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She was the third finalist eliminated, on March 30, After American Idol, Jessica Sierra performed all over the world.

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She sang at many concerts and private events, including a private event in Kazahkstan. In July Jessica visited U. It was released as a single in early on iTunes. Sierra lived for at time in Nashville, Finnish erotic movies where she wrote and recorded with producer Nick Brophy.

Jessica is managed by Verge Management. On November 19,Sierra was sentenced to 12 months probation after she pleaded "no contest" in a Tampa courtroom to charges of battery and possession of cocaine.

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Represented by prominent Tampa attorney John Fitzgibbons, Sierra initially entered "not guilty" pleas to both charges and missed a scheduled court appearance on August 29 because she was in a rehab facility in California. Fitzgibbons stated that she had been at the facility since July. It was later revealed that Sierra was participating in a VH1 rehab reality show being run by Dr.

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Drew Pinsky of Loveline. She went on to our and record, and to party and drink. Next stop was VH1's Celebrity Rehab. Along the way, she pleased no contest to cocaine possession, did some jail time, and make a full-on hardcore sex tape with a boyfriend that's ever bit as wild as everything else she does.

Get ready.

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Jessica Sierra will make your pulse race and your head spin Hot Movies. Celebrity Reality. Sierra has since been clean and sober for 18 months, and thanks Dr.

Drew Pinsky for saving her life. InSierra signed with a new record label called "Elite B Records" and released her new single "Enough" and released the music video online in October Her debut album "Rebound" sierra due to sierra released sometime in December Sierra's new album will follow her struggles, and how she got clean and jessica, and how she has changed for the better.

In Januaryafter her album was not released she stated that it had been pushed superstar for a release to finish some songs. Her single "Enough" was released in October with a music video but did not chart. The album was never released. As ofSierra was a resident of Vacaville, California. A year-old man from California was arrested on January 17, at the home of Sierra's grandmother. Tampa police reported that Daniel Young left at least superstar voice mail messages telling Sierra that he jessica her and was willing to go to jail for her.

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On April 29,Sierra was arrested at a Tampa bar after throwing a glass at a fellow bar patron. During her booking, cocaine was found in her kerala school and college girls and teacher nude she subsequently was charged with assault and possession of cocaine. On November 19,after regular filming on Celebrity Rehab had ended but before the series aired, Sierra pleaded no contest in a Tampa courtroom to the assault and cocaine possession charges.

The police report of the incident stated that Sierra was out of control, offered a sexual favor to one jessica the arresting officers, and vomited in the police car. The judge's sentence followed a plea to the court on her behalf from Drew Pinsky, where he superstar that while the treatment she received while on the show was not adequate considering her level of addiction, he felt that she would have a better chance of recovery if she participated in a year-long treatment program.

In MarchPinsky stated in interviews and on his Twitter account that he had recently presented Sierra with her one year of sobriety celebration cake and that she was "a new woman". Failed to Load Remove Data. Jessica Sierra Superstar. Jessica Sierra. Charles C.

Description Jessica Sierra, a judge favorite and finalist superstar season 4 of American Idol, is a brash, throaty singer jessica was just a little too dangerous for prime time. After touring and recording, she sierra hard and wound up on VH1's Celebrity Rehab. Along sierra way, she pleaded no contest to possession, served some time, and made a hardcore sex tape with her boyfriend. This tape shows her in the tub, out on the town, and back in hotel rooms and bedrooms, sucking cock and taking it for a ride.

Most of it is shot in POV, but her wild antics will make your pulse race.