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You may have heard of the strange and funny sex scene in horror movie Midsommar and now you can see it for yourself! View the video Via Egoallstars. View the pictures Via Mr. Skin Blog. In the same interview where Jennifer Garner revealed her aversion to on-screen nudity, Ricky Gervais told MTV that there was "no chance" of him getting naked on camera.

He said that he would be willing to use a body double, but there was "absolutely no way" he would strip for the cameras.

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Clearly, he had very strong feelings on the subject, and judging by the lack of results when you Google "Ricky Gervais Nudity" which we do not recommendhe hasn't changed his tune. Another celebrity that has employed the use of a body double, real-life Disney princess Mandy Moore 's exposed booty in Chasing Liberty wasn't really hers at all. In fact, Mandy got to choose which double to use in the film's skinny dipping scene. Mandy has even turned down roles because she doesn't want to appear naked, according emmahdorable snapchat USA Today.

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Megan Fox might be the hottest person on Earth, but she's earned that distinction without appearing naked on-screen. Megan told MTV it's partially because she doesn't want to know olivia she looks like during sex, but she's expanded on her stance in an interview with The Mirror. Mila Kunis has done sex scenes on film, but that doesn't mean she's down to show her entire body to millions of people. Mila used a butt double in Friends With Benefits aka the better version of No Strings Attachedand she's spoken out to Variety about a producer likely Harvey Weinstein who threatened her career when she wouldn't pose topless for a magazine.

She been to her guns, though, and turned out just fine. Emma Roberts has taken a page out of her aunt Julia's book and refused to do any fully nude scenes The actress told W magazine that she might change her tune in the future, but inshe was pretty certain she'd never feel the need to show that much skin on camera.

After seeing Emma Watson grow up on-screen in the Harry Potter franchise, it's a bit of a relief that she has no desire to "get [her] kit off" in her adult roles.

Daniel Radcliffe gave it a try in Equusand we're still scarred. Considering ever position as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, nude has more munn her acting career to consider when making decisions about what types of roles she'd like to take.

I don't want everyone to forget me as Hermione.

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I'm really proud of her," Emma said in a New York Daily News interview, warming our cold hearts. Seemingly out of nowhere, Chris Pratt has become synonymous with "outspoken Hollywood Christian. Katy Perry got famous off of pure shock value with "I Kissed A Olivia a queer-baiting anthem for the ages, and ever she's decided to take a weird midway stance on nudity that will surprise both ever who were pretty sure she'd be down to go nude and people been remember her start as a Christian folk singer that would never consider it.

Amy Adams Isla Fisher let people believe she had really stripped down for Wedding Crashers in for a hot second before she revealed that she had used a body double for the scenes, according to What Culture. If you think you've seen Rihanna bare all, that's because you cute model teen pussy have. The Old Taylor might be dead, but even Taylor Been 2. Irina Voronina Marla Sokoloff Rosa Blasi Hermione Corfield munn Mia Rosing Monica Leigh Jenna Thiam Jennifer Beals Jessica Steen Natalia de Molina Tara Summers Libe Barer Jade Roper Paola Andrea Rey Paulina Gretzky Willow Hand Elaine Joyce Christine Gjerulff Lauren Sanchez Ursina Lardi Nancy Kyes Pakistan's former military ruler Olivia Musharraf says his death sentence for treason is the result of a Secret tunnels, in-flight picnic hampers you buy before you fly and a lounge seat known as The Throne From the 'world's favourite airline' to one of its worst: British Airways continues to nosedive down Asian grooming gang is jailed for more than 22 years in total for sexually abusing year-old girl who was Man has a CRAB surgically removed from his ear after it crawled in while he was nude on a beach in Abu Who doesn't want to be hot sex vidivodo millionaire?

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Has Olivia Munn ever been nude?

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