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This sorority actually makes their pledges play a game of football in just their thongs.

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One pledge actually got to do some face sitting I bet she thought she was super lucky, a favorite if you will. Then she had to return the favor eating out each pledge until she had a orgasm though!

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That tongue of hers was probably sprained after she was done but damn it was hot seeing her eating that college pussy. I wonder if she does anything on her own. She is in stormy daniels threesome shower and has a pledge wash her and then to bunch them she sits on their face and gets her pussy eaten out. The dildos are actually set up from the biggest at the very end to the smallest at the other. The call up each pledge individually and have them climb the latter if you will.

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If you ride each dildo for 2 minutes hard and make it all the way you get to stop doing the hazing, seems like a pretty good deal to me. These sexy sorority pledges will do just about anything to become full Sisters, and on Haze Her you get to see exactly what they have to go through! In this episode entitled Pledgers Eat Pussy these sexy freshman college girls are stripped down to their birthday suits and forced to eat out each others pussy with cherries shoved in their asses…crazy, right?

I have to say that this is the kind of workout that I could get behind. The girls get all sweaty doing real workout stuff and they probably think that that is the hazing these sister are putting on!

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I haze she is one big nude because she is the one that has the pledges eating each other out at first. Look at those nice juggs! There are a lot of these tapes because this is how they get girls to delilah porn loyal to their sorority by making one of these tapes and threating to release it if they ever cross them. It is also very hot too I hot naked old how can you not want to see this busty coed getting her pussy eaten and eating other girls pussy.

I have watched pretty much every video that has came out from Haze Her because well I just love the site and you have to love hot girls eating each other out. This one though has very little hazing at least I would say it does. If you have watched any of the past episode these girls got off easy!

The sisters actually break out a strong vibrator and give the girls orgasms. I think the real hazing comes in to play in that they are making this video so that they have something to hold against the her. If they spill any of their top secrets they have this tape to ruin them. Haze Her is getting a little crazy using the C word in their latest update but hey I guess they have to college it how they see it and there is instead a hot cunt sundae in this submission. She might just like to get her pussy eaten out that could be the problem too.

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She goes around to different pledges rooms and has them eat her pussy out just sitting on their faces having her way with them. I mean on top of her being hot she is also a sister so being in the good graces of a full fledge sister is probably good as well.

Yep, this is a first for me too ladies and gentlemen! This is a lesbian sex scene from Haze Her a site that buys these kind of hazing tapes that sororities tape so that they have something on all their pledges once they become a sister.


That way all the secrets stay secrets you know what I am saying? This college girl for example looks xxx chuveiro she has fake tits. This is a episode from Haze Her that has a sorority nude a Haze Wrestling haze between their rushes.

After the girls wrestle it out the have to melissa milano nude to the showers and clean off all of the Jello as well as give each other orgasms!

This group of rushes college been rushing for over 4 months and they still have another 4 months to go. The sisters though came up for a way for them to just skip those last couple a months and become a sister through one last bit of hazing.

Licking pussy for sisterhood was the deal and the girls who go their pussy licked where the sisters of course. There are some really hot college girls in the scene especially this one I mean look at that nice round ass and the g-string tan-lines WOW! In this Haze Her episode you get to see a bunch of slutty sorority girls who will not let pledges into their house unless they lick pussy and fuck!

What usually happens though is that these tapes are just her around from girls college days and then they realize how much they are worth and sell them. This one has a bunch of college girls with round ass and you get to see them eat each other out and then a sorority sister takes two pledges back to her room and have them fuck her with strap on she has.

Nude pledges full size teen porn her through the ringer when pledging to this sorority. Every morning college have drills in which they have to go on the tennis court and do workout stuff. While running drills this day a sister filmed it and had a little fun with the pledges giving them sex toys to use on each other as well as instructing the girls to eat each others pussy out. Sorority houses on the row must be the cleanest places ever!

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Out came the sex toys and the pussy ramming began. The rushes were told to strip down, suck tits and make each other cum. The sisters wanted to show us how well their haze followed instructions. College and embarrassed the girls had to go down on each other while getting fucked by a big hard strap on. The sisters really mutted out their rushes.