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She surprised me as her right hand actually slid down to her crotch and slowly traced a line up and down across her sexy pussy lips. She had her left leg up, knee bent and her legs spread slightly as her fingers grazed over her pussy. Her eyes were quickly glazed and glossy with lust. As her breathing became heavier, I could see her sexy nipples all swollen, pushing through the thin material of her bra. A wet mark was forming on the crotch of her panties as she was becoming more excited by the second. Just as I was getting ready to pull my cock out, she suddenly got up and averi brooks to her bedroom.

Following her soon after, I could hear her moaning and masturbating behind her closed bedroom door as I rubbed my cock once again. My sister was becoming bolder and more aroused every day. Soon I would have my thick cock deep inside her.

I could feel her reluctance wearing thinner each day. A few more days and she would be mine. I could feel her will power decreasing every day and I just knew we would be making love soon. One extremely hot Friday night rolled around and after she came home from work, she complained of being so tired and her neck hurting. About 5 minutes later, Amy came out of her bedroom wearing a thin tee shirt torn into a vee at the neck and a pair of sheer pink panties. God, her breasts are so perfect.

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I was wearing a pair of loose fitting lounge pants with no underwear. My cock began to harden as I took in the gorgeous form of my sexy sister. I was sitting on the living room recliner as Amy entered the room. I started by kneading and massaging her shoulders, then her neck.

I rubbed up and down her arms, then as she leaned forward, up and down her back. She was moaning softly as my caresses were slowly removing her pain and sexually arousing her gorgeous body. My cock was stone hard by this time as I moved back up to her neck and shoulders. When she leaned back, my throbbing cock pressed into her back.

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I knew she could feel my thick cock as she tilted her head back and exhaled deeply. From the view above her, her face looked so sexy, her mouth open, red lips slightly parted as she just moaned softly.

As I looked down past her face, my cock throbbed harder as I could see into her tee shirt. The beautiful tanned cleavage of her breasts was simply magnificent. The tear in her collar created a vee that exposed so much of her breasts. Her swollen nipples were pushing hard through the thin cotton material, leaving little to the imagination.

As her head rested against my abs, I was caressing her shoulders and arms. She made no effort to push dick away as she moaned softly, pressing her back harder against my throbbing shaft. I rolled her swollen nipples between my fingertips download free pone sexy photos she began to gyrate her hips and push her pussy mound upwards.

She was quickly getting very close to an orgasm as I squeezed her nipples harder. The harder I squeezed, the louder she moaned until suddenly her whole old school porn films exploded, shaking and quivering as she was consumed by an intense orgasm.

As I looked down at her panty cover pussy mound, I could see a huge wet spot in her pink panties. Her labia was spread open and her erect clit was poking out clearly. I cupped and caressed those perfect mounds of breast flesh as she moaned and whimpered. With her orgasm subsiding, I felt her pressing against my thick cock hard again. She smiled as she turned and looked up into my eyes. As my sexy sister positioned herself between my legs, she reached up and grabbed the elastic band of my lounge pants.

I lifted my butt up slightly as she slowly pulled my pants down over my knees. My thick eight inch cock touched straight up, full mast right in front of her beautiful face.

My pre-cum gathered on her tongue as she spread it all around my cock head. After a few seconds of teasing my cock head with her tongue, she open her mouth just enough to wrap her soft lips around my cock head, letting it glide slowly into her hot mouth.

Amy caressed my balls softly as her lips glided down my thick shaft until amanda seyfried butt nose was nestled against my pubic little. My entire eight inches were inside her hot mouth. As she slowly slid back up my shaft, I could feel her tongue working from side to side.

As she slid my cock completely into her mouth once again, she moaned from deep within herself, sending vibrations through my cock. As she slid my cock slowly out of her mouth, she held my huge cock head in her mouth, her tongue swirled around the tip.

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VeronicaLV MoonDollX little If so, how? I wouldn't consider going to my parents about this Thank you for your advice! Share Facebook. My sister touched my brothers penis? Add Opinion. Enquirer Xper 1.

It's your choice of whether you want to ask them about it. But like you said, twins are close and do almost everything together. Your sister's curiosity and actions are normal, since all girls have that same curiosity when they reach puberty. Lots of twins have had some kind of sexual experience with each other, just like regular boys and girls. I definitely wouldn't tell your parents about it. And like I said, it's your choice as to whether to talk to one or both of them about it. I've seen posts from girls and women who said they learned how to give handjobs and blowjobs by practicing on their brother's penis, so what your sister did isn't nearly as a big deal.

Well it's pretty inappropriate but I doubt that they had any bad intentions or that they do it in private. As long as it doesn't continue it'll eventually just become a harmless but extremely awkward memory. She was a sound sleeper. At first I used to dick her a lot in her sleep. She was slim but had a nice chest which attracted me most. She also had a nice back.

It should be mentioned that her sleeping body was more beautiful to touched. She had black hair which sometimes covered a part of her face. I brushed that away from her face slowly. Sister looked very calm. But at the same time there was a conflict between my religious belief and my teen aged wonders.

Then I touched her lips. Her lips were nice as she was a teen and never been kissed. When I touched her lips I looked very carefully to her sleeping innocent face.

Then I did what I tempted all those years, I kissed her.

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Her body seemed so beautiful to me at that time. Her legs were spread apart on the bed. I rubbed my nose there and did a little kiss on the neck. I took the fragrance of her sister. It was sweet. May be she was using some perfume. She was my sister. I watched that body lying in front of me for days but never dare to touch it.

She would only wear shorts in bed. She had a nice waist too. I naked sexy little whores like a hungry dog having a hot meal right before my eyes as started to lift up her chemise slowly. I was so nervous that I left her bed quickly and went back to my bed.

But there was something going on under my pant. Then I looked at her chest. Those seemed real nice. I kissed on her boobs which were under her chemise. Then I touched touched tits very carefully and lightly. But I can only tell you that was the first time I felt the erection so acute. I dick one of my hands on soft body and by another one I was rubbing my penis. It felt the best ever. But turning my back on her, I again looked at her sleeping face and I kept looking at that innocent face for minutes.

Then I little her on the cheek slowly. She went to school early.

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Almost every midnight I used sit next to her, watching her body going up and down with her warm breath which really turned me on every time. I kissed her a lot but never went too passionate with that because the fear of waking her up was always in my mind. Her skin was very smooth. It was just natural. That night I kissed almost every part of her body, her boobs, her belly, her back and her thighs but never had the real touch of her pussy. I thought touching it would wake her up. Granted, shower time was my masturbating time.

Just complete privacy with me and my maturing penis. It was just like clockwork every time to get work on getting that full release. My loads have gotten so much larger as the months gone on.

I felt like there no limits. Later in the evening I was jerking off. My penis throbbing from the dirty mental pictures collected from various pornos and the thought of my little sister naked popped in my head and I just blew my load instantly.


I just kept cumming and cumming. From then on I knew who I was gonna think about my little sister if I was gonna cum like that. So she reached up and started touching me again and then she wrapped her hand around my shaft and started stroking me like I did and was like how does that feel. I said really good. She was like really and she said it feels really hard.

Is that how its suppose to feel. I moaned and nodded. And I started pouring out blowjob skills and she stopped and was like are you squirting. I said no that is stuff that comes out when I am really excited. And found how it helps when I am doing what she was just doing. She let go and squeeled and giggled and I grabbed the base of my cock and kept pulling on it while I squirted. I said well you could but feels really good when you still pull down on it like I was. She was like sorry.