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On to Items and Secrets Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Rated "M". Developer High Voltage Software. Release Date October 13, After the chat game you will need to distribute flyers. Outside the club, chat with Suzi again, then talk to her to play a music game. Once you win, talk to Suzi again for another chat she is either on stage or by the dance club. Talk to her again for a spanking game and she will give you her token of affection.

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You need to streak past 15 people and return to the Frat house to complete this series of missions. Talk to him to start the makeover game. After you succeed naked pia suit find him again in the Dorm Hall to buy some special items. Go to the Swingles stage and talk to Uma to start the final Swingles challenge.

You will automatically start a long chat larry Titty City. You will need to select a girl to remove from the contest. Now there is a dance contest with the remaining two girls.

Eliminate another girl and you will see an ending sequence. After watching the credits, talk to Uma on the Swingles set for another chat game. Go and look through the Naked House peep hole leisure see some girls in the shower. Find Larry in Lefty's Too to buy any remaining uma items, including the Everybody Naked item and the alternate endings. There are 10 porn fairies scattered throughout the game.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude : The Walkthrough King

They are all activated after the first one, which only appears in Phase Two of the main game. There are older womes tight pussy to collect throughout the game. These items improve your chances of winning the mini-games, and are available from various vending machines and merchants:.

These walkthroughs may not be published or reproduced in any format without the author's prior written consent. All game titles, art and character references remain the copyright of their respective holders. The Walkthrough King. Back to Game Larry. Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude is the seventh in a long series of games revolving around the exploits of Larry Laffer, a hapless, crude, middle-aged man looking for female companionship.

This time you take control of Larry Lovage, nephew of Larry Laffer, as he begins his college career. The focus is more on mini-games than traditional adventure elements. Phase 1 You will run through a quick tutorial in your dorm room with guidance from Uncle Larry.

Sally Fuck school girl in bus Turn right and you will see a girl near the drinks table - Sally Mae. Ione Head out to suit hall again, then go around to the right and down the stairs, then uma to the main campus. Swingles 1 Go to the Swingles stage and talk to Uma to start the first Swingles challenge.

Leisure 2 Head through the large doors to the left of the stage to leave the uma campus. Luba You will find Luba at the bar - you will need to be drunk before talking to her, so buy some beers from the bartender. Harriet Go back to the main campus and talk to Harriet outside the library - you will play a chat game Talk to her again to play Slaps against her she bobs her hips before she slaps. Swingles 2 Go to the Swingles stage and talk to Uma to start the second Swingles challenge. Phase 3 Beatrice Enter the library and buy the geek outfit from the librarian.

Charlotte Go leisure to the main campus and talk to Charlotte, who is holding the megaphone. Sweet Lou Talk to the Commissar near the Plaid Mart to play a game where you must take photos of Sweet Lou best way is to take zoomed in photos of her butt with the super camera lens to get 5-light photos.

Sweetwater Pimping Talk naked the pimp near the door to Spartacus, and you will have a posing game where you need to convince 12 girls to naked for him within a set time limit. Swingles 3 Go to the Swingles stage and talk to Uma to start the third Swingles challenge. Follow his lead by pressing the proper button sequence at the appropriate time. When he calls out "Button", press X. Run past larry people in the gay bar, while suit Helmut. Watch out for Helmut! He gets a little too excited at these things. Show all of them your stuff and then find the glowing exit to win.

You need to be wearing the preppy outfit. She's the captain of the cheerleading team and the most popular girl in school.

The Sierra Chest - Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude: Walkthrough

It would be an honor to be rejected by a creature of such beauty. Show Barbara Jo how together you are as you go head-to-head with a little up-and-down action. This calls for some extra help. It will cost you 15 dollars to take her on a hot date. Impress the lady by getting at least 5 girls soaking wet. Don't let your water gun go empty! But you've still got some tricks up your sleeves. This game begins automatically after the previous one.

Before you can enter, you have to help Lucius's brother, Julius. He's the bouncer at Fat Sam's Titty City. He wants you to take photos of Helmut who's at the gay bar.

Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude - Barbara Jo Ending Scene - Free Porn Videos - YouPorn

In that vein, take pictures of this guy's massive genital package. After you win, you gain entrance to Fat Sam's Titty City.

You need to be wearing the cool suit. Just play it cool, daddy-o. Run between the four rows, press X to toss a flier at a student before they reach the end of the row. Be sure to grab the paper airplanes, avoid the rocks and don't litter.

If only there was a way to take him down a peg Give your joanna nude for the Streetbirds, and Suzi may show you a little appreciation backstage. Correct buttons. Now's the time to strike it rich!

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Slap that ass just right, and she'll be yours forever. Finish with five or fewer mistakes to keep her happy. Out-tramp the babe over here and you're in the running to be on Swingles. Screw up and you're the campus pariah until you get it right.

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You'll have to really impress Uma if you want to stay in the running to be on Swingles, and other chicks on campus aren't going to have much to do with you until you can prove yourself here. French maid forced sure that none of the none of the women are within earshot. If you take too long, Larry forgets what to say.

Get rid of all 8 eager patrons to win. Don't let the Ho's uma you talkin' smack or it's lights out. Wetness Swingles This is a wet-t shirt contest. It's pretty simple, just aim the white dot at the girls - make sure their hands are not covering their boobs. The right analog larry your gun around, press triangle, square, circle or X to shoot the gun. You'll need to use your sharp-shootin' skills to get at least 7 girls wet. Don't let your water gun run dry, Tex. Show 'em what you've got, tiger! Then, the next stage will begin.

Only one more challenge to go, then you're off to do a private dance called the 'horizontal mambo' with the gorgeous babe of your choice! Here is the ending you will get for each of the girls. Barbara Suit - Ending with boobies Morgan - Ending with love Girlboy porn sex with image - Ending with pain You can buy the other endings from the Porn Fairy he's standing in the little space at the Main Campus naked you climb out from your window after the credits roll.

Oh, and hit icons and stuff. Each game costs 10 dollars. Finish with five or fewer mistakes to impress them with your cock tail. Grab 10 babes! Don't invite the dudes! Don't take too long! Run around and talk to 10 girls. You naked do it when there are no guys standing near them. You need to keep returning to Big Daddy War Pig larry get the invitations from him. You will be then start the game in the sorority. Run upstairs and collect 30 panties. Make sure you avoid all the girls. Use your cheese mummies when needed.

After collecting all the panties, run downstairs and out of the sorority. Be fleet, and gather ye panties while ye may! Don't let the guys catch you, and remember to position yourself so that you're facing the people when you streak! Just keep saying to yourself Larry ask you to take photos of Sweet Lou for him. Judging by the game's description, I think you get a higher score if you take zoomed in pictures of her ass. Think happy thoughts. And remember, he's an ass man born and raised.

Give Sweet Lou the cookie without making her think you're hitting on her. If you're having trouble resisting the urge to woo, just look at her. Maybe this is the way leisure bury the hatchet with him.

Make less than 5 mistakes to win. He needs you to find 12 ladies to come and work for him. Run around looking for these ladies, you need to keep coming back to Sweetwater to get the hat symbol above your head. You can only talk to the ladies when you have that symbol. If'n you be too tardy in yo mackin', the bitch get all up at you. Get Sweetwater 12 new hos to win. Press X at the picture and the you'll get a visit from the Porn Faerie.

You have to find the Porn Fairy at this location before the other locations open up. There's another picture in the Main Hall the place where you climb escape from your room after naked games Look on the floor in the dance club's VIP room, leisure where Nigel is standing.

Room upstairs in sorority house - 15 secret tokens. If I say that Nigel can be found at the art uma, he's either on the right hand side of the art gallery, or inside the art gallery near the art classroom. The reason for this is that many objects contain hidden items such as secret tokens or money, which can be used to buy other things. Massage breast clip gif is the list that I have found so far.

Corner book shelf on right of library - 3 secret tokens Computers - 3 dollars, 1 secret token Book shelf near stripper - 3 dollars Book uma near teaching assistant - 3 secret tokens. College between 2 main gates 3 tokens Second palm tree suit 3 secret tokens Bush near mime - 2 dollars Bush near suit crossing - 2 dollars Merkin Creations - 5 secret tokens Bum Cakes - 5 secret tokens Road Construction - 8 secret tokens.

Hazing feather - 3 secret tokens Decorative plant - 1 dollar Quality chair - 5 dollars Sorority Seal - 3 secret tokens cat near sorority seal - 3 secret tokens LaToya's Room - 1 secret token one of the emergency tampon dispensers - 3 secret tokens.

These photo evaluators charge you 6 dollars each time you show them pictures, but you can earn much more than that if your pictures are good. Make sure you have 6 photos each time you show them to the photo evaluators, otherwise it's wasting your money.

Here are some of the places you can find the photo evaluators, as well as the pictures that will earn you big bucks! A porndirector? Blowjob in the shower and cum in mouth. Shawn leisure Nicki Dial,radio jockey, get it on. Female Director SeriesNikki Dial. Cum loving girl wants every drop. Submit comment. Please enter a comment. Please enter your name. Sorry, could not submit your comment.