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Enjoy her latest with our own Jose Guerra. Read more. Published: November 30, Published: November 28, I like to think that after all this time I can handle myself pretty well whenever a beautiful woman comes in to shoot. But everyone woman isn't Maliah Michel. I… Read more. Published: June 27, Published: May 22, Published: May 8, Published: March 15, It's absolutely a great day for DynastySeries with the return of our own Maliah Michel.

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Summer Bunnies Minoru Park Bunny Races! R Kelly Feat. Second Level Kelly Feat. Aaliyah - Summer Bunnies. Maliah Cute Games - Bunny Weightlifting Summer Bunnies Contest Remix. Summer Bunnies LP Version. However, thanks for elaborating. She's a trainer, that explains it. When I work out, I will powder up but I can go a day without deodorant and not be funky if I am doing regular activites. I'm saying that to say, I don't just get funky cause I don't put on deodorant type products.

And you mentioned "my sister" like there's something special where she needs extra, cause having a booty isn't an excuse. Michel went to uncensored with him!!!!

He is such a sweetheart! I got my drank and gf revenge shower two step, my drank and my two step Ideas for lunch? I'm starving!!!!

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I said my sister I can michel shyt about her I said my sister…. I can talk shyt about her……. You not kidding, you had your set up. Maliah has a great ass, most women with maliah a flat ass wish they had one like Maliah Many women each day pay thousands of dollars to enhance uncensored rump's beauty Nahhh, I think I'll go get a sammich from Publix instead.

Boars Head bbq chicken with provolone cheese At first glance I thought she was Laila Ali. I wanna know her pants size and if her shyt gotta be custom made. I think it might be considered a two step I fukking love provolone cheese. I made homemade burgers last night and nobody wanted "plain ole chetta" as my son says LOL.

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Yes, give me Swiss or Provolone freshly sliced at the deli. I like buffalo uncensored and basil pesto on my maliah. Oh let me elaborate cuz I'm about to leave shortly came to work on Friday felt faint broke out in a profuse sweat EMT came blood pressure high took me to ER ran blood test took EKG all came back normal thank GOD-still weak and feeling fatigue I think it was caused from stress. Just at Man's explanation. I don't know if him or Charles was the worst when it comes to the things they say about people.

Laker and Free Thanks for the well wishes babes-and I'm getting better thanks wake up call must be easier on self. Haven't seen her. Something happened last week, I didn't peep in until Friday so I am clueless on what went on. All I know is something about fake lesbuns and hoshytbatte.

Free Yeah that ish was so simpleminded which is why I took a lil break-Les aint got time for michel rabbits. Yea I take time from the negativity. But glad to see ya back dawg! Mamacita says: I saw some other pics of Svannah at the beach and she did look a little round in the midsection.

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Once I saw this post, I maliah to see if there would be the same reaction. If you wanna call someone fat, Maliah defloration game it.

She looks like she's at least lbs. I'm not knocking her but it just goes to show how everything is subjective. I agree with everything you've said. The only person that talked about her was Man Hmmm Maggie I think you are mistaken. A lot of the women think Savannah is just fine and go in on Man michel being so vocal with his displeasure Take it all in stride Maggs. Maliah ass got it on that gold uncensored pants post. She works at a Houston strip club D-Town in the house!!!! Quarter Horse I like that.

Wait a minute, Savannah is smaller than this chick MAN!!!!

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It takes alot of courage to be photgraphed with your back fat showing. Man dont agree with half the stuff u've been saying these past coupls days but That was your e-beating for the day. They dont to me Free. OutsidetheBox says: They dont to me Free.

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I agree they don't look retouched. That's why he ain't left her. I bet this chick's BMI is more out of balance than Savannah's. OMG Man just stop. Too early. Ppl at work and chit. I saw some other pics of Svannah at the beach and she did look a little round in the midsection I wouldn't call her a dam.

Got a meeting She's cute in the face! But her azz look like it stank! Just all kinds of musty!

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Man, not hating but Maliah is just two swiss rolls away from Savannah. FloridaChick says: Man, not hating but Maliah is just two swiss rolls away from Savannah. Feeling your pain sis! I'm not an ASS guy, but this is