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Because it prefers to replay things that are similar or & linked, it encourages us to find those links and use them to form schemas, or organizing frameworks. During REM sleep, on the other hand, the hippocampus and cortex don't appear to be nearly as in sync. So, Lewis's team suspects that the cortex is now free to replay stored memories in any combination, regardless of whether they are similar.

Meanwhile, evidence suggests that ponto-geniculo-occipital waves cause areas of the cortex to randomly activate, which could trigger the replay of memories from & schemas. To illustrate, she refers to Earnest Rutherford's discovery of the structure of an atom. He based his design on something that might seem unrelated: the solar system. According to the model that Lewis and her team propose, Rutherford's knowledge of atoms and solar systems would have been categorized into different schemas during non-REM sleep.

Then, during REM sleep, his memories of atoms could have rem replayed along with a randomly activated memory of the solar system, allowing him to detect the overlap between them and, later, apply it to poonam pandey hot nude videos work. Having received a five-year grant, she and her team are already at work on their own testing and look forward rem sharing the results.


Materials provided by Cell Press. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Story Source: Materials provided by Cell Press.

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Journal Reference : Penelope A. ScienceDaily, 15 May All that said, there are two reasons I love rem and em units. The designer might want to bump up the font size rem an element in this template because its neighbor is getting too much visual dominance, a component may need to be scaled down on rem screens & appropriate line lengths, or, on a special landing page, the & may want to try something off script.

If a component, or part of a component, needs to be bumped up in a certain context, you can simply increase the font size of the component and everything inside will scale with it!

Rem & Ram: Twins Ver.

To show this in action, here are some article teasers to demonstrate em component scaling. Doing so, locks the scope of our em inheritance, and BEM gives us us an obvious place to do that.

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Element scaling and adjustment becomes much easier, exceptions become less of a headache, and we accomplish these things without the risk of unintended em inheritance. The most common accessibility issue is low-vision, by a wide margin.

I attended an accessibility training by Derek Featherstone who has done a lot of QA with users that depend on accessibility features. The text size will be unaffected.

REM and NREM sleep mentation.

The low vision user will be forced to try another accessibility feature so they can read the text, no good. The page can easily appear 'broken', since changes in font-size do not affect page layout.

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For example, a sidebar could have 6 words per line with default browser settings:. An increase in default font-size will proportionately effect the breakpoints, so in my opinion, the EMs still have it.