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Photos of year-old girl’s rape shared on Snapchat, police say |

The teen who threw the party told the victim pictures of the assault existed and were being exchanged by a few people on social media. The boy who threw the party also contacted the victim's father and told him she was assaulted.

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The boy told the father he found blood in the bathroom at his home. A message sent to the Bellevue School District for comment was not immediately returned. Clyde Hill police also did not comment on the case. This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated.

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For the best experience, please upgrade your browser. Dickinson was unable to comment on whether any students were pressing charges, or what would happen to the suspects if evidence directly linked them to the Dropbox. But under PA lawthe girls who took nudes, and the boys who exposed them, could both face criminal charges. According to PA law, the Dropbox victims could be legally charged with misdemeanors, or perhaps class III felonies, even though they never consented to the distribution of their photos the lawyers we spoke to said it's very unlikely any prosecutor would go after the girls.

When I tried to reach out to at least five boys allegedly tied to the Dropbox, all but one ignored me.

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One, who was rumored to have been the creator, did call the number I left in a Facebook message. Amy Hasinoff, author of Sexting Panicand an assistant professor of Girls, University of Colorado Denver, says sharing naked pics is nothing new. When she confronted him about it, he did not confirm nor deny.

She said another one of her classmates had sent 40 photos of his ex-girlfriend they had dated for four years to the Dropbox. One of the boys involved allegedly boosted about not getting caught in asian xxxx video hallways.

Madilyn's experiences with the boys supposedly involved reflects that mindset. She found it baffling that the boy she had become friendly with in math class could do something so disrespectful.

Not everyone sees it that way, however. Females want to get intimate with whomever they choose, and that is their decision. I will tell nudes that males can be awfully crumby sometimes. This is just what happens when you pass along a piece of yourself to a boy who just is not emotionally, mentally, or morally strong pre to handle not sharing that with tweens mates. But, she's not sorry for sending her photos to someone she thought she could trust.

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