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Mulan - Where's Mushu & More Revealed! (2020)

In the animated film, Mulan is an only child with a dog named Little Brother. Just like Mushu, Little Brother apparently got sent to the dog house. Presumably, she will take on the role Grandmother played in the animated film, which does not exist in the original ballad.

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You can catch the first glimpse of Hua Xiu in the beginning of the trailer. In the teaser we clearly see Mulan post-Ping with her long hair flowing in the wind, curled from being in a bun for so long. Why is her hair long? Already a subscriber?

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Most Viewed Stories. More Stories. Plus, if Mushu is getting replaced with a phoenix, there will still be some fantasy aspects to tide over Disney fans. One enraged fan tweeted, "Show us Mushu, cowards! Mulan" along with a clip from the original in which Mushu explains the difference between a dragon and a lizard.

Is Mushu in the New Mulan Movie? And More Questions Answered

Mushu would be disappointed live find out that while he got the boot from the live-action remake, Mulan's cow — ahem, I mean, horse — Khan has already been featured in the trailer. The titular heroine played by Yifei "Crystal" Liu was one of Disney's first true feminist characters in the groundbreaking story.

The animated movie won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. It has kept a strong fan base that will still show up in droves to see the update.

This fan certainly will:. One fan of the original film pointed out that it wasn't just a Disney creation to begin with. There is no Mushu or Li Shang in the mushu so please, shut up!

Disney took creative liberties with the historic tale of Mulan when it added a talking animal sidekick and peppy musical numbers, which made sense for the brand at the time. However, the story of Mulan dates far gif than as one fan noted on Twitter.


The trailer shows off a totally different side to Mulan than the one fans will remember from the animated version. She has serious battle skills, has her bow and arrow ready to strike at all times, and has stunning martial arts training that Liu had in real life.

This live-action story gives us a chance to learn more about Mulan, who taught so many little girls we could do anything. The live-action cast is comprised almost entirely of people of Chinese descent, sticking to the truth of the story.

Will New "Mulan" Have Mushu, Shang, Or Music? | Revelist

Other big Chinese names on board are Jet Li, who will play the Emperor of China, and Gong Li, who will play a new villain in the movie: a witch. This live-action story gives us a chance to learn more about Mulan, who taught so many little girls we could do anything," one fan wrote of the story on Twitter.

The trailer has an entirely new tone to it, but fans can still hear the iconic music as instrumental songs featured in the background. As opposed to the music being typical song-and-dance numbers, it will instead be featured as an instrumental score placed behind the action sequences and scenes.

The plot remains relatively the same: Mulan is preparing for an arranged marriage, and then takes her elderly father's place in war.