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This is fixed in Duffy's poem by presenting the view of the photographer who was at the scene and saw the horrors and tragedies of war first hand. Standing Female Nude - Within this poem, Duffy drafts a commentary on class difference within society and the difference it makes within people.

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In the poem the speaker is a woman who is assumed to be rather poor, though the art that she provides is looked upon by standing upper class is seen as luxurious. This is embodied by sentence 'I can see the Queen of England gazing on my shape. Magnificent, she murmurs, moving on. It makes me laugh' lines These lines represent the clear difference between a 'river-whore' and royalty as something as simple as a painting of someone from girl different naked driving men only class is looked upon as a magnificent piece that intrigues the upper class.

Relation to Collection: The main flaw pointed out within this poem is the difference in how people act junior treated based on class within society. Duffy implies that this problem could be fixed with education on different classes by even simple conversation, however this is ignored nude the bourgeoisie as the speaker states 'he possesses me on a canvas' line This conveys the message that this woman is seen as not a person but rather something to observe.

With this mindset the flaws Duffy attempts to address will remain unchanged. Head of English - In the poem 'Head of English', Duffy creates a lesson on education junior the bias within. This girl is spoken from the point of view of a teacher introducing a poet to her class. The bias that is projected upon nude students is shocking and even disrespectful to the poet who is brought in to standing the students to different forms of literature.

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The teacher's bias is extremely prevalent when she states, 'for not all poems, sadly, rhyme these days' lines Tone within the classroom also is condescending towards the guest poet as the teacher states 'convince us there's something we polina d know' line Atmosphere within the classroom is the focus within this standing and within this piece it is very negative and harmful to the girls within the class.

Relation to Collection: There is a clear emphasis of flaws within education within this poem and it places a great amount of blame on teachers. While closed mindedness may be a part of human nude, Duffy emphasizes the damage it has on education and while some things need to be taught in a textbook fashion, others need to allow students and people in general to form their own opinions and embrace the creativity that makes humans special.

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If she is becoming thinner then she is having difficulty finding work and making a living. But the artist does not feel concern for her condition, only for her appearance as far as it affects his art. Though her appearance is not entirely to his liking, the artist is not painting the speaker in her current location.

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European painters often depicted women in various stages of undress in forests or near water as dryads, nymphs or goddesses.

He is taking her image, her sexuality, and painting it to his ideal of a woman. Even though he complained of her moving and losing weight and talking line 23ultimately her actual appearance, her true self, was unimportant.

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He took what he wanted to from her and filled in the rest, so much so that she doesn't even recognize herself in the work. This lends an air of tragedy to her earlier musings of being hung in a museum and being seen by the rich and the royal. At the end the audience is left with a new, troubled view of the arts. Art is something that is considered a height of human achievement. The desire to create separates man from animal and is something that should be celebrated.

But what of those who create art, and what of those who determine what is and is not art?