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According to TMZ, a royal rep said, "We have no comment las make on the photos at this time. Back in April, the media was quick to note that Pippa Middleton's gun scandal would be a headache for the royal family. But an actual vegas to the throne caught with his pants and everything else off?

There were no complaints from her. She was naked in front of 25 people. Another photo at the party shows Harry, 27, covering his crown jewels with his hands. Both snaps have been seen by millions around the world. There were about 25 people in total — at least 15 girls. If you missed, you took a piece of clothing off. Harry nude that girl up to play with him.

She had her eyes on Harry, so she was going to do anything. He was very attentive and hands-on, pics her how to do it. He only had eyes for her. She was blonde and petite.

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She was definitely someone he met for the first time that night. So he got naked straight away. His friends gave him a hard time about being naked. This was around 4am.

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Everybody was watching when he took his clothes off. Royal aides admitted it was the Prince in the pictures and confirmed it had contacted the PCC over the matter. Today their warning appeared to have worked, with no British newspapers publishing the images despite them being freely available on the internet.

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Royal aides declined to say today where the Prince was except to say he did not have any public engagements. They also declined to confirm if the Prince had viewed the pictures or if any members of the Royal Family had discussed the incident with him.

Palace aides have been keen to play down the Las Vegas incident, insisting the Prince was simply "letting off steam".

Prince Harry's nude Las Vegas photos forced palace media blackout - NZ Herald

It is understood that his protection officers were present in the hotel suite during Friday night's party. The incident has fuelled sonagachi girl photo about whether or not they should be expected to intervene in instances where his life is not at risk, but his behaviour is deemed to be inappropriate.

Prince Harry flew into Heathrow late yesterday amid a huge firestorm over the photographs, which had first emerged on American celebrity gossip website TMZ before going viral. Standing outside his hotel in Las Vegas hours before flying out of America, he was seen nervously looking at his mobile phone about an hour after they were published by TMZ, one of the most read showbusiness websites in the world.

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Wearing nude blue shirt, a cream-coloured panama hat and sunglasses, the Prince declined to comment to reporters outside his hotel in Nude Vegas. Despite the picture blackout in Britain, scores of media websites across the globe have published the two blurred images, taken during an extended weekend break. The Dublin's Evening Herald also splashed the naked picture on the front page las yesterday's paper. New U s a xxx beach pics Herald.

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Share on Twitter vegas. News that, however pics, it would love to feature the au naturel Harry in its pages. And how much could such a spread cost? News, "For us, pics is about the freedom of the press. This is about the ludicrous situation where a picture can be seen by hundreds of millions las people around the world on the Internet, but can't be seen in the nation's favorite paper.

Though he made his way out of Las Vegas the morning after his naked partying ways he was reportedly spotted in Los Angeles hours later, though a layover may explain thatE! News confirmed that the prince finally returned to London and was gearing up for quite a showdown. Today, he could make his way up to Balmoral and get some face time and likely a scolding for the record books from Queen Elizabeth II and his dad Prince Charles before resuming his military service in the U.

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