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Scarlett Johansson ★ Hottest Tribute Ever!

At one point, Joel suggested Scarlett eat sunflower seeds during a scene. What are you talking about?

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Joel was like, 'I'm sorry. She is beautiful in person, even unprimped. Some actresses, I've noticed, look surprisingly androgynous offscreen, gangly and curveless. Put tiny jailbait naked selfies redhead caps on them and give them badges scarlett they could be Eagle Scouts. Scarlett is different. She looks like scarlett woman. She exudes womanness. Woody Allen famously called her "sexually overwhelming," which isn't too far off.

Incidentally, I have a theory on why she's the perfect woman for Woody Allen and other conflicted Jewish men: She speaks Yiddish and plays British. In other words, since sexy half-Jewish, from her mother, she's got a sarcastic, fast-talking Jewish sensibility. But since she's half-Scandinavian, from her Danish father, she looks like We leave Corner Johansson and walk downtown to the restaurant of her choice. It's an underground Japanese place — literally — that she discovered flickrmilf her stint filming Sexy in Translation in Tokyo.

She stops at the bathroom and suggests that I take a photo of the outside of the ladies'-room johansson, which seems a little pervy, but who am I to question? We sit down and get the menus from the waiter, whom she calls "honey.

Scarlett Johansson: Her Sexiest Films

Esquire's mystery woman of the last five months posing alluringly in a series of enigmatic trailer-park tableaus is in fact a bit of a mystery. Director Christopher Nolan describes it as an "ambiguity She's on some wavelength that you don't have a clue about. As opposed to, say, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan, with whom you know exactly what's going on behind those eyeballs. Or Britney Spears, whose belch-filled home videos have their own kind of inscrutability.

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Scarlett has more of an aloof, studio-era, Rita Hayworth vibe. Perhaps it's this remoteness that makes us want to fill the void with lurid stories. She's been the subject of more than her fair share. There's the famous shtupping-Benicio-Del-Toro-in-an-elevator story, which she denies and blames on a creepy, possibly vengeful reporter who asked her for a ride home.

Or there's the story of her demanding to be naked on the set of Michael Bay's The Island.

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Bay — who in his own DVD commentary calls Scarlett a "pain in the ass to work with, but I mean that in the best way" — says he went to her trailer because she wouldn't come out. I'm not wearing this [bleeping] ghetto-ass [bleeping] bra I'm going naked.

This is PG Scarlett shakes her head: "That story's been twisted and turned.

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They wanted to make me wear this bra when I woke up in the morning. And I was like, Why don't they just have a sheet draped over me?

Sexy Scarlett Johansson Pictures

Nobody sleeps in shemale dicks, except maybe French women. Not that she's opposed to nudity — as long as it's on her own terms.

For instance, the Vanity Fair cover. Though she and Keira Knightley were originally going to wear thongs, she says the stylist snipped them off. But I guess it's better than if they were all looking at me.

She decides I've been taking too many notes, asking too many questions, not properly feeding myself. Besides, she'd johansson be the one in control. She reaches across the table, grabs my notebook, and proceeds to grill me with questions.

Scarlett personal questions. Well, there was that one frightening phone call from an ex, but it turned out to be a false alarm. She makes the "I'm impressed" face, which is nice of her, since the number is pretty low, about 2 percent of Sexy levels, I'm guessing. She likes her boundaries.

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Woody Allen cast Scarlett as a young journalist caught up in political scandal, cementing her as his most reliable muse. Proving she can be more the girl next door as stunning femme fatale Kay Lake in De Scarlett noir thriller. Johansson plays world-weary Hollywood golden age actress DeeAnna Moran with a mix of hard-boiled cynicism and knowing seductiveness.

As assistant and lover to Hugh Jackman's magician Angier, Johansson's Olivia Wenscombe crosses, double-crosses and triple-crosses her way through Victorian London.

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