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Upload or insert images from URL. Sugarcube Corner Search In. Who would Fluttershy play as in Overwatch? By HoppyNovember 26, gaming. Reply tranny cumming on guy this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts.

November 26, Share this post Link mlp post Share on other sites. November 26, edited. Mercy is probably the most likely overwatch Edited November 26, by Megas. She would just quit and leave the game. November 29, Squishy robot overwatch monk robot guy. I know I don't play Overwatch but I'll say Mercy anyway. Mercy or the monkey Harambe. Reinhardt and Winston are kind of the nice guys tank wise, and I don't think Bastion would convert to being a pony very easy He was my backup idea for a good guy.

Evil was kind of a no brainer except for Hanzo. This is much needed. I'll be watching. Okay, this is going to be mlp ton of fun. From good ones i would like Reinhardt with his epic armor and rocket hammer. That way, you catch any mistakes that gdocs might miss.

For me So, she should be a pegasus Though, I have no problem with her being an Earth Pony Awesome, we need more, and Tracer is one addicting mlp. I'm just wondering who else is now in Ponyville? Beat the devil out of it. Wow first chapter in and I already love it.

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Good job although a couple things: 1. Since Tracer used to be a pilot for the slipstream program I think she would be a Pegasus. Although if you want write her as earth pony I'll be fine with that as well. Is Sunset going play a role in this story or she just here for the sake of being here like other fics I've read involving her?

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I'm asking this because Sunset is my favorite character and maybe Tracer could relate to her going from pony to human like how she just went from human to pony. Anyway keep up the great work and good luck with this story, I'm giving it a like and favorite. I don't see it working that way for this fic although in another it could happen, my view on fit mature nude multiverse can have things happen like that but i think i'm mlp to pass on it this time, don't think overwatch can infer mlp like that about the eqg-verse On the other note I can understand why you are sad about not overwatch in the Overwatch beta.

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