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James Woods is absolutely terrific. And then he can turn around and be quite cold. And cruel. Some people have funny schtick. Woods seems, at times, truly unstable.

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Woods goes insane. I loved the atmosphere of this film. I want to LIVE in the apartment in the first scene. If I ever have any money, I will pay one of my gay decorator friends to make my apartment look like that.

The scenes at the Chinese theatre were amazing. I truly felt like I was looking at a place that existed at the turn of the century. It seemed … haunting.

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We are looking at a world gone by. Amazingly, too, Leone shot these scenes all over the world. He makes you totally think that you are looking at the lower East side in… and he might have filmed those scenes in Jersey, or in Rome, or in Canada.

He shot the movie all over the world. The location scouts must have had a helluva time.

Once Upon a Time in America

I have to think more about the movie — but now I can see why Michael said to festivalsluts that it is one of the greatest gangster movies ever made.

I kept expecting the shot to end. I kept almost hoping for the scene to end. It was one of those things, where I felt strangely confronted by it. It was too naked. I kept expecting the screen to fade to black. But as the shot went on … and as my wish that it would all stop was not granted, I relaxed into it … and once I relaxed, all kinds of fascinating things started spiralling through my brain.

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I was looking at him, and thinking about Noodles, and contemplating him, and contemplating his smile. Once Upon a Time in America sorted by filesize. Once Upon a Time in America Elizabeth McGovern Elizabeth McGovern having a guy sparkbamg up her dress, giving us a quick look between her legs with no panties as he has sex with her in the back of a limousine whlie she tries to get him to stop.

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I like James Woods. What was the point of the garbage truck at the end? Reading some internet forums I see a lot of people who think a lot of the movie is an opium hallucination. I didn't think so. I hope you watched the director's version, the one that's like almost four hours long. In addition, some of these stations became Fox affiliates and were no longer able to make independent programming decisions during prime time.

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