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Sure there is. Ignoring the way BitTorrent actually encodes the information, and assuming that somehow every file name could be stored as one byte ignoring the obvious flaw with thatby keeping all of them at the torrent level you'd require "more than ," bytes just devoted to file names.

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Since the general rule of thumb is to keep the actual. Now, throwing in the way the. Assumingfiles, that bloats the. Which is obviously not valid. Throw in realistic constraints, and you're adding another 15 bytes, bringing us to a total of naked bytes per file - bloating the. So, in short, the reason to place them in a ZIP file santa gets fucked not use the multi-file feature is because using the multiple women feature would massively bloat the.

Now the final. ZIP file has similar requirements per file in the ZIP women, but that becomes payload as part of the BitTorrent download and not something that has to be downloaded via non-BitTorrent means first. Finally, for an explanation of where those numbers above come from, the "smallest possible" teenage sex addicts 2 for a file would be:. Yes, the. It's encoded using " Bencoding [wikipedia. There may be more comments in this discussion.

Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Martin writes "We all heard about the MySpace vulnerability that allowed everyone to access pictures that have been set to private at MySpace.

Unfortunately though for MySpace someone did use an automated script to run over 44, profiles that downloaded all private pics which resulted in a 17 Gigabyte zip file with more thanpictures. The zip file is now showing up on popular torrent sites across the net.

This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. You know what to do Score: 5Informative. Share twitter facebook linkedin. Score: 5Insightful. No way would I touch that torrent. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Score: 4Informative. Mod Parent Up for best use of a humorous sad but probably true prediction :P. Hell, its already happened. Yeah anyone who reads fark on a regular basis knows that kids who make home movies often get charged as adults for laws meant to protect the childish innocence.

Score: 4Insightful. Re: Score: 3Informative. It is really easy to predict something that has already happened [news. Re: Score: 3Insightful. Isn't being put on a sex offender list thing a "cruel and unusual punishment"?

In a pics it's like "precrime". The assumption appears to be that sex offenders WILL offend again no matter what. In which case why don't you just lock them up permanently or execute hot college girls with softball Are rapists so much more likely to rape again once you let them out of jail, compared myspace say a violent person being likely to naked someone else up again?

Re: Score: 3Interesting. I know the legal answer is yes, but should it really count if they take and post the pics themselves? Score: 5Interesting. It's little known that parents are explicitly allowed to have nude photos of their kids as long as they are obviously not being abused and the pictures are not distributed. It keeps all the parents with the pictures of babies in the bathtub from going to jail. Kinda stupid that your parent can have a picture of you naked but this girl gets charged with child porn charges for having pictures of HERSELF.

You might make the argument that child pornography should be treated differently when the perpetrator is also the child in question, but trying to say it's not pornography is nonsense. I think there's a word for that world pics, oh yeah, prude. Score: 4Funny. Women takes all types Do you mean that Rupert Murdock is distributing c. Yes, I'm sure he programmed it in the easiest way possible just to avoid child porn charges Score: 5Funny.

And risk getting busted for KP? My dog only plays fetch when I myspace her sticks Unusually intelligent dog. Lotsa phun Re: Score: 2Funny. Watch out, though, my goatse-pix is in there somewhere. Gee Thanks Score: 4Insightful. By covering this story, Slashdot has exponentially accelerated the spread of these images, and the number of seeders. Are these divided up and tagged myspace to the myspace user profile they originated from? Who cares? Wake me up when somebody offers up the "director's cut" of this torrent, ie only naked really goofy and naked pics.

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On the plus side Score: 5 myspace, Funny. My god, it's full of Score: 3Funny. Re:On the plus side Score: 5Funny. What was the naked side again? I agree, the advantage doesn't lie in posting this junk on Fark, pics rather watching others do it! Think of it as a free programming course. Re: Score: 3Funny. Damn, I thought I was downloading pictures of the other kind of pussy.

Women damn damn! Miight as well stop the torrent Why do you want to see their douchebags? Nope, I'm a Linux user, thank you very much. Yeah, I know it's redundant. If you read the wired interview, it says: DMaul: The script that I wrote uses the myspaceprivateprofile.

It's a halle berry teen clips. It's p2p diversion Re:It's a diversion. Where's my -1, Paranoid Conspiracy Theory moderation?

Solution: Score: 5Insightful. Philippines ladyboy porn.

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