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But, just don't hate the wave of admirers when you do. Want more from this babe? We have her dirty leaked collection, see them all here. Scarlett Johansson.

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Updated on by. Her behind is going to have you poppin' in your pants! The trailer is only 30 seconds, but believe me: It's a damn tantalizing bit of film. The visuals of this Super Bowl spot are just as breath-taking as the full-length trailer, the mystery is even more compelling, and Scarlett Johansson has never looked cooler. But one crucial question remains: Why is Johansson's character Major naked in Ghost in the Shell — or so it seems —the entire time she's running around the futuristic Japanese city of Niihama?

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Much like the first full-length trailer we saw back in Novemberthe spot follows Major, a cyborg policewoman who is questioning her own identity while on the hunt for a computer hacker.

We hear an ominous voice Michael Pitt's, actually tell her, "They did not save your life. Ghost in the Shell LUCY Chef He gets a divorce. Don Jon Her Scarlett Johansson sexy AI. Her Scarlett Johansson sexy Lost in Translation.

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