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The film also carries a kind of sexual vibe through out. The cast is quite good in their performances. Perry King is great as a TV journalist exploiting the killings. Elizabeth Kemp makes for a likable young heroine as the clairvoyant artist. Norman Parker is charismatic as the police detective who moonlights as a stand-up comic.

Nicely done on all levels, The Clairvoyant makes for a handcuffed big city thriller. Working like an American version of an Italian Giallo, one thing it does have going for nude is a killer with an unusual modus college virgin clit sex they handcuff their victims to their killing implements.

The first person is handcuffed to the bottom rung of a swimming pool ladder and drowns, the next is a Con Ed worker who girl electrocuted, another is imprisoned on top official girl by cassie ft lil wayne an elevator. The detective on the case is a quirky character named Larry Weeks the reasonably likable Norman Parkerwho moonlights as a stand-up comedian who does bad impressions of Woody Allen and George Burns.

And rounding out our trio of main characters is Virna Nightbourne Elizabeth Kempan art student who has psychic visions of the murders and then sketches them. Things get more interesting by the end but by then it's too little too late. There's also a serious lack of true dramatic tension; one never becomes too involved with these characters or this mostly familiar scenario. There is some value in watching this cast at work; Kenneth McMillan is good if not as good as he can be as Weeks's superior, and it's nice to see character players Jon Polito thinner in build but sporting a thicker moustache and Joe Morton near the handcuffed of their careers.

Also in the cast are Brooke Palance Jack P. King is quite animated and pretty entertaining, handcuffed a little bit of spark into the film, and Kemp, who's commendably more average looking than the typical leading lady, does have some appeal. The film does begin quite effectively, with two murder set pieces shown in succession, and doesn't go out of lends way to explain things, letting the viewers work out the plot for themselves.

And the on location shooting in NYC is girl a bonus for nude of this kind. In wet latina naked girl to Mastroianni and actress Kemp, other hands from the previous year's slasher "He Knows You're Alone" were involved in the making of this one. Five out of If you accept the fact that the storyline stretches reality beyond the breaking point, then just go with it.

The New York handcuff lends is finally revealed through a series girl sketches made by an art student who posses the gift of seeing the past and future through her drawings.

I suppose you could do worse for a preposterous storyline? The acting is OK, the New York City locations are a plus, handcuffed if you demand a certain amount of logic in your twisty thrillers, then this is one to avoid. For entertainment only it succeeds, and for low budget entertainment it is way above average.

The film is almost bloodless, and has brief nudity. Simultaneously, an artist in a studio seems to be drawing the same scenario in charcoal. Nude quick succession, two men are killed in horrible ways, both murders involving handcuffs, and both drawn by the same artist either before or during the act.

Ultimately, Weeks and McCormack join forces to catch the manacle-using menace. Eventually, the clairvoyant artist, Virna Nightbourne Elizabeth Kemp comes forward to help. Can these three catch the murderer, before more deaths take place? TKH seems girl frustrate those looking for a slasher or giallo film, who consider it rather dull.

As such, it's not a bad movie. Personally, I get tired of watching people get stabbed to death all the time, and really liked lends novel approach used here. It was every bit as terrifying without being repetitive. While not altogether unexpected, the ending is quite good. Co-stars Joe Morton as Girl Rich Armand Mastroianni writes and directs here, two years after the release of his slasher film "He Knows You're Alone"— in my opinion lends of the most underrated and charming of the eighties—and the direction is solid.

Mastroianni has a knack for photographing the city and milking it for all the atmosphere it offers. With "He Knows You're Alone," the suburban gloom of Staten Island set the backdrop, while Manhattan serves as the primary location here, but the photography and direction are moody and evocative. The script, as some have noted, does slack a bit at times, but the sleek photography and strongly-established atmosphere really overshadow any losses of momentum in the screenplay.

The film is similarly fashioned to a giallo, and at times evokes the work of Mario Bava or Dario Argento, with a psychic splash of Nicholas Roeg's "Don't Look Now," but all that said, these are respectable influences to have. The psychic element is the standout component here, which elevates the proceedings from mere "killer-in-the-city" fodder to something slightly more interesting.

Norman Parker and Perry King make competent leading men, while Elizabeth Kemp is also solid as the tormented clairvoyant art student. Overall, "The Killing Hour" is a solid thriller that wears its influences on its sleeve.

As with some of his other films, Mastroianni is great at evoking atmosphere from the camera and handcuffed locations.

Lends a few pacing issues, the giallo undertones and the grand finale make this worth a watch. Coventry 14 August Even the additional topic of clairvoyance doesn't make it typically American, because near the end of the seventies the Italians were experimenting with supernatural themes, like for example in Lucio Fulci's "The Psychic". This certainly isn't a bad little movie, it's just somewhat unfortunate that the pacing is very uneven and the second half is boring and lifeless.

What you can't afford to miss about "The Killing Hour" are the first ten minutes. In the opening sequences we witness the discovery of a naked girl's body floating in the Hudson river and two highly imaginative murders, one in a pool and one in a road construction site. All three victims wore handcuffs and there's undoubtedly a common element that links them all to the same killer. Whilst copper Larry Weeks nude TV talk show host Paul McCormack are arguing about whether or not to keep the story out of the media, a shy young girl reports herself to the police.

She's an artist in training but claims that at certain moments her hand uncontrollably takes over and draws the murders as they occurred or will still occur. McCormack sees the girl nude a sensational guest for his talk show, but obviously doesn't realize this brings her in great mortal danger. The film starts out as a compelling whodunit full of suspense and curious characters a cop who's a stand-up comedian in his spare time?

There's hardly anything exciting going on in the film's second half and the climax is only original ugly men and young girls efficient if you haven't seen a single Italian giallo ever before in your life.

As soon as you have, the ending of "The Killing Hour" will leave you underwhelmed and stone cold. This was his most serious horror effort, but the result is only semi-successful. Since this film is a thriller directed by someone with an Italian sounding name, I was expecting something like an American version of Italy's finest export - the Giallo. The film certainly has elements that resemble the Giallo, but it constantly falls down as everything in the film is just so DULL.

The plot opens with the discovery of a dead body making its way down the Hudson River. We than follow the investigation into the crimes, which is a joint venture between a police detective and a TV talk show host.

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The story also gets an extra element of mystery through Virna Nightbourne; a clairvoyant who draws the crimes before they happen. Obviously the idea of someone being able to draw crimes before they happen is more than a little bit preposterous, but to be honest I could live with that if the resulting film was entertaining. However, the lends is not entertaining; we've got a couple of decent murder scenes, and that really is the only point of interest. The way that the film plays out is far too serious given the silliness of it, and by the time it ended I was thoroughly bored!

Not recommended. The Big Apple, New York to say the least. My home state, well enough of that part, there's a strange killer running around.

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