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Odessa Hotels and Places to Stay Continental. View Hotel. Hotel Bristol Odessa. Londonskaya Hotel. Hotel Ayvazovsky. La Gioconda Boutique Hotel. Health Road is name you can use when asking locals how to get to coastal zone.

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This road runs above odessa any Odessa beach located near old part of the city. So getting to Health Road, you sooner find Nude beach, or any other. Odessa nude beach. How to recognize it Odessa nude beach is easy to recognize. Odessa nude beach view. Nudist forums All Browse by destination. Odessa forums. All forums. Eddie Traub's Travel Channel.

Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Odessa? Odessa is visibly well cared for nowadays, the city is well heeded and a good money is invested into improvements.

How to get to the Chkalovsky nudist beach

The public transport operates pretty good, and there is no problem for a city guest with purchasing consumer nudist and with catering. A s for the "Tikhy" Nudist Beach, it certainly is inferior to Koktebel both by natural conditions and by opportunities of the human communication. In the first place, both bathing and resting nudist the shore is less comfortable here, the beach is poorly ventilated by winds at a hot weather, bathing at a nieghbor girl tanning exposes pussy weather is simply dangerous because of the underwater rocks, and, finally, the bathing season duration is shorter in Odessa than in the not so far distanced Crimea.

In addition, renting of a suitable housing is both more difficult and more expensive for a visitor in Odessa than at the Crimean resorts, everything being adapted to receive guests at the odessa. In short, Odessa is a "Pearl at the Sea" for those who want to combine the sea resort leisure with a life in a megalopolis. O n the whole, I odessa would not recommend going to Odessa for the sake of sea beach and bathing alone, but I would recommend in every way visiting the "Tikhy" Nudist Beach to those coming to Odessa by just a chance or as tourists.

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Nearest Beach rest. Seagull Beach, Odessa.

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