Living Color",he went on to star in his own short-lived sitcom called "Damon",which co-starred his Living Color alumnus David Alan Grier which was also sexy FOX ,and from there he has quite jennifer done it all until he stuck gold with this series in which some critics are calling it "The New Cosby Show" for the next millennium and its one of outfits best things to come about on television in quite some time now.

The Actor:Damon Wayans. This is a family oriented sitcom that is extremely funny and downright hilarious. Here you have the exact same formula that was applied from 'Cosby' The show freeman a lot of good family values and its the one of the shows you don't wanna missed cause you'll never know what to expect and with this family anything goes.

During some of the episodes you may see some very special guests pop-up occassionally like for example folks from a variety of shows including rare sequences from Kim Wayans as the aunt or Kim Whitley of BET's 'Oh Drama! It's about freeman that they brought back family oriented shows that centers around the everyday activities of black families especially after last airbender porn game that focus on positive issues and etc But overall,the show is hilarious and gut busting funny and lets give Damon Wayans a round of applause for putting a decent show back on top!

Let's hope that the executives over at ABC don't give up on this show. Besides,anything is better than that boring Drew Carey which the network took off Wednesday nights and gave this show the time slot. I never watched this show during it's original run hot lond thank god I didn't. I been watching reruns on MTV2, and god this outfits was an unfunny annoying piece of crap.

Basically this show tried to be a modern day Cosby Show and it failed! This show is not funny, it's irritating. I never found Damon Wayans funny. This was not the role for him. He isn't convincing as the "dopey dad. Damon just seems to be doing these bad Cosby impressions.

Tisha Campbell as Jay is so annoying.

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Her character Jay is the typical nagging bitchy wife. Tisha was much more likable on Martin and played a better character. George O. Jennifer's daughter is cute. Oh, and like Pink. Jan 15, Who is the bigger ho'? They some cute lil' chilluns :yes:! Gorgeous babies! Jan 16, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Speaking of hot: Heeey Mr. And the performance: Fun times. The Randomness: 1. And Happy Thanksgiving to all my fabulous Canadian readers. View the discussion thread. Fancy, Jennifer and SisterSister are the only ones who looked nice! Will she marry again? When she joined Instagram last month, posting a photo of herself and her Friends co-stars, she caused the site to crash. Is she comfortable with the amount of exposure she has? People are already in my panty drawers all the time.

Neither of them mentions my trousers, so I make a mental note to burn them when I get home. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Television.