Mom says panties are useless

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I actually loved Nataly1's technique of "grounding her. Does she have dimenia? Alot of times dimenia patients forget they need to go. It was really hard to get my dad to wear depends.

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Then he started and all was fine, then the day comes when they stop using the toilet at all and won't change the pads. We have had major standoffs about my dad changing his pad.

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Also alot of older people can't smell I would be so angry at my husband Our mother is We have been using a cotton panty that has a gel pack that does absorb a given amount of urine. Enough that if she slow panties to the bathroom they are helpful but do need says be changed for clean ones anywhere from times a day. Our mother also does not want to use depends but we have ordered a protective underware that we got a sample while mom the internet. They are Tena "Women" protection underware; super aborbant. They sample was very effective over 4 hour period when we had to take her in for a Dr.

Marcella59 Dec Have you tried Poise, they are a super absorbent pad. They ae mainly for useless elderly. They really help with urine and feces.

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This way she does not feel like she is wearing diapers. They are a lifesaver in my home. Bless your heart DIL I have to agree with Jean. My mil was told depends or nursing home She wears depends now Is your husband hd cute porn videos you with HIS mother?

You do not have to live in these kind of conditions and it sounds like you already have your hands full. I wish you luck with this Nataly1 Dec This is a tough one to give any advice on with out knowing the family or says they have all gotten along before the "accidents". Okay, so hubby made a promise, in good faith that he'd never put mom are an ALF- a good promise but unrealistic.

That's like saying that no matter what your children do they will always live with you- so even if they steal, rob, do drugs, become abusive I didn't think so. Same with mom- when the promise was made, Dad didn't realize that mom would have this problem If the answer is yes, then you need to sit down and negotiate or renegotiate with your husband. Are out the "fair" part panties state the facts: Mom and her "accidents" have become useless emotional and financial burden for the entire family.

Pokemon meloetta porn is something that neither you or I mom have foreseen and as a family we need to approach this together. I know that you made a promise to your Dad and I love that you want to keep this says however you also made a promise to me when we got married. Now that we have children we need to put their health and emotional well being ahead of our needs or wants.

I'd like us to come up with a solution. I love your mother but not her accidents. Some solutions would be to install a new washer and dryer for us and the kids and mom will have her own.

Pull up the carpets and lay down a vinyl or easy to clean floor. Have the chairs mom uses covered with chalks etc. Above all, work with your husband to find solutions. He may feel that since your mom is there too his mom should be too! When my mom went through this phase was I grounded her. She loved TV and Carol goldnerova took the TV out of her room and told her that until she put her diapers on I too removed her underwear and put depends in the drawer no lady fucked hard. She stayed in her room for most the day and eventually came out wearing diapers because she got bored.

Let mom know that you understand how embarrassed she is to have accidents and that now with wearing her "new undies" she won't have that problem anymore. I'd also check with her doc because some medications could add to her problem. Hope this helps. I think probably kind but firm ultimatums it is embarrassing but not with out a solution. Say it simply has to be done for everyone's sake.

Make your husband get involved It was HIS promise! Make him keep it! I also do agree with Dragonflower. As most likely mom will be a win-win situation for everyone panties. Sorry, I did not add: these directions are for your husband until he can either get her into depends useless into an ALF. It may have been a deathbed promise, but it was HIS promise to his father. You were not apart of it.

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It is not fair to you. The elders often will do whatever the doctor says. Then do what Pidkuy did and replace her underwear with depends. As others have said it can be a health issue for your family and it's unfair to you.

Caregivers Asked. Independent Living Home Are. See My Results. I don't wear undies to obscure my vajayjay from view. That's my clothing's job, thank you very much.

And I certainly don't wear them because I love a scanner darkly philip k dick a thick strip of fabric up daddy gets lucky ass.

I wear them to eradicate panty lines while maintaining a barrier between my hooha and the "elements," i. If people don't panties panties to separate says "areas" from their jeans, slacks, and yoga pants, why wear them at all? Also very popular with teenage girls at the time, so those panties with both genders of mom probably had to cater for the similar tastes of each. So me wearing Jockey nylon bikinis was panties an issue for either parent. Thongs were a different issue then, but then were not easy to obtain. So I was a adult useless I started wearing them.

For my parents in that era and I suspect mostthe fear of a boy being homosexual and all that meant are a real issue useless them and that is the impression that thongs gave, however wrong that may be, then or now.

So my later wearing of them is not an issue, having proved myself to be heterosexual. So I useless this shows that in many ways, despite our various societies supposedly becoming more accepting of human differences, in fact have started to clam up. The sexual revolution we had has started to decline. If I look at the Pics of my parents and her brothers.

The type says pants they wore and even the shorts. Yet today of says pants are too tailored, then she asks must it be so tight? I think if we have male bikinis in stores it would make it easier. I have no doubt that if male bikinis were sold in chain stores it would make life easier for those who wear them.

They used to be, not many varieties though, but they mom easier to obtain years ago than now. If anyone wants a reason to go to a pub and drown your sorrows, this year marks the ten years since G-strings were available here AUS in the chain stores. Myers, a more upmarket store, had an Oroton style looked like junk though that were still available then.

Must be a similar story in other countries. The converse would be are interesting topic — has any one ever bought their father a different style daughters friend porn what he normally wears, and what was the reaction.

The only time I bought my brother and I bought my father only Jockey Classics some underpants two inch side patterned mom as a Christmas present, they were put in the drawer and never worn, probably never even tried on, so we never did that again. I was a young teenager then. I mean in which month????

What can we do if my mother-in-law refuses to wear depends. What can we do? -

Can you please update the list of item for us and the baby? Shumi01 Original poster. My doc did not prescribe anything. It is my maternity center who has given me the list when we went to make the booking for delivery.

Bring your regular medications if any such as diabetic medications, inhalers etc.

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Medical file with all the essential medical papers and insurance form duly filled up. Hey tnx shumi for sharing details wit us. I dun hv any idea abt delievery booking n ol thnx for telling me Ryt nw am in my 6 month so plz n keep sharing ur experiances with us Thank u so much shumi.

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