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You don't wish to be vulgar yet? You just want to walk that wonderful fine line of titillating, teasing, and always hilarious ecards. Make your message lurid or silly, flirtacious or coy; he will say it all. Popular Romantic Talking Less Spanish Less Click To Play. Adult ecards Naughty eCards. Hope your day is as great as you are!! You deserve an entire day to celebrate you! How many of this card do you want? How would you like to send this Ecard? Import Contacts to build your Christmas List. Select which Mail server you would like to import from first:.

I saw this card and just couldn't resist! Hope it has you laughing as much as I did! Hope your Birthday is as wonderful as you naughty Sending big wishes and happiness to you on your much deserved special day! Like a great wine, you and me keep adult better with age!

Yuuugest Wishes, The Donald. Thinking of you on your special day. Wish I could be there! WHERE would you like to send cards card? Send directly to recipient. Send to me first and I'll take care of sending my card. Includes envelope. Send ASAP. Schedule to send on future date:. Make A Wish And Blow Happy Now? Make A Wish And Blow. Make Your Mark! That's Hard To Swallow! I Said Animated slow sex It! And It Was Wood!

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I Remembered Your Birthday! Paint The Town Red! God Bless! You're Another Year Older? Make A Wish And Blow! Have A Field Day! Must Be A Sign You and your friends open up about everything, and you don't hold back. When you get talking, the words and sentiments fly furiously, and that includes the language: Who better to help deal with the BS of life than a friend who lets you call it like you see it?

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Sexy Landscape. Pussy Ass. Outdoor Games. Banana Flasher.

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Naughty Nipple. Ass Jewel. Dancing Tongues. Passion Couple. Air Love. Sexy Maleboros. Sexy Pussy. French Kissing. Thumb Sucker. Naughty Mouth. Dirty Cheat. Melting Point. In Nature.

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Catholic Toilet. The Rose. Erotic Tongues. Hands On. The Mistress. Ice Nipple. Clear Dreams. Pull my strings. Feel the Need. Sexy Lips. Hot Fruit. Taking Care. Hot Lips. Hot Kisses. Strawberry Kiss. Monster Attack. Naughty Donkey.

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Naughty Present. Bert and Ernie. Bitch Fell Off. Naughty Mouse. Bicycle Ride. Viagra Cats. Car Love. Mini Jeans.