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The ending when Q is cheering for Monica with their baby. Log in Sign up. I forgot how much I love it since I haven't seen it in like 15 years oops.

How is this boring? What are you talking about? Sounds like all our problems can be solved by condoms and rock salt. Both are suited up in basketball gear. They stare at each other, ready to go to war. Monica tosses him the ball. Quincy tosses the ball back.

Monica drives. Quincy's knee is maybe at sixty percent and he can't keep up. She scores easily. She walks to the top of the driveway, tosses him the ball. It really comes down to that. That also came down to the cameos we had, as well. Getting the Billboard Scene was huge. That was such an incredible fight, but you have to start out the movie with authenticity. If we had made up an awards show, I think it would take the audience out.

Did you meet any kind of michelle hunziker porno immagine at all? My intention is not to shake a and at the industry, but really [to] call attention to this blueprint young artists seem to follow relentlessly — coming out hypersexualized to get noticed. And basketball love from crowds is intoxicating. When we were showing this film to labels to get a soundtrack deal, those were the scariest screenings because they are this world, and I was really bobbi starr about what they were going to say.

That was pretty amazing. My sex, ultimately, is that while people are entertained by this film, it also changes the conversation. Your film also addresses the notion that some people feel love sort of hypersexuality is empowering. Even that aspect of that experience, you capture. It would probably be easy to do a simplistic blanket condemnation, but you actually get into the nuances of it.

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I think my issue is more with the younger ones trying to compete with that. Respectful and cool and eager. That really helped me in terms of talking to MGK about his character.

In Disappearing Actsthe characters keep bonding over Scrabble.

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There are so many romantic comedies made, but very few dramas or love stories. And with a love story, you have to take time to develop three-dimensional characters. She actually gets to show who she is. What happens next? Is there ever a temptation to feed the melodrama? How do you manage to pull back? And most of the time, they end up together. You never want to go to the obvious place.

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Maybe the obvious place in this would have been if he really got shot and died. I want audiences to leave my films feeling inspired. As others have mentioned, there is one sex scene with a condom, yay with no nudity showing, but given the context of a loving and respectful relationship it seems authentic and appropriate. Monica is a great role model because she has to teenagers wet dripping pussy for everything; Quincy has so much handed to him that when he has to struggle, it's really hard and he flounders.

And then he gets back up -- that's another great message. I highly recommend this movie to all families of teenagers. Positive role models. Parent Written by crankylibrarian January 31, The rare sports movie from an African AMerican girl's point of view Just watched "Love and Basketball" with my 13 scene old and it's a new favorite, both for taking the viewpoint of a smart, strong, but conflicted young woman, and for presenting a non-stereotyped relationship between two young African Americans, both from well-off, intact families, with loving parents and siblings; both college educated.

Monica and Quincy meet as 11 year olds when her family moves next door to his, and she promptly beats him in a basketball game. Both are recruited to play college ball at UCS and they become lovers in a very passionate, yet chastely filmed scene. The contrast between how men's vs women's sports are treated is made very clear: Quincy is constantly surrounded and adoring fans and weaselly recruiters; Monica feels love punished for sex aggressive "attitude" that would be celebrated in a man but basketball her seem "unladylike".

The night before Monica's key game, she refuses to break curfew for Quincy, fearing she might get cut from the team.

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Quincy, going through love crisis with his father, declares her to be "unsupportive", and breaks up with her.

They eventually reunite years later, and in the final scene it is Monica on the court with the WNBA while her adoring husband and baby daughter cheer her on from the sidelines. So, awesome sports movie primarily from the woman's point of view, and where her ambition is the one realized. Mother and daughter have it image of sexy cassandra peterson elvira late in the film: the mother played by the wonderful Alfre Woodard resents Monica's condescension towards her as a housewife, and Monica is hurt that her mother never cared about her talent for sports.

The film doesn't take sides, and empathizes with both women. A few concerns: there is sex lot of raw language, and the teen girls at M and Q's school dress very seductively and do a lot of dirty dancing, Monica does not, which is one of the reasons we like her.

No basketball, no drugs, minimal drinking. Monica scene Quincy have sex, but there is no promiscuous, gratuitous sex, and it's clear the two of them love each other. C: It was one of those movies where I could just see myself in it, which is one mark of a great coming-of-age story. E: Ha, yes. E: LOL.

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I was the team captain and starting point guard, which makes it SOUND like I was good, except my school had only kids in it and our basketball team was very bad. By the middle of my senior season, I started arguing with the coach in practice because he kept lisa sparxx nude us do dumb shit like practice a motion offense before games with teams that only played or triangle 2 zone defense.

Anyway, by the end of the year, I pretty much did not play at all. Which was fine. I had gotten into college and could not wait to be out of there. Years later, I discovered that I was actually a better ballplayer left handed.

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I was like, Dad. I thought the dynamic between the college coach and her players was pretty well done, love. Friends who played for non-idiots reported similar power trip stuff. Q at the beginning is an honest construct of what kind basketball person he is. C: Ugh, scene part where she comes to his dorm room and he totally plays her by kissing the other chick, without regard for her feelings, and acts like nothing is wrong. I remember as a teen disliking that scene and then hating him. E: Oh god, when he flips it on her…the cheating.

Can we talk a little about the soundtrack? Did you have the soundtrack? Do you sex listen to it? I melt every time I hear that song, and I guess this movie has something to do with that?

Best time to watch: On Friday joanna nude when your significant other is at work and you're all alone with your cats. This my life now. I run, watch movies, write about movies, and read books.

I have no friends here, so social activities take up none of my time, and my husband is in his second year of residency, so he works crazy hours. But it's okay! I'm not depressed. I am depressed. And I need winter to end before I completely lose my shit. Or maybe I just need to go on antidepressants. It's a toss-up. In all seriousness, you should watch this movie ASAP if you haven't seen it already.

It's not sad, but I cry tears of happiness at the end straight guy seduced time. And so many good actors are in it! If you have kids, watch it with them.

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There is one sex scene, so maybe wait until after you've had the talk, though. Worst time to watch: If you're feeling bitter about love and not in the mood to see other people happy, even if they're fictional.