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Father reveals he discovered a 'miracle' Polynesian oil that cured his daughter's severe eczema during a From the shape of 'assertive' Kate's nails to 'emotional' Harry's torn cuticles, experts reveal how royal From disappointing presents to VERY rude wrapping paper, families share their biggest Christmas disasters Mother's bedroom is unrecognisable after she transformed the 'bacteria-ridden dumping ground' into a pretty Surprise Glamper Van - as one Flying high!

Woman, 22, who started circus school at 14 now makes a living performing acrobatic stunts on How to maintain a glossy mane in deep midwinter? Nutrition expert says 'good fats' and plenty of iron are I can't tell you how many times I've sat in meetings and listened to development executives beam about their new projects: "We're not mocking these people," they say, "it's not mean-spirited at all.

I imagine that Bravo executives celebrate the fuck out of "these people. But these people shouldn't be celebrated. They should be mocked roundly mocked with the meanest spirits we can muster because capital "r" Reality is getting far too close to real reality for my comfort. Of course the Real Housewives aren't really housewives. Students of Reality should by now have a natural suspicion of any show with the hairy vagina porn "real" in the title.

At the time of this writing, only three of the six are technically wives, but like nuns who have taken a vow to God, the Real Housewives are wedded to the media, forsaking all others. Season two one of the rare superior sequels in art saw our girls feathering not their nests, but their brands.


And by their brands we shall know them:. There is a countess on the show. It's okay if you forget the amateur nude shower will consistently remind you by dropping hints like "I'm a countess" and by referring to herself as "the countess. Or I can save you the trouble: she married some count. He was rarely seen on the show because, as it turned out, his Ethiopian mistress demanded much of his time.

Fortunately, the countess will retain her title after the divorce. Natural foods chef Bethenny Frankel two n 's, two e 's has spent season two promoting her Skinnygirl one word brand: Skinnygirl cocktail mixes, Skinnygirl wheat- egg- and dairy-free baked goods, and a peppily ghostwritten book about how you can be a Skinnygirl yourself.

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Skinnygirl, Skinnygirl, Black shemale fucks white guy. Let's all say it! Although ostensibly the show's underdog because she is thirty-eight, unmarried, goofy, brash, doesn't like to be touched, and has a bite radius of such might and scope that it could come only from a lifetime of grinding through even the stealthiest of nightguardsBethenny Frankel seems to be reaping the most rewards from her decision to go for a reality show, her second.

She is certainly faring better than she did on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. We're all very proud of our Bethenny. All of us, that is, but Kelly Bensimon. Kelly Bensimon, former model, current horsewoman, is the newest housewife. Tan and torrential, she has no time for anyone she doesn't consider "amazing" she means "famous".

Her remoteness and unrepentant snobbery keep her at odds with Bethenny and have managed to offend even the countess. And she works, too: she goes to parties and "writes for articles. Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord have always reminded me of the Veneerings, Charles Dickens's nouveau riche climbers whose furniture "smelt a little too much of the workshop and was a trifle sticky. They had watched movies with swinging, both were turned on by double penetrations and orgies then always had hot passionate sex after watching such a naughty movie, which was far and few between.

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She had natural full Double-D breasts, platinum blonde hair, and although a little on the fuller side, she could be confused for a stripper if and when on occasion she decided to dress slutty for her husband. They had lots of passionate sex, especially on vacation to their favorite nude resort in Mexico, and even there had ventured into touching and playing with other couples. The swinging lifestyle was a bit overwhelming to them, but they often fantasized to each other during sex about others in their imaginary bedroom or wherever the fantasy was taking place.

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January 27, Archived from the original on March 30, Fox News. July 1, Retrieved on Daily Mirror. Retrieved March 4, Radar Online April 6, Retrieved on July 8, Radar Online October 29, October 31, October 30, October 21, Knight-Ridder Newspapers. Saturday December 28, Suspect in Tessa Majors slaying may have killed Katie Hill used wife-swapping website to post naked photo of herself smoking bong by Madison Dibble.

Katie Hill. Democratic Party. More Washington Examiner. Saturday December 28, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang ended his personal feud with MSNBC after demanding the network's apology for what he deemed to be unfair coverage last month.

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Suspect in Tessa Majors slaying may have killed her because she bit his finger Zachary Halaschak.