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Men wear salwar kameez, kurta, Pakistani Waistcoatachkan and sherwanichuridar or pajama. Other items of clothing include the jama and the angarkha. Peshawari chappal and Khussa are popular foot wear.

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Other items include traditional shawls made of Pashmina or other warm materials especially in the Northern regions of the country. A Baloch wears a long jama robe like a smock-frock down to the heels, loose shalwar, a long chadar or scarf, a pagri of cotton cloth, and mostly shoes that nanow at the toe. Sindhi people wear a version of the shalwar called a suthan [7] [8] with a kameez called cholo.

Men also traditionally wear the dhoti and the long angerkho. Sindhi-Balochi man in Sindhi traditional pantaloon style shalwar. Top is the Baloch front opened robe. Punjabi men wear the straight cut Punjabi shalwar kameezkurta and shalwar, dhotilungi [11] or tehmat [12] [13] and kurta.

Other Punjabi shalwar styles include the Pothohari shalwar, [14] Multani shalwar, Dhoti shalwar and the Bahawalpuri shalwar which is very wide and baggy [15] with many folds. Turban of a thin cloth is also worn especially in rural areas of Punjab where it is called good fucking sex gif.

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Footwear include the khussa. Bhangra Dance performers in Punjab wearing Kurta and Tehmat. In Pashtun dresspeople wear traditional Peshawari chappal [16] as footwear. The traditional male Pashtun dress includes the Khet partug[17] Peshawari shalwar and the Perahan wa tunban. Males usually wear kufiPeshawari capturbanor pakul as traditional headgear. Clothing worn by most Pashtun males in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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The clothing of Azad Kashmir includes various styles of the shalwar kameez. Pakistani women wear the shalwar kameez which is worn in different styles, colors and designs which can be decorated with different styles and designs of embroidery.

The kameez can be of varying sleeve length, shirt length, necklines. The drawers can be the straight-cut shalwar, patiala salwarchuridarcigarette pajama, tulip trousersamosa pajama or simple trouser.

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The Dupatta is an essential part of shalwar kameez ensemble and is considered a symbol of a woman's respect. Essentially, the dupatta is often treated as an accessory in current urban fashion. Most of women who carry it nowadays, wear it just as a decorative accessory; wrapping around the neck or hanging pics the shoulder. Most of the young generation in urban areas do not carry it at all. Dupatta is also used by some women when entering a mosque, dargah, church, gurdwara or mandir, it is the habit in the Indian subcontinent for women to cover their head with a dupatta.

Pak is also widely worn by women in wedding and other parties out of choice. On such occasions it is wrapped round the waist, neck or just put on a shoulder. It is used with different embroidery designs of Kamdani and Gota. Pakistani women have a variety of traditional dresses in addition to the shalwar kameez but they mostly wear them on special occasions such as on weddings, engagements, mehndi and other traditional ceremonies.

The dresses include the ghagra choli and saris which are very popular and its each design and color seems unique from the other e. The lehenga is another popular dress which resembles a skirt but is traditional dress. The gharara and sharara are two similar dresses which are often worn on ceremonial occasions.

Farshi Pajama is an old gorgeous teen pussy dress which is worn occasionally. Laacha is worn in the Punjab, [18] the lower part of which resembles the dhoti. A typical dress of a Baloch woman consists of a long frock and shalwar with a headscarf. In girls to wearing the suthan and cholo, Sindhi women wear the lehenga and choli known as the gaji which is a pullover shirt worn in the mountain areas of Sindh. The gaji is composed of small, square panels, embroidered on silk and sequins.

The neck line of the gaji is cut high, and round on one side, with a slit opening extending the other. Unmarried girls wear the opening to the back and married women, to the front. Punjabi women wear the straight cut Punjabi shalwar kameez, [22]skirt is most frequently worn.

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