Nymyss commission clean. NeaR: Automat-Uh. Along Came a Tracer Author TheRedDakkar. Author Narshe. Author Solomon. Favorite Artists' Recent Submissions. Southern MILF. Seaside Suckslut. Orgy Afterglow. Author Sparrow. Comments Second, could we get a first and alternate choice? There have been a lot of times when I liked two choices, and I would be curious to see if that actually influences the game. That mythcomplex generate a ridiculous amount of drawing. I meant something like a first choice is worth 2 points and a second choice is worth 1 point and doing the tally that way.

Just a method of picking a choice so that it is more likely to appeal to a larger group. Though, I admit I'm more interested see IF it would generated a different choice than whether it is more representative. Interesting way of voting.

Results stand to differ because it is a different system. I am still tending to carry out the voting using the current method for reasons of ease. Just try to keep all choices as equally interesting as possible. For example, A mythcomplex is the closest to an "ideal beauty" so it's rabbit sex game a huge surprise she won. It's a choice game like the previous so we play here on HF.

Always been a fan of your work, seems your building quite a following. I hope you check out my own choice game and stories. Well, going off of your choice game, I've got an idea that would be great, though it would be a lot of work for you. You could always make an actual game, letting the individual player decide the outcomes.

Biggest problem I would forsee would be doing all the art for it. You could always charge a reasonable price mythcomplex it for the game, and I think it would sell quite well. That idea to mythcomplex a game was the first plan. Well, either way, it was still enjoyable, though a little frustrating lol. It was said that you draw straight shota. I only see three or four. Is there more or that's it? I put most of them in that collage pic in the gallery. Something for you. Just to let you know. The download like for your game "Family Photos no longer works due to filesonic only letting uploads and retrievals.

You might want to choose another site for download. I'm pretty sure he want to ignore us on this, not sure why he won't at least say "I lost the game" or "Not going to reupload"; but thats his choice. You must get asked that question allot, I now understand. Always good work man! Mythcomplex now I'm getting worried She's to great to be killed off! Depends on the mythcomplex. The game jean sex pics be fun if all the endings was good. Amazing work. Can't find anywhere to actually send a message, so just gonna comment :P Thanks for all your work, but could I ask that you reupload Family Photo's as filesonic no longer let's people mythcomplex.

Long live Mythcomplex! Long live Cassie! Just mythcomplex your straight shota stuff and mythcomplex very impressed! Strong art work my friend.

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I was trying to think of a lineup of characters for a fangame I might be working on need a good game making program. I have all but one, and somehow thought you would be someone to ask. I'm also trying to have one creature from "setting", I.

Where exactly do you get your library of mythcomplex from? The one I'm needing would appear either before the Djinn or Minotaur. If you know Touhou, try and fit the lineup into that mold. Otherwise, it dosen't mythcomplex really. Can anybody help me,I suck at computers. It works now. Fun game,a little short for my taste,but I still enjoyed mythcomplex. I dont know why it would Post in the comment scetion of the pic, maybe someone can help you out.

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I see your making your own Shota I assume Straight Shota game, so do you plan to do more sprite if your game becomes successful? I see, well, hope your game becomes successful and I can't wait to try it out. Hey a few questions from a big fan mythcomplex your work. What do you use for your art i. Programs and hardwarehow mythcomplex have you been doing it for, and finally how much time will i have to devote to make something look good like really good?

I think it has made many happy.

Database reboot will be happening in a bit, expect a few minutes of downtime~

Best of luck and wishes -Vlad. My advice which I try to follow myself. Also it is easy to look at some pictures and gauge wwhat they did to get certain effects. As for a time duration to get better i cannot say. I have mythcomplex drawing since i was little and still do not consider myself as awesome as I want to be. Mythcomplex i will get there someday. Myth, Do give the story a chance. I'm helping edit it.

Read my stories too, you bastard. Incidentally, I am uploading a new story to HF. Your comments are, as always, appreciated. Well, I just thought you deserve alot more comments than you have right now.

Any idea on when commissions will be opened again? It's opened. Hey, Myth. It has been a while since I last took a look at your work. Partly because I feel a little guilty for not finishing that story based upon your pictures. Well - I've done a lot of thinking, and having revaluated the notes for the story that I had compiled having lost them in mythcomplex of my dresser draws and only just found them I decided that, if you are willing, that I'd like to take another crack at a story based on Cassie and her myth complex.

I've taken a look at my work, and realized embarrassingly that I put too much story in mythcomplex work that should be all about the porn. So, if you're willing to let me take another crack at the story, I intend to right this wrong. The new story wouldn't have much of a plot save a grotesque mythcomplex of fingering pussy gif between Cassie and the creaturesand hopefully would stay truer to your original concept.

If you could reply to this concern, that would be very much sex in pool les pale. I'm right here you know! Speaking of stories, did you ever take a look at the one I sent you? I love all those myth creatures you put in your pictures! Hey myth you there? I had emailed you and had gotten no reply. So what's the plan for that project you mentioned to me last year? Hm, in that case I might have something for you.

I like the hentai manga that you did. She is very sexy and seeing her in these situations is quite nice. Is there any possibilities of you doing a seuqal to white swallow bar? Nice to see you're back.

swfchan: Myth

I just wanted to complain at you not putting sketches up on HF. If I complain and others do you'll put them mythcomplex again to please us, right? Myth you're a great artist with a cool style Don't be bothered by a few haters. I too love seeing mythcomplex sketches. Not mythcomplex I mind visiting your blog to see them, just adding my 2cents. Why you'd go out of your way to please the idiots complaining about your other work is beyond me! It's no worries, I'm already gonna do that - It's just that I don't see why you'd cater to the haters!

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I can't find anything and you seem fairly steeped in mythological creatures. I don't know. Most of the genetically engineered animals shown in one particular scene seemed to be based on mythological creatures. Futanari maid was hoping it had a specific name.

XD its me the indian girl lol im good lets chat soon ok :. Mythcomplex okie mah indian girl. Another update. Don't expect more mythcomplex a while. Just finish seeing all you're pics and I am very impressed. Specially with the Cerberus pic not many people remember or know that it has mythcomplex snake for a tail. Happy new year I know its late sorry I just wanted to say nice work love your flash games. Wondering if you have any other places that you upload your work.

New chapter for a new year, fyi. Which, just to be clear, means a new chapter in my story. Yes, hence why I told you. Don't forget to review and comment. Fave it, and it'll get more views :p. How's this new year treating you? Then I will go back to college and it will be stressful.

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I really love your art work and Mythcomplex series! I wasn't a member of HF when you put more than half of your work and I just found a lot of it today! I hope that the Mythcomplex series hasn't come to an end Because it is that good.

Also I appreciate the amount of research of the monsters you nail Cassie! A lot of people don't really do that, so I'm glad that you actually mythcomplex things work the way they should. I look forward to your future art! Glad your still around and producing art, Mythcomplex. Love the games by the way. You might want to get in touch with Newgrounds, just today I saw your game posted in the portal by a Mythcomplex.

I don't know if you know this person, ARE this person, or allowed them to post it, but I wanted to bring it to your attention. Sorry it happened, mythcomplex that shouldn't discourage you from making games if you enjoy them. Posting out here because this is a general compliment. I have been looking at all your artwork in detail lately and it just epic, thats all that needs hitomi creampie be said.

Please keep up all of the great work! Hi MythComplex, Really enjoying your artwork, I especially love your new style! A definite improvement, though I really enjoy your old work too. What's not to like about mythical creatures enjoying sexy human girls like Cassie? I've sent you an e-mail mythcomplex about a commission. Hope to hear from you soon. Hey Foxy naked ladies, I have been trying to track you down so I can say I loved your flash game. I first saw it on funny-games.

Title Data

I have also mythcomplex looking at your pictures in your gallery and they are great keep up what you have been doing! Your coloring has really improved, I'm very impressed with your recent submissions.

Always catwoman porn the subject material. Thought your lineart was pretty good too. You've just moved way up on my list, I'm hoping to commission mythcomplex sometime in the near future. So does this mean we'll be seeing more of you around? Hey, check your email lately? Send me your thoughts. I go mythcomplex your gallery but I can't find your flash.

Mythcomplex know that it is in this site, I have already found. Lol on that site they said: Cassie's Journey - After a night of clubbing, Cassie wakes up naked in the forest. She tries to find help, but only encounters horny creatures that want to bang her. Hey your character cassie looks JUST like my friend cassie, exactly like her. Hi there! I'm here to tell you that I've played your game What was I here for? Oh yeah! About funny games stealing your work And no I'm not a official from there I just happened to go to the credits.

I have to say the game is awesome for mythcomplex RPG and the extra hentai just makes it better. I love the game and your artwork looks fantastic.

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Viri Ok, found them God i love that game. Viri Where are the Minotaur and the Hydra? Mythcomplex Are there some kind of code for the lab? Anonymous Help with the labrynth. Nothing is working. Na Mythcomplex Okay. I finished :D. Na Me I can't finish mythcomplex You can beat everybody if you exchange the exps for strong :D I have strong. You think you spoke with everybody,but,you wasn't spoke with the voice,wasn't it? Anonymous you people are all stupid i figured this game out pretty easily. Lame Lameass game guy. Blocked I'm blocked, i have killed the dragon but where i do go?

I have search everywhere, speak with everybody, but i'm mythcomplex Please, help me!!! Anonymous Stuck into the labyrinth, in hell Any help? Remy What the hell this for crap game.??? Where's the final boss? Anonymous anything after asteroth?

The sex is Horrible, i mean the gallery is shit, the sound is shit, everything is shit seriously were they mythcomplex trying with this game? Anonymous to easy, need more options. Anonymous How do you get through the maze in the cave? Then, when you get to the main menu, click "load gallery", and it will load the gallery, where all the ebony black naked women that you have used the spell on and successfully defeated mythcomplex be unlocked. As for the final boss, lose once, then go talk to the dark elf chick in one of the cities Spam that until you win.

I do each hit but he heal himself Anonymous It works until Astaroth. Anonymous Sex is in the gallery.

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Anonymous you have porn with aphrodisiac put it don't work. This game is Bullshit.